Infiniti Set To Overtake Acura In End-Of-Year U.S. Sales

Infiniti looks set to overtake Acura in U.S. sales for the first time in 28 years on the back of burgeoning demand for the brand’s vehicles.

So far this year, Infiniti sales are up 22 per cent over 2016 and are accelerating faster than any of its immediate rivals. According to The Truth About Cars, the key driver behind these heightened sales is the availability of the Infiniti QX30. In the first six months of the year, Infiniti has shifted 9,393 units of the compact crossover.

Additionally, demand for the Infiniti Q60 is higher than ever, up 5,253 units over the same time period last year. When combined with small bumps in sales of the QX70, QX80 and Q70, a total of 79,143 new Infiniti models have found U.S. homes this year.

By comparison, sales of Acura models are down 7 per cent in 2017 to 73,781 units, largely because the RDX and MDX are the only crossovers Acura has on the market, despite the ever-increasing demand for such vehicles.

At current estimates, Acura may sell approximately 151,000 vehicles in the U.S. this year. By comparison, Infiniti could hit 168,000 vehicles.



    what do you expect on merc based compacts?

    • dn12005

      I will wager that Infiniti is not totally happy with the sells output from the QX30. It barely sniffs at a 1K units/monthly; that is below their target for this car.

      However, what have been carrying the water for Infiniti are the Q50, QX50,QX60, and the QX80. The Q60 has not hit a high mark consistently, but it has provided added units to the brand’s monthly sales report. The Q70, QX70 are just trudging along, picking up quiet sales here and there…

      So no, Infiniti recent success is not only in part to the Merc based compact; those 4 horses previously mentioned are the major impetus. Which is impressive, considering that save the Q50, the rest are older models in which all 3 will be receiving a much needed re-design within the next two MY.

      Props to Infiniti, and to Nissan for finally giving their lux brand the financial backing it has always deserved. They still have a long way to go and they still make some ill-informed decisions here and there. But, they have momentum now and are on track to deliver a flagship car based on the Q80 Inspiration; and all signs point to the Q60 Black S making it to production as the brand’s Halo car (still, seeing is believing here!).

      • NissLover

        I’m extremely curious as to what happened to the QX30 sales. For a couple months it was at the top of its class, one month at over 2400 units the next at almost 3000, then it just tanked to triple digits. I wonder if they sold through a large portion of it’s US allocated inventory, quicker than they expected. It makes no sense that it would reach those numbers and just tank all of a sudden. I know a part of the agreement with MB is there is a production limit on the Q/QX30 to 36k worldwide, I think. At the rate they were selling in April and March, the US alone would have consumed 95% of that and I know this car is more important for the UK market. Curious to see if it recovers back to at least 1-1.5k in the coming months.

        • dn12005

          Did not know that…about the allocation mandate, interesting.

          In case you didn’t know, I post as Q602B on the Infiniti forums.

  • Bash

    Maybe Acura cars are just a bit overrated giving that they are nothing but a more affluent Honda, and people started to notice that.

    • Deckard_Cain

      If that was a solid reason, nobody would buy Audis because they’re nothing more than affluent VW’s or Skodas. Honda is a great brand and has top-notch engines and engineering. Acura’s problem is one of marketing and defining what the brand stands for.

      • Bash

        Maybe for your and many. But i don’t see it that way.

  • Ilbirs

    It’s time for Acura to become more than Hondas in tuxedos and distance itself from the parent brand. Maybe some sort of RWD highly modular platform would do great when it comes to differentiate both brands.

  • fabri99

    Infiniti is really doing great and Acura could totally learn a thing or two from them. A halo car doesn’t fix a bland range, fancier Hondas are not luxury cars.

