Sorry The Grand Tour, Top Gear Is Again The World’s Best Car Show

When The Grand Tour hit our screens, it was like welcoming back an old friend who you hadn’t seen in years.

The scenes of Jeremy Clarkson leaving the BBC offices and heading to the United States in the opening sequence pulled at our heart-strings and made us reminisce of the golden days of Top Gear. Unfortunately, things dried up far too quickly.

Despite Clarkson, Hammond and May insisting in the lead-up to the show that it had been overhauled, it felt exactly like Top Gear, but seemed more scripted, less natural and at stages, forced. I watched every episode the moment it was released and enjoyed all of them but as the season stretched on, felt boredom creeping in no matter what amazing cars were being tested or what crazy adventures the trio embarked on.

Looking back at season 1’s episodes, I’ve found it impossible to rewatch any of them. Thankfully, I don’t need to as Top Gear Season 24 started a few weeks ago and has shown The Grand Tour how things should be done.

At its very core, Top Gear still revolves around cars and Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid work beautifully together and can hold their own when reviewing cars on their lonesome. For me, the main reason Top Gear’s latest season has been more enjoyable than The Grand Tour comes down to the in-studio segments.

As The Grand Tour traveled around the world with its tent studio, producers seemed forced to adapt the show to the different places they were filming from. The Grand Tour seemed to endlessly drag on in-studio segments, perhaps to the pleasure of those lucky enough to be in the tent, but not to those at home. What’s more, the ‘Celebrity Brain Crash’ segment became old very, very quickly and should have been dropped after a few episodes. Yeah we get it, ‘let’s take continual jabs at the BBC in the name of good fun’ but unfortunately, it became a waste of time which could have been filled by something car-related.

Attention also often skewed away from cars as the presenters, namely Clarkson, seemed to chase controversy and headlines. From showing how to smuggle migrants into the UK, creating an ‘autonomous’ car powered by a Romanian man, making a car out of animal skin and Hammond’s tasteless ‘gay ice cream joke’, it seemed the presenters had run out of ideas to engage audiences and simply said the most controversial things possible. As for ‘The American’ aka The Grand Tour’s new Stig, Mike Skinner, his commentary is boring, he’s not good in front of the camera and often had me pressing the mute button.

Top Gear on the other hand, has stuck to its tried and tested formula and with a few adjustments, become even better. The studio segments now feel more natural with the celebrity sticking around throughout most of the episode, impressive new cars are often brought in to please audiences at the studio and at home and the chit-chat between the presenters seems more natural. Of course, it’s also scripted, but it doesn’t feel that way.

Chris Harris has been a long-time favorite of many in the YouTube-age of car reviews and in Top Gear, is even more entertaining. His reviews are not only informative but get you giggling with his expert car control and sheer enthusiasm. Rory Reid showed promise in Top Gear Season 23 and has improved leaps and bounds this season and consistently delivers some unmissable reviews.

On paper, Matt LeBlanc seems like the odd one out but even he has learned the art of delivery a good car review and is remarkably comfortable on camera, something that isn’t surprising given his acting career.

Both The Grand Tour and the new Top Gear have delivered incredible car reviews and hilarious adventures but unless TGT improves its in-studio segments, it is at risk of being swallowed up by the returning Top Gear juggernaut.

What are your thoughts? Let us know below.


  • RJ Scott

    On point. I really want TGT to be as awesome as the trio were on Top Gear but sadly they are not.

    • BGM

      I’m sad to agree with you. I can only place the blame on Amazon, the producers, etc. It’s not possible that the well oiled trio, full of chemistry, that we saw in the old TG is the same one as the wooden actors, full of bad, repetitive jokes and constantly fishing for applause and laughs in GT. And for the love of Pete, fire that fat driver.

