Buying A Used Maserati Quattroporte Means Fooling Most People

Unless you’re a car enthusiast, knowing all too well how bad the fifth-generation Maserati Quattroporte was at holding on to its value, you’ll probably think that the person behind the wheel is loaded.

Speaking of being behind the wheel of a Quattroporte, that’s something Doug DeMuro has a problem with. For starters, he doesn’t really like the dashboard layout, which is perfectly understandable.

In fact, DeMuro spends the better part of 7 minutes bashing pretty much everything from the steering wheel to the center console, plus most of the buttons and functions. Oh well, at least he liked the column-mounted paddle shifters and reclining rear seats.

Of course, the negatives don’t stop with the interior. DeMuro also blasts the transmission (slow and jerky) and engine note, although its handling and performance weren’t bad and the seats are comfortable according to him.

In conclusion, an early fifth-gen Quattroporte may not be a best buy when it comes to used luxury saloons, although most people will still admire it on the road, without even knowing how many issues there are with it.


  • Doug the Slug

    Doug, it’s Italian you bloody fool! Sometimes I think Doug’s understanding of the world of automobiles is seriously limited.

  • europeon

    I am going to prove why demuro is worse than fake news, a POS “journalist”. This is why you should stop posting his s**t here.

    I’m not gonna say anything about the transmission, which is identical to the one he praised on an F430, or about the other extremely dumb things he said about the interior or the styling, I’m going to tell you about something that everyone can understand:-
    The M139 QP’s cruise controls are on the left stalk (you can even see it CLEARLY in the video, 4:48), yet he knowingly lies about it, and says the cruise controls are on the dashboard, which are in fact the switches for there trip computer reset and dashboard lights dimming/brightness control. And this isn’t something of a mistake, because he talked a lot about the control stalks.
    Yes, this is something only an ex-QP owner would notice, but so would someone that had the car for testing, unless that someone is malicious or has an agenda.

    • Youssef

      Actually, the cruise control is where he pointed it out. You can google it.

      As for the first point, it’s not just about the transmission, there’s a whole drive train that affects the overall performance.

      • europeon

        > Actually, the cruise control is where he pointed it out. You can google it.

        Actually, I can go and check the owner’s manual, cause I think I still have it around. And it’s where I said it is.

      • Kash

        So that’s why the blinker stalk clearly says “Cruise” on it at 4:49 in the video?

        • donald seymour

          Your sarcasm…I chuckled.

          • Kash

            Nah, that’s not sarcasm. Sarcasm would’ve been “Well i guess i can’t read then, because to me it says ‘Cruise’ on the stalk” lol.

    • S3XY

      My Volt drivers better than any Maserati.

      • Alex Rossi


      • Tinky-Winky

        Ahh, the guy who jerks off to electric cars is back!

        • Matthew Daraei

          And the guy who always likes his own comments.

          • exeptor

            Maybe even twice upvote as “1 Guest Vote” is a bit strange.

      • pxsupply

        yeah you keep thinking that

  • Alex Rossi

    DeMuro, the bad copy of Jeremy Clarkson

  • Thomas Triantis

    I follow Demouro on all his videos. What I can say for sure now is that… he definitely has a thing with modern Maseratis! Some cars an not all about everyday use and quirks and those shit. Some of them just speak to your heart, no matter the flaws… This generation of Quattroporte is for sure the most desirable for all, even for some haters of Italian cars. As for the aesthetic part, that is always …but always subjective. Cars with soul should never be treated so unfair.

  • Alex Rossi

    DeMuro takes rental cars?

  • gary4205

    Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?

  • Michelin

    My friends bought five years ago a second hand Maserati Quattroporte the same of the car in the video (and same color).
    The only problem is gasoline gallons for miles. No issues, great looking, great sound, great comfort. He don’t desires a newest car for similar value.

  • Deckard_Cain

    Doug deMuro bashing a FCA car? I’m shocked, I tell you! /s

    • Ed Ward

      The “C” in “FCA” had nothing to do with this trash. the new quattroporte is CHRYSLER based.

      • europeon

        You again…
        I guess both you, and demuro have in common either stupidity or some f**ked up agenda.

      • Deckard_Cain

        This trash is better than anything Chrysler produced since forever.

  • rodriguez256

    I’m in the minority’s here, I subscribe to his YouTube channel. I like hearing about all the weird aspects about cars. Instead of just horsepower and track numbers. I don’t find him to be annoying at all. I like the fact that he dodoesn’t any sound like a robot.

    • europeon

      Yes, having someone point out all the quirks and weird things about cars you most likely see only from the outside, is really interesting, but demuro is stupid, prejudiced and generally bad at it.
      Fortunately there are alternatives, like saabkyle04.

  • TheBelltower

    Is it reasonable to expect that the infotainment setup from a thirteen year old car should be as good as the ones in a new car? Or that a thirteen year old Italian car to be reliable? If you want a distilled luxury car that’s completely free of character, buy a Lexus LS. But then you’re driving a Lexus LS.

  • Ed Ward

    Not surprised, the new CHRYSLER ENGINEERED version is much much much better than this fiat Ferrari maserati POS.

    • dragoneroscuro


    • europeon

      For once you’re right… kind of.
      Except the design, and engine’s character, Ghibli and QP MK6 (because IMO both are MK5’s successors, Ghibli on the sporty side, QP on the luxury side, and they’re basically the same car) are better in every way imaginable.

  • Socarboy

    There’s a reason why certain cars depreciates far worse than others…experience of ownership by previous owner(s).

  • john1168

    I normally like Doug’s videos but I really don’t like this modern day review of a 2005 car. I’m sure there’s plenty not to like about this car, especially considering it’s lacking some basic niceties even with it’s $100K+ price tag. But there has to be some good things about this car, besides the emblem on the brake pedal. It would have at least been nice to compare it to the current model to at least show how far Maserati has come. I personally have almost no Italian car experience but I was lucky enough to have taken a Ferrari 458 Italia and a Lamborghini Huracan around a race track for a few hot laps. I’ve always heard that older Italian cars had little design/ergonomic quirks and to expect this Maserati to be different is odd. I saw his video reviewing the Alfa Guilia and he pointed out the many quirks of that car but in a fun way. It would have been nice if he’d done the same with this Maserati instead of totally just ripping it apart. Who know’s, maybe he was just having a bad day…

    • europeon

      He doesn’t understand how European cars work – everything is optional. Even the German’s trio cars are sold in the same way here. They sell you the car, but you have to pay extra if you want a steering wheel, windows, seats, and so on. Same goes with Maserati, you can have all the things he said the car was missing, along with a vast interior color options, not only blue like he said, if you pay extra.
      I remember the old Mercedes CL65AMG, a car that already had a price of 200k, and you still had to pay extra if you wanted even basic things like cupholders and ashtrays – and they were expensive options.
      As for a comparison with the new ones, take a look at his Ghibli “review”, a car that had fixed pretty much every bad thing that could have been said about QP MK5, yet he still bashes it.

  • panda-R

    How many booster juices does this “journalist” buy for the editors to get coverage? Can we get better articles please!

  • Duke Woolworth

    There’s an Ohio Ford dealer nearby with a QP for sale amongst the other makes and models. Probably bought at auction. The mighty have fallen pretty far.

  • Karl

    Italian engineering at its finest….

  • javier

    i like doug’s stuff, that car would be a good beater to use for a year for 4 or 5 $k knowing you would have to junk it any time

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