How Does Alfa Romeo’s Giulia Fare Against Audi’s A4?

Despite the Giulia QV impressing automotive journalists left and right, the general consensus regarding the regular model is that, although it’s good, it’s not quite good enough for the segment crown.

That’s where the Audi A4 comes in and according to Carwow’s Mat Watson, it’s the best car in its class if you look at the overall package – meaning comfort, practicality, on-board tech and so on.

The A4 may not be the most exciting to drive, but that’s what the BMW 3-Series is for, as is the Giulia.

However those of us who purchase diesel-powered variants or petrol models that don’t have a lot of power, don’t generally expect to power slide out of every junction.

According to Watson, the Giulia does just about everything right, and unlike the Audi, it looks mighty special too. The only issue is that apparently, the A4 does everything else in spectacular fashion, as he struggled to find any faults with the German.

In the end, the A4 is mentioned in the same sentence with the phrase “the best car in its class”, which is high praise seen as how the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Jaguar XE are also in contention. As for the Giulia, it’s yet to win a comparison test in non-QV form.



    Giulia is better !!!

    • brn


      • Six Thousand Times

        Even if it weren’t, it’s the car guy’s choice. Ergo, it is.

      • TheHake

        Because it will spend 4/5 of it’s life at the dealer garage…

      • Silimarina

        Because it has a RWD chassis.No premium car in this segment should be FWD.That’s why i personally don’t consider Audi a true premium car.

        • Six_Tymes

          good point.

      • GrabSon Wski

        because its drivers car, for people who love cars and driving them its just much better, emotions and performance, but for families you know a daughter, wife and grandma audi would be better as it has been made for everyone, just like commercial crap songs.

    • TheBelltower

      The front is prettier, while the Audi is very drab. That counts for a lot, but that’s about it.

    • Bo Hanan

      This is tough because both cars must be dumped when their warranty expire.

  • SteersUright

    Audi just had to dial in a bit of dynamism into its chassis, just a bit of playfulness and it would dominate the segment. I know its an extremely competent machine, very capable in almost every way. Still, I dont think I’d ever buy it as I actually enjoy driving and therefore, this car just isn’t made for people like me.
    The Alfa? I’d rent one one for a few days just for fun but I’d never buy something this unreliable. I have already written off BMW because of how much mine used to love to visit the dealer for little breakdowns all the time. Imagine downgrading to an even more unreliable Alfa? Maybe a quadrafoglio and only as a weekend toy in place of some other exotic would be the only way I’d consider it. But, Im not quite there yet, lol.

    • Ivan Delev

      The guilia just hit the market, how you know its unreliable?

      • SteersUright

        Every single extensive review of the car ran into breakdowns at some point. Thats how. For such a new car, used 1-2 days only by reviewers, that does not inspire confidence. Especially when absolutely none of the others had any issues come up. Look, I want to love this car. Which enthusiast doesn’t? But most of us aren’t rich enough to add this to our massive collection. So as a car I’d rely on daily to take me to work, I simply dont want the headache. I already swore off BMW because of all the issues I had with previous cars from them and watching all my friends who leased new ones also visit the dealer countless times for electronic niggles and issues. No thanks. Over that. I’ll drive an ugly, slower Lexus at this point and keep a 2007 Cayman for weekend thrills.

        • LeStori

          Seems like most of the problems stem from stop start-system on the Giulia. A stupid system on petrol engines but necessary on ‘toxic’ diesels. I always press the disable button on any car that has it, as soon as I start the car.

          I have continuously owned Alfa Romeo cars over the last 38 years. Have not found them to be anymore unreliable that any other car that is fun to drive. Actually except for a failure of a sensor that stopped one on my cars starting when hot only, I have never had an Alfa Romeo leave me beside the road. A VW product with 2 litre 2E motor left me beside the road 3 times. Failed distributor. Failed coil. Leak due to crack in the thermostat housing.

          My current car a 2013 Giulietta QV 1750 tbi has had the following faults in 4 years of ownership , from new.
          1) A faulty rear centre stop light . Replaced under warranty.
          2) An Air conditioning system that occasionally would not cool for around 10 minutes on hot start up only . Repaired under warranty.

          My only complaint about modern Alfa Romeos before the Giulia, is the use of reinforced rubber timing belts. These useless items are prone to fail on any car that has them. If they do it costs a ‘fortune; to repair the damage.The replacement every 3 to 4 years is also a needless expense. The Giulia engines seem to have done away with this item and replaced them with more reliable duplex chains.

          • Phil

            I had an Alfa 147 for 5 years (and I was its third owner) and it ran like clockwork. The unreliability stigma is completely outdated but unfortunately hard to shake.

