Polestar May Create 600 HP Coupe As Its First Standalone Model

Instead of modifying an existing Volvo model, there’s a possibility the Swedish automaker’s overhauled high-performance Polestar division will hit the market with a unique coupe.

Unlike other car makers’ performance car divisions, Polestar will focus solely on creating vehicles using electrification, possibly starting off with hybrids before eventually making the shift to fully-electric vehicles.

According to Autocar, Polestar’s first bespoke model could use carbon fiber extensively and deliver approximately 600 hp. We’ll take these suggestions with a grain of salt, but it wouldn’t be uncharacteristic of a performance brand to launch a sports car or supercar to act as its halo model. Whatever the case may be, any possible sports car from Polestar will use various components from its parent company, even if it doesn’t wear a Volvo badge.

At the time of Polestar being announced as a separately-branded company, chief executive Thomas Ingenlath said the future of Polestar will be very exciting.

“I am really excited to take up the challenge of establishing this exciting brand, developing a fabulous portfolio of bespoke products and channelling the passion we have throughout the Polestar team. The next chapter in Polestar’s history is just beginning,” he said.


  • Charles Lane

    Similar to AMG then, having Polestar Volvo modes as well as stand alone (aka AMG GT/SLS AMG). It works well for Mercedes and hope it will too for Volvo.

  • Darius Davis

    So i can assume a 2.0 twin-charged I4 pushing 400 hp and 200 hp worth of electric motors?

  • Nordschleife

    All I want is a the Volvo Concept Coupe. I don’t need electrification or anything like that. I just want the looks of that vehicle in a price that I can afford. C’mon Volvo.


  • Vassilis

    Oh yes please!

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