Dodge Challenger Somehow Outsold The Mustang And Camaro In June

The Dodge Challenger has managed to outsell both the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro for the first time in at least seven years.

In June 2017, Dodge managed to sell a total of 6,605 Challengers, over 1,000 more than the number it sold in the same month 12 months ago. By comparison, 6,186 Ford Mustangs were sold last month while 4,691 Chevrolet Camaros found owners in June.

In terms of year-to-date sales, it isn’t surprising to learn that the Ford Mustang continues to lead the way with 44,608 units sold in the first half of the year. In a rather distant second sits the Chevrolet Camaro with 36,567 units, while nipping at its heels is the Dodge Challenger where 35,910 examples have been sold, Torque News reports.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about current sales figures for the Challenger is that the car hasn’t been significantly updated since 2008. By comparison, the sixth-generation Ford Mustang hit the market for the 2015 model year, while the sixth-gen Camaro arrived for the 2016 model year.


  • Six_Tymes

    timing of collectors.

  • Bob

    Its ageing better than the rest of them.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Not sure about ageing with respect to the (2015) Mustang and (2017) Camaro…

      • Bob


        • Six Thousand Times


  • David Kuita

    It’s a surprise how neck-&-neck it is with the Camaro. Mustang sales make sense because it’s sold all over the world.

  • SgtBeavis

    It might be a VERY old design but it is still dripping with cool. Not to mention it has a back seat that is actually usable.

  • Craig

    The Challenger is just so incredibly good looking.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Really? I always think of it as a 65-year old woman trying to wear the clothes she wore in the ’70s. Big rolls of fat hanging out. Just nasty business.

      • Craig

        And what’s wrong with that?!

        • Six Thousand Times

          Hey, look, if that’s what you’re into…

  • Michael Cohen

    The back seat makes a big difference for me. Also it still seems true to its roots: heavy, powerful, and goes fast in a straight line.

  • gary4205

    Hyping the Demon, and supplying cars to the idiotic Fast & Furious movie series is paying dividends.

    • Jay

      It’s in non-idiotic movies too.. was just in Baby Driver. I think it’s selling cuz its less obvious than a camaro or mustang.

  • Kash

    isn’t Maserati being investigated for fudging sales numbers though because corporate FCA told them to start marking down test drives as sales? I’m just kind of wondering if maybe that isn’t a possibility here as well.

    • Six Thousand Times

      It would explain a lot. Alternative facts? Well, there is an opioid epidemic on in Appalachia so dealers ought to be doing well enough to buy every redneck’s dream car.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    It looks really good even after this time.


  • Six Thousand Times

    Model changeover for the Mustang to the 2018s. I don’t know what the hell is going on with the Camaro! The sixth generation has been a sales bust.

  • Emo

    there are about 30 of them parked in an empty parking lot near where I live, they are dumping them on dealers

  • Ed Ward

    That’s how good the Chrysler’s are.

    • Six Thousand Times

      “Chrysler” and “good” have not belonged in the same sentence since 1961.

      • serge charles

        Its pretty remarkable how bad they are. I rented a 2017 charger a few months ago when my car was in the shop and it was awful. I couldn’t wait to get my 9 year old infiniti back. Floaty, numb, the infotainment was crap and from what I hear they have some of the worst reliability records of any manufacturer. I feel sorry for all the people who ended up getting these chargers.

        • Desert Fox

          serge…i live in the middle east, owning a 2012 Charger V6 which is my daily drive. Currently at 70K miles, just one window motor replacement is all in these 5 years for repairs. Still having the original battery. However, its on the 4th set of tyres…2 sets of Michelins, and on the 2nd pair of Kumho right now. No uneven wear, the tyres get cracks and noisy…so I dont understand when people talk bad about its reliability. Here, temperatures reach upto 58 centigrade, Chargers have done very well..i often speak to owners just to hear their experience 🙂 Their Uconnect infotainment is one of the an online search and you will see.

        • diehard

          Don’t know about the 2017’s but aside from a couple of minor inconveniences, I’ve had very good luck with my 2011. 6 years old now but only about 39,000 miles on it. A very comfortable, roomy car with AWD and 8 cyl. Has every option including heated and cooled cup holders. 😉

  • diehard

    When you say, “the Challenger hasn’t been significantly updated since 2008″, I assume you are talking about the body as there has been significant improvements to the drive train of the Challenger Scat pack and SRT392.

    Being an owner of both an SRT392 and a Mustang, I don’t understand why everyone thinks there is a lot more space in the rear of a Challenger. When I have my grand kids, I have to use my Dodge Charger due to the lack of space between the rear of the front seat and the front of the rear seat, in the Challenger.
    And I’m only 5′-9 1/2”. These people may be referring to the width of the back seat of the Challenger.???

    • Michael Cohen

      The rear seat in the Challenger is by no means huge, but it is at least somewhat useable. I sold a Mustang to a lady with 2 year old toddler. I convinced her she could fit a car seat back there. She returned the car a week later.

      I know we are only talking about a difference of several inches in leg and head room between a Mustang and Challenger, but sometimes those several inches can go a long way. I know when I go on flights, I would kill for several more inches, especially on long trips.

  • dubfun

    Demon coattails.

  • Big Black Duck

    love this car…considering the naming scheme these days..would be cool if there us more powerful version called the “Archangel”

  • Benjamin B.

    Fiat Chrysler offers great rebates and discounts on most models (Not Hellcat or Viper). I see a bunch of people in lower to lower middle class income brackets in Chargers and Challengers.

  • Bash
  • Blade t

    Hey if the design ain’t broke don’t fix it ….

  • Tom

    Did the AWD option have an impact? I hope so. That might motivate GM to make an AWD Camaro option.

  • KidRed

    I’d say more aggressive discounts from dealers.

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