Bugatti’s Opened Its Largest Dealership In (That’s Right) Dubai

Just a couple of weeks ago we brought you news of Lamborghini opening its largest showroom in the world. Now Bugatti has followed suit, and what would you know, it’s not just in the same country – it’s in the same city, on the same road.

That city, of course, is Dubai – which may not be the largest of the United Arab Emirates by area, but has the largest population… and evidently the wealthiest. Along with Bugatti and Lamborghini, Bentley also has its largest dealership there.

The Bugatti showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road encompasses nearly 2,600 square feet of floor space, which is only a little over a tenth the size of the Lamborghini facility. But then the Bugatti dealer only has one model to showcase (though we wouldn’t be surprised to see a second-hand Veyron or two moved into the space at some point). Whatever the size, though, it’ll be easy enough to spot for passers-by and prospective customers, with a 13-foot-tall horseshoe (mimicking the one on the Chiron’s snout) framing the doorway.

In case you’re wondering, the Bugatti franchise is run by Al Habtoor Motors – a separate company from Al Jaziri Motors that runs the Lamborghini outlet down the road. Habtoor does, however, operate the Bentley dealership, to say nothing of the McLaren franchise and several other mass-market and commercial-vehicle brands.

The opening of the new location marks the beginning of the Chiron’s tour across the Middle East. In the UAE alone, Bugatti has amassed 30 orders for the new Chiron, and is likely to bring back a few more on the tour. Not too many more, we’d imagine, though, because the Alsatian automaker will only make 500 examples, and at $3 million a pop, they’re hardly cheap.

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  • Six_Tymes

    Where most of the Big Oil money is… so, smart idea.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Let us know when there is an interesting story that DOESN’T involve Dubai.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    What a FUCKING surprise.

  • Miknik

    That said, the showroom offers a large leather couch, a desk for the sales person and one car on exhibit. The building looks small and nothing special. There are far more impressive showrooms world wide for far more plebeian brands, let alone luxury car salons in Dubai So this is special in terms as how?

    • Dennis James

      Well, they will offer another car in 6 months, when they are done selling the exhibited one 🙂

  • Dennis James

    Do they offer free test drives with no supervision ? 🙂


  • Bash

    Is it going to be a thing now with Bugatti to exhibit one car?

    • lapirk

      they only have one car

      • Bash

        I know, they could put couple of different colors though, .. but its their thing now, isn’t it lol

    • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

      that car is not gonna stay there for long

      • Bash


  • Six Thousand Times

    And I was going to guess Dhaka or Port au Prince…

  • Blade t

    of course it is,,,,when those oil dollars are burning a hole in your pocket head over to the Bugatti dealer….