Gesture-Controlled Smart Toy Car Project Looking For Funding

If you’re tired of racing your toy car using a clunky or overly-complicated remote control, the guys over at Ultigesture have a pretty cool solution in mind.

Gesture control is no longer the futuristic alternative to regular remote or touch screen control it once was. BMW have already implemented gesture functions in some of their models’ infotainment systems, while Samsung have been using air gestures ever since the Galaxy S4.

When it comes to RC toy cars though, finding a quicker way to guide them around a track during a race is a pretty new concept, one that’s currently looking for financial backing.

Assuming Ultigesture hit their $30,000 goal on their Kickstarter campaign, you can expect to start seeing gesture-controlled toy cars as well as users wearing smart wristbands.

The tech company says that the driver “has a much more natural and connected driving experience,” while using the wristband, and that you can control the vehicle from up to 22 yards (20 meters) away, helping it reach a top speed of 13 mph (20 km/h).

Controlling the car seems pretty straight forward as all you have to do is move/rotate your forearm. However, whether or not this is more efficient/precise (especially at high speed) than using classic remote control hardware, remains to be seen.

The gesture-controlled car and wrist band are available for pre-sale for $89.