VW Group Models Lacking Dieselgate Fix Will Be Deregistered In Germany

Dieselgate-affected VW Group models in Germany will lose their registration if their owners refuse to get the proposed fix.

Nearly two years after VW announced a giant 11-million-car recall worldwide to fix their rigged diesel engines, almost 5.5 million vehicles have been retrofitted with a software fix in Europe, including 1.8 million cars in its German home market.

There have been reports that many owners don’t want their cars to be retrofitted with the new software, fearing that the fix will make them slower and increase the fuel consumption.

According to German Focus magazine, owners of VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat models fitted with the said engines that reject the proposed fix will have their registrations revoked as early as this August, citing a letter from Germany’s KBA motor vehicle authority.

The report also says that said owners will also be forced to pay for the de-registration as well. KBA says in its letter that the affected vehicles must have their shut-off devices removed in order to restore their conformity.


  • Bash

    Shame that car owners -forcefully- will have to pay for a perfectly good cars in the first place, and chances are that those still have a lower emissions than many other car brands, its just that doesn’t meet the allowable required emissions limits!!

    • Carmelo Van Cabboi

      Really? Again? the point is: 1) you are a corrupted VW reseller 2) your QI is something close to zero 3) you are just kidding.
      VW admited the faults and there are people that who think that VW has paid Billion for nothing, the are a re-call just for fun and Lisa Ann is till vergin!!! Man just turn on the neurons

      • Christian Wimmer

        I suspect some buyers are afraid to receive the software “update” since in many cases that “update” screws up engine performance, reliability and fuel consumption making the car dirtier than before.

        If I owned a diesel Volkswagen and could avoid the software “update” I would just because of all the horror stories I’ve heard.

        • Miknik

          Whilst this is all well and true, it also means that your car did not fulfill the emission laws at the time of registration, so should not have been registered in the first place. You have a free option to correct that. If VW isn’t capable of producing an Euro5 capable Diesel engine, than sue them, make them take back cars that are rubbish after the update, or even before.

          But it would be unfair against any competitor to let VW have not compliant cars on the road any let that be okay….