Here Are Dodge’s Terms If You Want To Order A Challenger Demon

It’s not really a surprise that throwing a 840hp Challenger tuned for drag-racing into the market proves to be a legal concern, and Dodge wants to safeguard itself from potential misuse of the upcoming Demon.

Dodge will force all Demon buyers to sign an acknowledgement letter just to place an order, in a bid to make them understand the nature of their new beast.

Allpar got hold of the letter, revealing the terms Dodge puts for a customer to order a Demon.

The document is filled with several safety disclaimers: if the factory-installed passenger and rear seats are not in place, then you can’t carry people in the passenger spot or the rear; if you haven’t bought the passenger seat from the factory, then you should never attempt to install an aftermarket seat because it can’t be safely attached.

The letter goes on by saying that owners shouldn’t use any of the car’s “Track-Use” features on public roads and warns that the bespoke Nitto NT05R drag radial tires are not intended for highway use due to increased wear of the racing compound and are not recommended for wet weather conditions or in temperatures below 15 degrees F.

Dodge is also making sure that not only the potential Demon owner but also his/hers “personal representatives and heirs and next of kin” understand the Demon’s power and risks associated with it. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


  • Craig

    Yeah. Sure. Fine. Whatever. But do you need a driver’s licence?

  • U8INIT

    This won’t stop folks from challenging! It’s kinda like the “caution hot” on a cup of joe from Mc Donalds…

    • Benjamin B.

      A old lady actually did sue McDonalds. I honestly think she was pretty stupid to be honest. Coffee is hot unless it is iced. Now restaurants have to allow coffee to sit out and cool. What’s the point of that!?

      • Status

        Second degree burns is why. The case wasn’t brought on simply because it was too hot to drink.

      • Matt

        Read into the case more and you’ll see it wasnt as frivolous as it seems on the surface/ many think it was. The coffee was much hotter than the guidelines were for mcdonalds and others at the time and resulted in pretty severe burns, which shouldn’t have happened if spilt on a person.

  • Dennis James

    Where do I sign ? 🙂

  • Blade t

    I see demon owners pulling “the mustang” at many cars and coffee events….

  • Bo Hanan

    It’s unfortunate that people are so irresponsible that you have to remind them to be responsible.

    • TheYes

      Or you could say something similar like “It’s unfortunate that people are so stupid that you have to remind them not to be stupid.”


  • Wandering_Spirit

    Finally Mustang drivers will stop feeling stigmatized at Cars and Coffee events. Now we’ll also see Challengers crashing. Till will relieve pressure from the equine drivers of the Mustang, thanks to the asinine tools who will crash this.

    • Dennis James

      I think that the Demon drivers will just be happy with a burnout, using the car’s brake line lock system 🙂

      • Wandering_Spirit

        I was just in the mood to stir some troubles! didn’t really think what i said anyways. I still maintain the Mustang’s problem is a mix of low skills (not honed through constant spirited driving) and car suspension/chassis issues.

  • Vassilis

    Do those tyres also work on corners or are they designed only for drag racing? Genuine question.

    • Dennis James

      Those tires can be driven on the (dry) street, including in corners. Much caution on wet. But not on the curvy track, the sidewalls are very soft. The Nitto NT05R also has a sibling tire, called NT05, which is made for the track.

      But really, is there anything easier to replace on a car than the tires ?

      • Vassilis

        No, of course. They just look like semi-slick goodness and I was wondering if they’re OK for track use. Didn’t really put my thoughts down well. Cheers!

      • TheYes

        The windscreen wipers are easier 🙂

    • gary4205

      They have just enough tread to be “street legal” barely. But in reality would handle like a set of slicks would, in the slightest dampness.

      Best to mount up a nice set of performance road tires for daily use.