  • the_ulf

    Top Gear was forced to make functioning adjustments after season 23 was quite a bit of a non-starter, partly because of that shouty ginger twit and an equally irritating leprechaun. I’m glad you like Chris Harris, I find his obnoxious self importance hugely taxing and personally I feel Matt deserves more screen time. The Grand Tour, conversely, feels more like Clarkson & co trying to show to the BBC, their detractors and basically everyone who kept screaming for his head on a stake, what Top Gear would have been with bigger funds and less scrutiny. It became the predictable washout that Top Gear seasons 20, 21 & 22 already had become. Just three old blokes prattling about on camera, spending tons of money that, for the most part, isn’t theirs. Having said all that, if those two programmes manage to differentiate from one another, there’s plenty room for both shows on the market.

    • the_ulf

      …as for that angry yank stig-replacement on The Grand Tour: either someone duct tape that guy’s clap trap shut or do the decent (American) thing – take him behind the shed and end all our suffering.

      • Six Thousand Times

        We’ll agree there.

  • disqus_83g6mJmr6l


  • Zed68

    AGREED !!! The Grand tour felt too forced, and sometimes very cringy. I even prefered Top Gear France over it (yes we have a Top gear in France).
    The new new Top Gear is not perfect yet but it felt fresh and fun, without “trying too much”. Loved it !!!!

    • fabri99

      Amazing to hear about Top Gear France. We have Top Gear Italia (you may know Joe Bastianich, one of the hosts) but sadly it sucks quite a lot.

      • Zed68

        Despite many people sayting it’s bad (but french people are known for not liking stuff…) I find the french TG very good… and it has just been renewed for 3 seasons, so it seems I’m not the only one.
        And nice to hear there’s an Italian version too (but it’s sad that it sucks).

        • fabri99

          Well, it’s not terrible, but they just do the exact same things the trio did at Top Gear UK… It’s quite…empty and tasteless. And it is on Sky, so either you pay to watch it or wait one year to have it on the free version of Sky (Cielo).

  • Blade t

    New top gear is pretty decent so far….

  • fabri99

    Glad to hear this, I’m a great fan of Chris Harris and those three are starting to annoy me (but knowing their show is a great success bothers me)…

  • Kagan

    I think only 1 or maybe 2 episodes of grand tour were ok rest crap!

    The new top gear I haven’t bothered to watch yet.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      You really, REALLY should.


      You should. It’s nothing like last season. It’s like the TG we all loved, just different presenters and they have pretty damn good chemistry with each other too which makes it even better to watch. btw I hated last season of TG and thought this season was going to be sh¡t if they didn’t change it up, annnnnd what did they do….completely changed that sh¡t show of last season back into the TG we all loved 🙂

  • Randy Terpstra

    After last season’s fiasco, Top Gear is in a place, where I had hoped it would be. Now we have two good car shows, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. What I really like, is that between the two, they’re occupying a larger part of the calendar. Both programs, are now worth waiting for. Bring ’em on! 🙂


      yup! So happy TG decided to bring the originally format back and revamped the studio bc last season was sh¡t. Also the trio seem to have pretty good chemistry with each other, well at least Matt and Chris…but yes, now we do have 2 great motoring shows for us petrolheads to look forward to 🤗

  • Gabri


  • MP4-12C

    Well, well, well, how the turntables…

    • dylanbob

      I see what you did there

  • Shtekeris

    I think May wanted to retire in 5 years, so it doesn’t matter much. But, yeah, Top Gear is more toned down and professional at the moment. TGT is quite fake and predictable. The only I would like to see more on Top Gear are adventures. Those old Top Gear specials were epic and still worth rewatching.

  • ctk4949

    Yes the new Top Gear is muuuuuuuuuuch better than TGT!!

    TGT they just talk to each other tooo much. Not enough car stuff!! Its suppose to be Car TV show. Not a Morning TV show!!

    • stephen 12

      no one cares about cars that why, a 1.6 million uk overnight rating is an all time low in the uk that cannot be ignore sorry tg is in strife so stop bullying there room for two car shows.

  • salamOOn

    im sorry, but dinosaurs are really boring after all those years…

  • simon gray

    I only managed 1 and a half episodes of the grand tour – just didn’t grab me. I guess I was never an avid watcher of top gear but I would think I have happened to watch almost all of it over the years. Maybe this will be the same: I will end up watching the grand tour – but it wasnt worth making a point of watching. The grand tour seemed forced, twee.

