New BMW 6-Series GT Official Photos: Now 50% Prettier [Updated Gallery]

Here are the first official photos of the all-new BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo that have been uncovered ahead of a public debut possibly at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in early September. 

BMW’s new luxury hatchback has moved up the ladder of the corporate naming strategy, essentially replacing (mostly) the weird-looking 5-Series Gran Turismo and to a lesser degree, the current 6-Series Gran Coupe with something that sits in-between.

As you can tell from the images that come courtesy of i.wheelsage, there’s nothing weird about the new 6-Series GT, with BMW giving it a much sleeker and more handsome shape than the car it replaces – not that it was difficult to achieve in the first place given the 5-Series GT’s looks…

The new addition in the BMW range is based on the CLAR modular platform which is shared with the regular 5- and 7-Series models. This means that there will be weight savings along with the company’s latest semi-autonomous tech.

The new BMW 6-Series GT will share most of its powertrains -if not all- with the 5-Series and will be offered with both rear- and all-wheel drive. Stay tuned for more information as BMW will officially reveal the new 6-Series GT in the next few days, if not hours.

Many thanks to Niko for the tip! 

Update: fresh photos including of the M Sport package edition and the interior of the 6-Series GT have surfaced online, courtesy of Autotijd


  • StrangerGP

    RIP 6 Series Gran Coupe, one of the last good looking BMW’s

    • Adi

      Ehm.. 6-Series Gran Turismo and 6-Series Gran Coupe are two separate models and they will be produced alongside each other

      • Chinese Dragon

        There will be no 6 GranCoupe replacement, new 5 GT now is called 6 GT, 6 Coupe and 6 Convertible will be 8 Coupe and 8 Convertible, and no 6 GranCoupe successor.

        • Adi

          I know but changing name from 6 to 8-Series doesn’t mean it’s not its successor

          • Benjamin B.

            6-series is smaller than 8-series. You don’t realize how big it is. Wait to see it in person at an auto show. Just look at the wait and dimensions. It’s huge.

        • Beelzaboot teriaksun

          you lost me at the second 6

        • Benjamin B.

          You’ll be shocked at the weight and size of the 8-series coupe. It’s going to be more GT than pure sports car. It’ll be a continent crosser.

      • Bo Hanan

        6-Series Gran Coupe “quietly” died last month. It was announced. And “50% prettier?” Really?

  • Able

    Which part of that is good looking?

    • Kaisuke971

      Looking better ≠ looking good. It certainly looks better than the 5 Series GT

      • Chinese Dragon

        it looks like a 5 GT evolution without a proper hofmeister kink

      • Benjamin B.

        I am the only person who actually liked the 5 GT? Rear drive Hatchbacks are different. Yes. But the 5GT was always more practical than the 6GC. The smaller 1/2 is better looking.

  • rover10

    I might be in a minority, but I liked the original. It had a brutal elegance and looked as if it was built from alabaster. You certainly knew it was behind you, looming in the rearview mirror. From the rear, it had a majesty, that the new one fails to achieve. Obviously, the designers and management were unsure how to replace the brut, so went midway with an odd and obviously contrived DLO?

    • Nordschleife

      I am not going to lie. I saw one some time ago with some aftermarket rims and it did look rather good. I can’t say that I loved it but I had a new appreciation for it that i never got from pics.

      • rover10

        Exactly, there was something appealing about its brutal appearance, and on bigger and wider rims it looked menacing. It’s just possible the original will get a second life, as a new classic?

        • Nordschleife

          While I can agree with you on it presence especially in person, I just don’t see it making it to a “classic” That is just my personal opinion. Had I not seen it in the flesh with the rims I would maligned it just like some others do.

  • Kaisuke971

    Well there is improvement, but this is not worthy of the 6 Series moniker.

  • seriously

    As successful as the A7 is im still confused why BMWs GT models look like old mpvs…..the 6 series GT should have been a hatch like the A7 or Panamera

    • Kaisuke971

      That was the 6 Series Gran Coupe, this is not the same type of car. Think of it as a lower X6 basically.

