Homemade Lego BMW M3 Captures The E30’s Blockiness

This Lego-made BMW M3 from the E30 generation is for those vying to own one of the brand’s best cars ever, but can’t afford the real deal.

It has to reach the shelves first, a long journey that starts with 10,000 votes, and ends with the final seal of approval given by the Danish company.

User Dani87 made not just one, but three scale models of the classic BMW M car – the sleek-looking yellow and black versions, and the red one that features more of a Lego-look. From bumper to bumper, the attention to detail is pretty neat, and follows countless hours spent on building and adjusting the blocks.

Opening the doors provides access to the cabin that mimics the design of the classic BMW M3, with realistic stickers, a similar-shaped dashboard, steering wheel with the brand’s logo, gearshift lever, pedals, and seats.

The trunk can also be opened, and so can the hood, which hides a replica of the original engine, made from the same small bricks.


  • SILLY.

  • Miknik

    So much detailing, but Micro Machines proportions

  • Spyderdrifter

    Not a big BMW fan, but those look pretty good.