2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Sounds Crazier Than Ever

Chevrolet is continuing its gruelling test schedule for the 2018 Corvette ZR1 and in these most recent runs at the Nurburgring, the prototype in question sounds more brutal than ever.

It is no secret that the 2018 ZR1 will act as a farewell to not only the C7-generation Corvette but also to the front-engine Corvette as the C8 will adopt a mid-engine layout. Consequently, the American automaker is leaving no stone unturned in its track tests with the ZR1, perhaps foreseeing that it could very well set a sub-7-minute lap time at the German circuit.

The most recent reports indicate that the 2018 ZR1 will ditch the supercharged V8 of the Z06 in favor of an all-new twin-turbo LT5 V8 with upwards of 750 hp. When combined with a number of weight saving measures and the aerodynamic add-ons of this prototype, this grunt should allow the car to give even the Porsche 911 GT2 RS a run for its money.

As for the question as to when the ZR1 will debut, that remains a mystery but it will surely be before 2017 comes to a close.


  • Six_Tymes

    the BEAST is alive. who is the driver? anyone know? impressive skills

  • Craig

    Would you order one knowing that a mid-engine Corvette is just around the corner? I don’t think I would. But then I really like the feel of mid-engines cars.

    • bonzomatic

      I think it’s obvious at this point that Chevy is going to offer both versions for a while. I’m betting the mid-engine is going to be a low production model drive up interest to eventually replace the FR version.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Good point but people are always buying one 911 special edition as another one is announced. .I’m guessing the General will be able to move the entire production run without any problems.

    • john1168

      Great question but I would buy the front engine myself. I have a feeling the mid engine will be more than I can afford and I’m not sure about how it will look. Where as the front engine one is more in my price range and I love how it looks.

      • john1168

        And I might get a deal on the front engine Vette as sales of it may slow with the introduction of the mid engine car.

  • eb110americana

    I still say it sounds like a larger displacement roots-type supercharger over the Z06, not turbos. Really, that’s all they need to get another 50+ hp out of it.

  • john1168

    This will NOT be a quad OHC engine and it will NOT be twin turbo charged!!! It WILL be a SUPERCHARGED 6.2L D.I. OHV (one cam in block) V8! The real questions are, how much power will it have? What kind of transmissions will be available? And how will the active aero work? I’m guessing a 10 speed auto/7 speed manual and between 750 to 800 HP!

  • tony91

    I think it will be interesting to see gm go to a supercharger/turbocharged engine. But based on some earlier videos and the clear sound that it makes, it’s obvious it’s a supercharger aiding the engine.