      • Chinese Dragon

        this is the 5 GT successor they simply change name, there will be no 6 GranCoupe successor as sales were poor, 5 GT is a hit in China.

        5 GT —–> 6 GT
        6 Coupe —> 8 Coupe
        6 Convertible —> 8 Convertible
        6 GranCoupe —> no successor

      • seriously

        Not my point in the slightest……..the 6 series wasn’t a hatch it was a sedan. The A7 And A5 sportbacks both offer more practicality and cargo space than the A6 and A4 which is the point of the 3 and 5 series GT and this new 6 series EXCEPT Porsche and Audi have managed to make the hatch versions of their sedans more practical and still good looking……especially with a rename to 6 series they could have made it much better looking and given the price point and size of the new 8 series it would have still been room for both…

  • baofe

    BMW’s lineup is all kinds of messed up. They forgot how to count and are now just throwing numbers on the wall to see what sticks.

    • nastinupe

      In BMW math if you see the letter “G” it means that you should really subtract the number of the name by one, add two doors plus a hatchback or sloped rear end.

      • Chinese Dragon

        well they have a new strategy about naming

        5 GT becomes 6 GT
        6 Coupe becomes 8 Coupe
        8 Cabrio becomes 8 Cabrio
        6 Gran Coupe will have no successor

        • Carenthusiast

          I’m sure they will have something to go against an A7 though….I mean a fastback in that segment

          • MultiKdizzle

            8 Gran Coupe.

  • Elmediterraneo

    That would be perfect if it’s looked like an Audi A7 that keeps the Coupe design but with the hatch. And it could kept an M6 version.

    • Chinese Dragon

      this is the successor of 5 GT and there will be no M version, also there will be no successor for 6 GranCoupe

  • TheBelltower

    The BMW lineup is really messy. Some great vehicles, some good vehicles, and some dumpy looking vehicles. They have too many versions of too many series. Why is this thing wearing a “6” badge? And on what planet does it qualify as a GT?

  • Forever an Ugly Ducking

    If it was 200% ugly then the 50% prettier might apply to this new gen. I’ve tried to love this model, but alas to no avail.

  • Miknik

    No matter what they call it, it’s no cross over, certainly not a coupe, not even a coupe sedan like the A7. It’s a bloody 5 series hatchback, and even as such not the most attractive looking body variant of it….

  • Jorge Teixeira

    “There’s nothing weird about the new 6-Series GT”? Oh I beg, I mean really beg, to differ: what an hideous car, come back Chris Bangle, all is forgiven!

  • anonymous

    50% of nought is nought.

  • GobbleUp

    Another hideous BMW.

  • nastinupe

    It’s still fugly as hell.

  • Hamster

    BMW just killed the 6 series elegance… So sad… 🙁

  • fabri99

    Why is it called 6 Series if it is a 5 Series? Does this mean the new 6 Series will be merely a coupe version of a 5 Series? I’m confused. BMW’s range is confusing.

    • Chinese Dragon

      They changed name policy, in new generation models
      5 GT—–> 6 GT
      6 Coupe —> 8 Coupe
      6 Convertible —> 8 Convertible
      3 GT —–> 4 GT

      there will be no successor to 6 GranCoupe due to low sales, the ugly 5 GT was a hit in China, and 6 GT is the successor

      • PMB

        Are you sure that the sales of 6 GranCoupe were so low ? I thought that this car was more popular than 6 Coupe and 6 Cabrio. It’s sad to see that BMW replaces great looking 6 GranCoupe with this big, ugly hatchback.

      • fabri99

        So the 6 coupe won’t exist anymore?

  • Tinky-Winky

    Tail lights remind me the ones of the latest Audi A4.

