Prior Design Takes Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe To The Next Aero Level

If you’ve seen a Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe finished in matte white, you’ll agree that it is a menacing car to look at with aggressively flared wheel arches, a low and wide stance and huge air intakes. Prior Design thinks it can do a little better.

The tuning company has just released a host of visual and performance-oriented modifications for the luxurious sports coupe that are so extreme, they would make even a new C63 Black Series look tame.

The front end is dominated by a custom bumper that incorporates tweaked air intakes and a bespoke splitter. A new hood has also been designed by the tuner to make for an even more overt persona. Things don’t stop there.

At the sides, Prior Design has flared the front and rear wheel arches even further while also installing a set of custom side skirts that can be joined by a number of different 3-piece forged wheels. The exterior changes are rounded out by a large fixed rear wing and a custom bumper and diffuser package.

Elsewhere, C63 owners can work with the company to create a number of bespoke interior elements. Exhaust and suspension systems can also be ordered on request.


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