BMW M6 GT3 Evo Package In The Works For 2018, Aims To Improve Drivability

BMW is hard at work developing the all-new M8 GTE but that doesn’t mean the company has forgotten about the M6 GT3.

Since the latter model has been around for a couple of years, BMW is preparing a technical update for 2018 which will be known as the M6 GT3 Evo package.

Designed to ensure the car remains competitive at the Nürburgring and Spa-Francorchamps, the update primarily focuses on improving drivability especially for non-professional drivers.

BMW declined to go into specifics but said the update also aims to improve durability as well as widen “the optimization window.” As part of these changes, some components will be replaced while others will be modified.

The changes are expected to build on the success of earlier updates which saw the engine refresh rating climb from 10,000 km (6,213 miles) to 15,000 km (9,320 miles). That might not seem like much of a difference but it helps to reduce operating costs.

In a statement, BMW works driver Philipp Eng said “Thanks to the updates, the BMW M6 GT3 is significantly easier and more comfortable to drive. It is also more consistent.”

His sentiments were echoed by BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt how stated “The BMW M6 GT3 will remain the flagship in the BMW customer racing product range” and “latest tests at the Lausitzring showed that we have made a big step forward, particularly in terms of drivability.”

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