  • MultiKdizzle
  • Jp

    I like the way BMW has been complaining about its own lineup being too diverse for the past few years and still releasing more and more body variants…

    • Chinese Dragon

      they kill the 6 GranCoupe

      • Chinese Dragon

        6 GT is the 5 GT successor

  • Kagiso Mutlaneng

    LOL so BMW killed the 6er Coupe and rebadged the 5er GT to this??

    The world I live in has lost it!

  • Mr. Crankypants

    BMW Asstek

  • Karl

    Good God! Really BMW? This monstrosity should be killed with fire. Why answer a question no one asked?

  • Justin Spencer

    I can’t believe there’s actually a market for this ugly thing. It reminds me of a bloated Merkur Scorpio

  • Matthijs

    I actually kinda like it. I thought the 5 GT looks quite impressive and luxurious seeing from a good angel (not that weird nose) and this finally has a nose to go with it. The M-package doesn’t do so well on this one thought. Maybe not as good looking as a sedan or stationwagon but you got tons of space in this thing

  • atomicbri

    What an abomination… and to call it a 6??? WTH is BMW on over there in Deutschland?? Utter disgust I feel when I look at this thing… The Hofmeister kink isn’t even correct. I just can’t…SMDH.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Not as bad as before! Hardly an advertisement.

  • MP4-12C

    It looks like an overblown 3GT with a new 5-series face on it. Call me crazy, but I actually liked the 5GT (F07). Also shame that there will be no 6 series GranCoupe replacement. Does it mean, that BMW leaves that segment to the CLS and A7? Weird, first they chase every single niche one can imagine, then they leave one that actually exists.

  • bmwisgoingmad

    This car is hideous… and WTF with BMW… they’re spreading too thin… so many effin models… Really? 3, 3GT, 3 Grand coupé, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8… i…

  • Elmediterraneo

    The only thing BMW did wrong is keeping make it taller with an ugly 5 series front design. They’ve should make it lower like an Audi A7 or any other coupe.

  • emjayay

    I think it’s fine. I also don’t know where it’s supposed to fit into the BMW lineup. German brands (well, BMW and Mercedes) used to have model names that accurately and later sort of accurately reflected the contents. Things are of course more complicated now but I think BMW would be well served by making their model names more rational.

    Oh, has no one noticed that this is the first BMW without the Hofmeister Kink? This thing has the window line of a Malibu or something.

  • Ted Sturgeon

    I try to show what is wrong with it…
    Rear end too short, greenhouse too high…

  • john1168

    uuhhh…no thanks… BMW is trying to add a little suv tallness to the styling and it’s really screwing up the look of the vehicle. They ruined the 4 series too with this styling. I hate the look of it. It looks frumpy and dowdy. I think a perfect example of a great styled sedan with a hatchback is the new KIA Stinger. THAT’S how all these cars should look. Low slung with fastback styling.

  • Subi-Rubicon1

    FAIL!!!! This needs to be sent back to the design studio and smooth out the unflattering lines.

  • TB


    Should have just kept the Coupe….if you want a hatchback get one of the X series.

    I truly do not understand why BMW does this…but I assume some people like it….not my bag but maybe they are selling…

  • Benjamin B.

    Glad to see the GC discontinued. I actually always like the 3-series GT. However the 5-series GT just looked like a lowered X5. Proportions were off. But this vehicle looks sleek. I wonder how it’ll do next to the X5 crossover and to a lesser extent the 5-series wagon and X6 SAV in the USA.

  • Benjamin B.

    It looks like a lowered X6 with a 5-series front end??

    • supermanuel

      I think it looks like a piece of sh1t. Tomayto tomahto…

  • If:
    5 GT—–> 6 GT
    6 Coupe —> 8 Coupe
    6 Convertible —> 8 Convertible
    6 GranCoupe —> no successor
    3 GT —–> 4 GT

    Should we start kissing good bye the nice-looking 4 GranCoupe?
    (just in time when Audi is heating up the competition with its A5 Sportback?)

  • Benjamin B.

    I’m getting a lowered X6 vibe