Bang & Olufsen System Brings Unique Acoustic Character To New Audi A8

Boasting 23 loudspeakers, including four designed specifically for the spacial dimension of height, the Bang & Olufsen 3D Advanced Sound System is available for the new-generation Audi A8.

One of the novelties it brings to the table is making 3D sound available for the first time in the rear of the luxury saloon. Also, sound settings can be easily customized via the MMI touch controls, or by using the removable tablet in the central rear console.

Audi first introduced 3D sound to their lineup back in 2015 with the latest-generation of the Q7 SUV. However, the A8 will feature two new full-range loudspeakers in the A-pillars and another two in the headlining above the rear seats, providing a full surround sound experience.

The 1,920-watt amplifier uses its digital signal processor in order to generate 3D sound, producing little waste heat and plenty of audio output. The 3D sound uses an algorithm that Audi developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute in Erlangen, using stereo or 5.1 recordings to calculate the information for the third dimension and processing it for the four 3D loudspeakers.

Work on the new Audi A8’s sound system started very early in the development process, explains Wolfram Jahn, sound/acoustics developer for the A8.

“Integrating the loudspeakers at the right points in the car is the key to 80% of the audio quality. They need to be mounted as rigidly as possible, so we fixed the subwoofer in the rear panel, which is made from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. The aim is to isolate the loudspeaker from the body and prevent any vibrations from being transmitted.”

In the all-new Audi A8, Bang & Olufsen is now responsible for supplying both the Advanced as well as the Premium Sound System.


  • ediotsavant

    All that so you can listen to am/fm radio, mp3 and speak on bluetooth.


    new interior looks lit but copied panamera. Shame

  • brn

    3D sound? Been around for decades.

  • Craig

    What type of music is a system like this meant for? And for what demographic? Most so-called millennials I know don’t care about sound quality at all. They’re listening to everything through an iPhone speaker.

    • europeon

      Doubt many millennials can afford or want to buy an A8.
      It’s mosty for symphonic and pre-90s pop and rock. Anything else will decent audio mastering will show its limits, and “modern” music has to be processed (read de-compression) with the DSP to sound half-decent.

  • Love to test this out ,) daily !

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