Toyota Locks In TJ Cruiser Trademark

Toyota has filed a trademark for the name TJ Cruiser and there’s a chance it could be adopted by the production-spec FT-4X Concept.

The trademark, filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office is for use on “Automobiles and structural parts thereof” and would nicely act as an affordable alternative to the FJ Cruiser recently killed off.

Compared to the FJ Cruiser, Toyota designed the FT-4X to attract the attention of millennials by combining some level of ruggedness with a retro design and a number of nifty design features, including a rear hatch which can open in two different ways (vertically and horizontally).

At the vehicle’s New York Auto Show premiere, Toyota said it had no intention of bringing the concept to the market but it could become a rather popular addition to its family and would certainly match Toyota’s insistence to stop building “boring” cars.


  • Auto

    Now we have a genuine off roader that is not hideous and/or boring (saying it’s based on the FT-4X). Good job Toyota, looks like you are hopefully back on track.

  • Evan M

    I assume this model will share the same underpinnings as the upcoming sub Lexus NX SUV.

  • 77 S30Z

    Should have been BJ Cruiser.

  • Imjus Sayin

    Nice bold design, but why did the designer put the “D” pillar window on the drivers side and not the passenger side to avoid the Big Posterior blind spot.
    If built it would probably last just 1gen and be left to die without a 2nd gen update. Like the FJ, Element, and soon Juke.
    Can’t wait to see what KIA could do with a 2nd gen Soul Activity Vehicle, and Honda’s upcomming SUV should be a ressurected Element type to compete with this TJ instead of another ??-V model.