    • Infinite1

      Infiniti has really re-invented themselves and are building cars that people actually want. The new Q60 has two different variants and if their engineers aren’t lying, a possible third variant. The QX30 added to their model lineup just goes to show that there’s a car for what most are looking for. Most of Acura’s lineup are re-badged Civics, Accords, Pilots, and CRV’s. I may have missed some cars but I don’t really keep up with Acura nowadays minus the NSX

  • BlackPegasus

    That Q60 coupe is sexy, but those dual screens and almost zero luxury refinement kills my interest in that model. I’ll be watching the resale values though. Who knows?

  • An Existing Person

    Finally, consumers are beginning to realize that in most cases, the Honda alternatives are a better buy than their “refined” Acura versions of the same car.

    On a side note, Infiniti’s recent products (QX30, Q50, Q60) are great alternatives to the typical German rivals. Now, if they could soon apply the concepts from those cars onto the replacements for their aging models, then they may well be put back on the map.

  • KidRed

    It’s not that Infiniti is doing better so much as Acura has limited models and they are all ugly.

  • I’m sure Infiniti would love to replicate this success in other markets including South Africa. Secretly I hope they don’t, I love being one of very few who have these Datsuns in their driveways.

  • James699

    I m not surprised that Infiniti is beating Acura. Acura cars arent very good looking, and Honda has done well with their mainstream cars, that their is no point to step up to Acura. Infiniti is turning things around (kind of like how Audi did back in 2007) and could become a major threat in next few years. But it still has lots of work to do to catch up to Lexus, which has always been #1 Japanese luxury brand.

  • NissLover

    They’ve also passed Cadillac. And this is before the all new QX50 debuts, which is most likely going to be a hit and become their #1 seller. Also a new QX80 is coming, which is a consistent decent seller for Infiniti considering it’s price. They should be knocking on Audi’s door in the next couple years. I doubt they’ll ever catch Lexus, but I do think Infiniti will win some model to model sales battles.

    • dn12005

      It looked like earlier this year, Infiniti was going to keep pace with Audi. Unfortunately, the A4 (S4) is hit for them (truly a great, well-rounded car). The A5 (S5) is surprisingly doing very well also, selling in the 2k monthly range since their debut. The QX50 will likely help close that gap (along with a new QX60, and QX80) to bring the brand closer to Audi in the time frame you referenced. But Audi is such a strong, much developed brand, that I can’t see Infiniti surpassing them anytime soon. Just becoming a realistic threat tho could be considered a win for Infiniti.

      IMO, Lexus’s level should always be Infiniti’s moving target. I doubt as well they will ever get to that level any time soon, but should always keep their eye there.

      Conversely, Lexus is very vulnerable right now. The IS, RC, GS, LS, GX, and the LX are at (or near) the bottom of their respective segments; it has been the RX, NX, and the ES that have been keeping Lexus’s sales so strong. Even more so, I don’t think many of these customers are conquest customers…more likely repeat customers and or Toyota graduates. Because of this, their sales will likely continue to take a hit over the next couple of years until they put that new 3.5L turbo from the upcoming LS in their downmarket cars….don’t think the new LS will be their magic bullet as well. Lexus won’t lose their market place, but will lose market shares.

      The new Genesis G70 (and Kia Stinger) will make sure of that. Likewise for Infiniti too. This is why I think the QX50 can’t be delayed not one minute and must make it to the market at its proposed schedule. The Genesis/Kia twins will take some bite out of the Q50’s market share, thus effecting Infiniti’s overall market share…the QX50 (along with the QX60 and QX80) could help mitigate this, until 2020, when the all new Q50 makes it to market.

      • U8INIT

        I think the new QX50 should come out the gate with a hybrid option to go along with that new engine.

  • SteersUright

    Infiniti has been trying a lot harder than Acura, taking more chances with design inside and out. They also have some rear-drive models that Acura’s front drive cars can’t touch dynamically. They also have far better looking interiors, some that almost pull off the luxury car look where Acura’s look like tarted up Honda’s. That said, Acura’s seem just that bit more precise and better made.

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