  • benT

    Clarkson, Hammond and May are, in my opinion, a boring trio of old f’harts and they have created a truly boring programme to match the “dying for a sleep” standard of the show.
    They should stick to sticky date pudding and a cold Cup O’Tea.
    Awesome only in retro and at that you would need to go back several and many years to find that, in my view.

  • Love the current cast on Top Gear.

  • Scenic

    I disagree! The new Top Gear is incredibly boring!!!
    There was not one episode that I could watch entirely without getting bored. TGT is not perfect, but claiming that Top Gear is better is just ridiculous!

    • quikrply

      No, Top Gear is better.


      You didn’t like the new episode with Chris in the new Bugatti then trying to beat Matt in a ‘billionaires’ race

      • Scenic

        No offense but even that episode was just okay. It was kinda predictable.

        • A RAB MONEY

          yeah, definitely predictable, but it was still entertaining (imo)

  • Maro

    Agree with most replies, THAT is too scripted and less about cars. The fact they can’t do challenges, have a yappy driver and celebrity brain drain segment really detracted from what they were originally doing on TG.

    Definitely would take new TG over TGT

    • stephen 12

      1.6 million brits say it in strife rating matter so they do. why can we not have two cars shows petrolheads always have to bully and say cars all the times rating have gone down from 3.7 million uk to 1.6 million that a huge drop.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Couldn’t have said it better.

  • Tumbi Mtika
  • Jay Carr

    Wait…you all like the new Top Gear because it takes *absolutely no risks whatsoever*!? I’ll admit the first season of TGT was pretty rough, but rough is simply what happens when you take a stab at a new concept. I enjoyed that they were trying to push into new ground, even if it did fall flat on it’s face sometimes (the much misaligned “commando” episode being a brilliant example of that). I would agree that series 2 will need some rethinking, but I hope they keep pushing boundaries for what a car show can be.

    Jeez, it’s an interesting day when you have old farts trying new things and all the young people want is more of the same…

    • smartroad

      I agree. TGT needs to find its feet. Drop brain crash. Rather than the American, why not just have Clarkson do the speed tests?

      Were some of the episodes, well, lacking? Sure. But hopefully, like Top Gear, they will take on board the criticism and build it better for season 2.

      As for Top Gear, I haven’t watched it since they got Matt LeBlanc on there. Sorry, I am sure he is a nice bloke, but I can’t watch him on TV.

    • “’s an interesting day when you have old farts trying new things and all the young people want is more of the same.” – that comment made me laugh!

      Still not convinced on either show personally though.

  • New Top Gear is brilliant.

    • stephen 12

      it gone from 3.7 million to 1.6 million uk overnight ratings, that a 2.1 million drop to much in my view

  • Miknik

    Whilst I agree TGT seems to scripted a lot of times, the 3 guys have a rare kind of chemistry that. at least to me, is still unmatched by the new Top Gear guys.And that is priceless.

    And to be honest, Top Gear did become quite scripted as well over the years before Clarkson got fired, just it went gradually and fans got used to it (just rewatch some series 3 or 5 and one of the final ones to compare). And no one ever complained apart form occasional destruction of rare vintage cars.

    Personally I think it is just good for any petrol head that we have now two shows with slightly different flavor, I never got the kind of “TGT is bad” vibes this page is constantly giving, especially when the first series of new Top Gear was utterly rubbish (in my eyes). Great they improve, enjoy both….

  • Romanovich

    i can’t even imagine, how many expert of show business read the carscoops.

  • LeStori

    As always an opinion piece.
    Personally I cannot stand the current Top Gear Team. They are trying too hard. Mouths rattling like a Gatling gun.

    The Grand tour is a new show with a new format. Obviously it will have some problems. I would need to see the second series before I would write them off. When it started decades ago Top gear had a few problems as well.
    The current Top Gear is still largely a legacy show.

