BMW’s Manual-Only 850 CSi Is An Underrated Bavarian V12 Gem

Remember the time when BMW ditched its plans for a proper M8 model at the very last moment? What we got instead was the 850 CSi, a souped-up V12 version that was offered only as a manual.

BMW only made 1,125 of these beauties, powered by a twelve cylinder lump so significantly revised that the company gave it its own engine code: S70B56. Its capacity was stretched to 5.6 liters with output raised to 375hp while the chassis features stiffer springs and dampers and a quicker steering rack.

Sounds pretty special right? It’s no wonder then when you see this owner proclaiming that he will never sell his own 850CSi as it remains his personal ultimate dream car.

These cars may have the reputation of the ultimate wallet-emptier as well, bringing notorious maintenance bills to their owners, but as long as there are hardcore fans like Taylor Patterson, the 850 CSi looks destined for appreciation in the coming years.

Watch the latest Petrolicious video linked below and turn up that volume for some lovely V12 noises.