          • Silimarina

            Just because you didn’t had any problem, that doesn’t mean Alfa’s are reliable.Statistical, Alfa’s are less reliable than the 3 german premium brands.

          • Michelin

            How many cars make your statistic? How many Alfas run in UK and US roads ? Why Alfas became unreliable outside Italy ? I own a Giulietta with 85.000 km. and no issue. In past my Jetta and Passat give me more problems.

          • Silimarina

            It’s not my statistic and it’s not my job to know how many Alfa’s run on UK and US roads.What do you want to say with”Alfa’s became unreliable outside Italy”? Do you want to imply that Alfa’s are reliable in Italy and owners from other countries don’t take care of their Alfa’s or that they are lying about Alfa’s reliability?

          • SteersUright

            Wow, thanks for the awesome firsthand account from an actual owner! Your post does give me much more confidence. A coworker had a Fiat 500 and the amount of items that broke on it were astounding. The turn-indicator came off in his hand! I kept reading that Fiat simply makes shit cars but here in America we have almost no experience with them. Some articles pointed out that Fiat now manufacture Maserati and Alfa as as well, and they are reliability nightmares. As a DIY guy myself, I wonder if I could pick up a used Maserati on the cheap and how expensive it would be to keep running? That said, on a brand new car, its annoying when things break and you have to go visit the dealer often. Happened with all of my BMW’s and friend’s BMW’s, which is why outside of a used weekend M-series I can maintain myself, I wont buy/lease BMW’s new anymore. Again, thanks for the input.

      • TheHake

        When last has there been a reliable Alfa?

      • Michelin

        Banal prejudices !!!
        In Italy you steel see on road Alfa 166, 164 and 156 that works very well.

      • Six_Tymes

        another good point.

    • Michelin

      Unreliable Alfa ? In Italy you still see on roads old 166, 156 and 147 thar run very well. Giuliettas and 156 are usually cars for trips of work.

  • Tinky-Winky

    I wouldn’t exactly call that Giulia drop dead gorgeous.

    • Six Thousand Times

      I’ve seen then in person and pictures don’t do it justice. Drop-dead gorgeous is in the eye of the beholder.

      • Tinky-Winky

        Maybe. I have yet to see one in person but at least I saw a neon pink MB GLE Coupe today.

        • Six Thousand Times

          Bet you’ll never unsee that!

    • SteersUright

      Agreed. Only looks impressive in the top-dog model and even then, its just a nice car, no beauty. When the 650i Grancoupe came out, that left me floored when I saw one drive by. So impossibly wide and low. This Alfa did not have that effect on me, but I still do kinda like it.

  • Christian Wimmer

    The term “Best in Class” really depends on your priorities.

    For me, the Mercedes C-Class is “best in class” because of its qualities which I value and prefer, and which I feel it does better over its competitors. It’s a completely subjective thing. In the end there is no real loser in this class; it all depends on what YOU want and need.

    • Finkployd

      *sobs* that…that was so beautiful

    • Six Thousand Times

      Well said even if the Benz doesn’t do anything for me.

  • Carmelo Van Cabboi

    I have like the feeling that Mat takes lot of big money from VW…

  • izzey04

    A4… can there be a more boring car than this A4?

    • Bo Hanan

      The VW Passat, which it is built off of.

  • Bob

    I want to like the A4 but I think it’s about as interesting as a discussion on the ratios of the Libyan flag. Maybe if I was more mature as I person I would understand it, but unfortunately I am a volatile and sometimes-suicidal maniac who eats copious amounts of chilli only to punish myself. I naturally gravitate towards the Giulia here because it’s badge shares this mercurial nature.

  • blackbird014

    I was watching the video without audiio. Come on: it is a comparison between an old model and a new car. The navigation system of the audi looks like the fiat tipo one. The chassis is a ford focus or a Skoda. Honestly, if Alfa Romeo had presented a car like that, we would say that it is a crap.
    The comparison is hilarious: they do not belong to the same class.

    • SteersUright

      You do realize this Audi is all new, and the infotainment is regarded as one of the best with a very high res screen? I think you’re thinking of the last A4 that just got replaced with this car. That said, the interior of the new A4 blows away just about every other car in this class. I dont understand the love for the C300 interior. I drove one and while it looks ok, it felt plasticky and cheap as hell. In fact, the entire car drove like a mushy, rear-drive Camry. Also, the Alfa, while a car I like overall, doesn’t begin to compare with the new A4’s interior. It looks ok from some angles, and downright bargain-basement cheap and plasticky from others.

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