  • stephen 12

    why do you guys have to Bully, there room for 2 car shows so there is but no Cars guys have to bully so they do why can we not have 2 car shows why why why why why why why why why why why why sick of the bullying by car guys.

    Top Gear got a 1.6 million UK overnight rating so it has, that bad so it is no one supporting it as they are sick off it in the UK that it bread and butter but gearheads and petrol heads want to Bully with car cars cars cars cars crs anfd cars why why why why why why can we not have two car shows why why why why why why.

    Top Gear has a UK monopoly it tthe only free to air car show, if a complaint is filed with Ofcom who now regulated the BBC as of april 2th then Top Gear gone as it a monopoly in the UK so it is. Grand Tour is a short run car shows, as James May told radio times, it a 3 to 5 year run for the three amigos so there no rivilary so stop the bullying why why why why wh why why why why why bully and keep on about cars.

  • stephen 12

    Top GEAR SEASON 24 uk OVERNIGHT RATING 3,77 MILLION OPENER, SOLID last weeks show 1.6 million A record low ratings beating evans 1.9 million ratings sorry that to big a drop.

    Suzi Perry call it in an interview with British GQ, when she said too car based not enough variety and humour she saw that rating coming why season 24 is better than 23 it ratings are killing it sorry.

    that rating is announced in the UK, as Barb the UK ratings company announced the overnight ratings and that it you live with it top gear will get a season 25 auntie that the bbc uk nickname will give it to them as they have a order.

    grand tour has a season 2 and 3 to improve, it a new idea not perfect but it a short run season between 3 to 5 years so support them guys as tg rating are an issue grand tour keeping tg going right now.

    British press will not let the past go, because off that Jezza is smart sitting behind a pay wall Jeremy said TG will turn it around eventually but not yet as the UK public are not embrassing it so relax it fine stop bullying and in 3 to 5 years TG ratings will improve.

  • stephen 12

    stop the bullying car guys and accept that right now, TG has to fail in the ratings as it been successful BBC will not cancelled it BBC amercia put in an order for season 25 so it safe despite poor ratings.

    1.6 Million rating cannot be ignore, as Grand Tour got a 2.3 million overnight uk ratings rising to 3.7 million timeshift as amazon prime has gone from 2.55 million subscribers to 4 milliom subscribers.

    it will be a success in the future, it needed to be a hit in the UK first before it seen as a success global success is fine but it needed UK support as well GT has that foothold that why it on top.

    give it another year and they hit a 4 million uk rating, as that the hit mark so it is as evans average 3.9 million overnight it a working progress till then grand tour is needed as it only a 3 to 5 year run so it is. clarkson is 57 years old now, he know he can get to 60 doing it then he retire i think and work on drivetribe so why bully and say one better than the other.

    rory reid told car throttle, that he welcome grand tour it good to have two cars shows as it take pressure off them as the UK rating are an issue as harris told the sun they need to get them stable first.

    do not force it give it time and you see results in 3 years guys, so stop bullying and forcing the issue

  • Tim Sims

    James May and co should concentrate on the adventures. They were great and unbeatable with the three of them

  • pureworx

    the problem here is you are still looking for topgear in TGT.. they can’t use that format thanks to legal issue with BBC owning the format.

    TGT is more or less what its name says.. the trio grand touring in different places around the world with the odd car review thrown in. the current season of Top Gear is much improved with the removal of the ginger dog.. but i don’t wait to watch it or have set reminders.. but TGT although watchable online at anytime after release i would eagerly await the next installment.

    to conclude.. Top Gear is back to Top Gear with le blanc, harris and reid (i dont like the guy)..

    TGT is not Top Gear produced by amazon.. its a show of 3 old blokes with piles of cash to blow on Grand Touring and messing about. if you stop looking for TG in TGT you will not have any complaints.

  • Ddrivrlife

    , Said no sane person ever.

  • Brian

    New Top Gear is dreadful. Matt Leblanc is like listening to paint dry. It’s just as forced if not more than The Grand Tour. It’s just a reboot of old Top Gear with terrible hosts. The Grand Tour isn’t perfect, but it still has the three greatest car show hosts of all time.

  • datawrecker

    I like both shows but The Grand Tour comes out on top. The interaction between Matt, Chris, and Rory are still very forced and comes across way to scripted. There are way too many awkward pauses and good jokes that are poorly executed. It feels like a amature web series with a ridiculous budget for car reviews.

    Jeremy, Richard, and James are still more entertaining to watch and made a damn good show even with the ridiculous list of restrictions the BBC slapped them with.

  • Vassilis

    I wholeheartedly disagree. I’ve found pretty much every episode quite boring. I almost fell asleep on the latest one. Some features have so much potential but it’s not fulfilled. The FXX K video in episode one was worse than the one Harris released on the website. It takes quite some effort to make an FXX K video unremarkable. The AMG GT R one was also a bit of a let down. Most importantly it’s blindingly obvious how scripted it is and how chemistry between the presenters is lacking. Most jokes aren’t funny, the banter seems forced, not natural, it just doesn’t look right. The GT does. It’s much less scripted because it doesn’t need to be. The presenters are mates doing a car show. It looks much more natural, more fun.

  • Martin Sidebottom

    Andrew Neville “Andy” Wilman (born 16 August 1962) is the true genius as their Producer of GT and has the edge over TG. M

  • R4LPH379

    Are you fucking kidding me,i can’t bare to watch the new Top Gear……..cringeworthy !!!!!

  • I am currently fighting with watching the first episode of the NEW new Top Gear. I will succeed, eventually! But…

    Problem with it is that they took that boring format of the last “Clarkson” TG seasons and are now delivering it with different folks. Long films about super/hypercars with the same old fucking praises and same post-production effects… it was old in the days of the old. Jokes are sorely scripted, every one of them opens a new wound. Comedy is gone.

    The guys do have a bit of chemistry, but, for the record, Harris and Reid are not really likeable faces, however good “jolly ole chaps” they may be. This show is a worldwide phenomenon, not a Channel 4 early morning type of thing, and for that it should be firing on all cylinders. Sadly it is not.

    So, currently we have two mediocre car shows, which is still better than one mediocre – TG in the last few seasons.

  • Stephen King

    This is just your own opinion.

  • Chad Krause

    I have to disagree. While the grand tour is still trying to get it’s format and style down, I think Clarkson and friends are the only name in car shows. The new top gear is just not the same. I’d rather have the real top gear back, but it’s not going to happen. I like grand tour more though.

    If grand tour had “Star in the reasonably priced car” and actual actors and stars talking, it would be much better than them fishing for applauds.

    Also enough with the communism jokes. They were barely funny the first time

  • J Ch

    Just bring in Ben Collins and we don’t need “the American” to please Trump.

  • Dean Waller

    No it isn’t,you’re wrong and that’s and end of it

  • Maybe Soho

    Sabine makes Top Gear. Doing what the the original trio established is not ground breaking, just more of the same. Given TGT cannot do any similar segments, couldn’t even use any variation of the old name, they are having growing pains. The author should compare Top Gear 2016-2017 to Top Gear from 20 years ago and see how it evolved as a better comparison. Even the original Top Gear wasn’t even close to being in the Guinness Book of Records.

  • Phyalling Phyllip

    Im sorry but I feel top gear should have not carried on and we can disagree with each other all we want but the views speak for themselves and the grand tour did have its crapy moments but top gear was nonsense and was really forced I and boring at times I would at times just look at the cars and not listen to they crap maybe because I’m 14 years old but most people agree with me

  • Peđa Knežević

    TG is soooooo bland, that even Gordon Ramsey can’t say how much is bland.

  • Sailorq

    I agree with most of your comments. As far as the new Top Gear is concerned, Chris Harris is arguably the best fast cars reviewer on Youtube and I had no doubt about his contribution to success of the show. Matt LeBlanc is one of my favourite American actors, I like his slightly understated sence of humour and his love of fast cars. Rory? I wasn’t too sure about at first, but he seemed to have gelled well with two older guys and I like his light hearted style of presentation. As far as The Grand Tour is concerned? Aside of the first show, that reviewed Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche? It was downhill all the way. The Namibian Tour, driving beach buggies up and down Skelleton Coast, was easilly the worse car show, that I have ever seen. The Clarkson, May, Hammond trio has lost their mojo. They got too fat, too lazy and too complacent. Their talk show is so boring, that instead of just pressing the pause button, or forward wind, I go make the tea, sift through the post and come back when talk show finishes.

  • TheWaterman

    I was looking forward to watching the well publicised Grand Tour and was very surprised when I found myself not only disappointed with the content but annoyed and frustrated with the way in which the trio even resorted to insulting the viewers’ intelligence with offensive and often crude behaviour.
    I watched every episode hoping things would improve but sadly other than a couple of episodes they failed to impress and I certainly won’t be watching any repeats.
    After the Season 23 Top Gear, which was also disappointing, I was hoping things would improve with Season 24 and they certainly have.
    Three great presenters who not only get on with each other but put a big smile on my face with their clever banter; their professional and exciting car reviews, which surely, is what the programme is all about.
    Top Gear is not only back but I believe exceeds all expectations and Clarkson, Hammond and May must be looking over their shoulders wondering what they have to do, so they are not playing catch up to the new guys, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid.

  • Clint Thrust

    I’ve rewatched GT a couple times now – still laugh. I can’t get more than 2 minutes into a repeat of this seasons TG. New TG hasn’t stuck to formula – it’s desperately trying to imitate the old one.

    As with most shows that lost thier key presenters….new top gear has jumped the shark and is dying.

    Sorry mate, but this piece is dead wrong.

  • Archie

    The old Top Gear was great partly because James, Jeremy and Richard didn’t rave like school boys and shout ‘woo-hah”, as do Rory and Matt, when a car was really spectacular as though they’d never been in a first class ride before. The other component that put the old Top Gear way above the current version was the sense that the guys really were just being the three guys who at different times ragged each other unmercifully or truly got on as colleagues who respected each other in spite of the abuse they doled out. Even with the Ginger Muppet gone, the new TG still has the trying-too-hard feel, you guys just try to make the best of it and the “hey watch this” approach to many of the segments; it’s the new kids vs the grown-ups for the old TG.

    Having said that, TGT was dreadful for most of the season, the difference between scripted and way too scripted was painful to watch and one almost expected to see a camera shot of a sign that would illuminate occasionally that said “someone say something clever”. The exploding guests, and too clever Conversation Street segments were horrific, the boys were trying way too hard to not be Top Gear. The BBC lawyers can take a fraction of the blame but the rest lies squarely on the shoulders of the lads themselves. Maybe a BBC controlled limit-switch wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

    If TGT season 2 isn’t any better I see a crash in store for the three of them, it’s looking like the lure of the Amazon money blinded their perception of why they’d been so successful for so long at the BBC.

  • Edison Carter

    I humbly disagree, I don’t think that the new TG trio have gelled like the old TG trio do quite yet, but given time they might.

    Also Jezza, Slow and Hamster (even through TGT (series One)) was a bit dry, the reason I loved TG mk 3 is still there a sense of cheekiness (something missing from TG mk 5)

  • Travis

    Early seasons of top gear were kind of awkward too, and they had to drop a few things and get their stride. I think TGT will get better, or it’ll go away…

  • paxman II

    One of the main problems with the GT is the lack of a celebrity guest and the lap time. Pretending to blow up a guest each week fails to amuse after week 2. People tune in to see a celebrity talk about their cars. The new top gear is still forced somehodw and the GT lacking in good ideas.


    I love the GT and last season of TG sucked but this season is great! They brought back the original format that’s been working for the past, idk how many years and revamped the studio….now we have 2 awesome motoring shows for us petrolheads to watch 🙂

  • Alexander Reuterswärd

    The Grand tour is about 3 middle-aged men, top gear is about cars..

  • Trevor Perks

    Why does everything have to be a contest. ( Xbox or playstation). Why not enjoy both for what they are.

  • Personally,

    Love them both.

    The BBC did great firing Clarkson, now we have 2 good shows.

  • N

    Even the Huffington Post and the Guardian aren’t as biased as this.

  • Alex Robinson

    I am afraid I just don’t agree. Over the past two series, I have tried tuning into top gear on several occasions and it just leaves me bored.

    Perfect example was the Cuba video this week. Congratulations you’ve gone to Cuba and err driven some people round in an old car and then erm oh yes a drag race…that you aren’t going to win. Well done…right im off to find some tv that isn’t this boring.

  • Six_Tymes

    The Grand Tour is great, so is Top Gear. and so… we win

  • Andrius Kulbokas

    Ir feel the opposite. Was trying to watch last season of Top Gear. 2 episodes in I gave up… This season, could not even finish the episode. Can’t wait for GT to start second season.

  • KlazienaT

    The current season of Top Gear is really enjoyable. Finally a good and funny show about cars WITHOUT the extremely tired and boring schtick of Clarkson and his two helpers. I watched TGT a few times. It’s like looking at re-runs of old Top Gear isn’t it? (And not the first couple of seasons with the Clarkson-trio, when it was still fresh) Turned it off, without having laughed or having piqued my interest once. So no more TGT for me.

  • Six Thousand Times

    This season of Top Gear really has been great. Rory Reid is the “everyman” that the format needed. I’m not the Harris fanboy that many are but he’s played well off Le Blanc. In its peak, Clarkson, Hammond, & May brilliantly mixed Car Show and Buddy Comedy and neither New Top Gear nor The Grand Tour has entirely recaptured that vibe. There were a few real groaners on TGT like Celebrity Brain Crash and The American and not enough cool car stuff like the Dune Buggies episode. Hopefully year two amps up the latter and dials back the former.

  • Bob White

    That decrepit tiresome trio with Clarkson was getting to be a bore. Glad they’re gone. The new Harris team is far more entertaining and knowledgeable. Best of all, it’s fresh.

  • Peter Watson

    Spot on!

  • Both of them aren’t good.

  • Benjamin B.

    They finally trimmed down the main hosts. The new Top Gear tried to go old school Top Gear, but the current Top Gear format works best with a trinity.

  • Naison Naera Ndlovu

    top gear season 24 came soon after season 23 because they saw they had lost .wait for the grand tour season 2 you will see how a car show is done.

  • Stephan Williams

    I started my first new version “Top Gear” with great expectations.

    I disappointingly turned it off after 15 minutes of listening to stupid comments out of the mouths of a sorry collection of stiff bots without a shred of charisma.

    I haven’t yet been able to access “The Grand Tour” although I have read short descriptions of each segment online. I’m therefore unable to compare the two shows but I have to wonder – if the season opener of “Top Gear” I tried to watch is considered the better of the two by Mr. Anderson, then “The Grand Tour” must be execrable. But with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as hosts I refuse to believe it.

    I’m thinking there may be something more than meets the eye going on behind this review.

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After a full restoration process, the old mechanical parts are ditched in favor of all-electric powertrains and tech like Wi-Fi .

Totally Burnt Out Ferrari 458 Spider Is Unrecognizable, Yet Up For Sale

Nothing in this pile reminds us of a 458, as it’s been completely destroyed, but someone has decided to put it up for auction.

Goddammit! Delivery Guy Tries To Slice Half A Second Off, Instantly Regrets It

The truck driver apparently pushed the gas pedal instead of the brake.

Driven: 2019 Toyota 86 GT Remains A Compelling Driver’s Car

The Toyota 86 GT with the Dynamic Performance Package is a hoot to drive, despite showing its age in certain areas.

Mazda Continues Testing RX-8 Prototypes At The ‘Ring, Fuels Rotary Return Rumors

Could Mazda bring back the RX nameplate that was killed off in 2012, probably with some kind of electrification? We sure hope so.