First U.S. McLaren F1 Fetches A Staggering $15.62 Million

The first McLaren F1 federalized for use on U.S. roads has sold for a staggering $15,620,000 in Monterey.

This F1, number 044 but the 37th example built, was converted by Ameritech to meet US regulations. As soon as it was given the stamp of approval for use in America, it was converted back to its original specification and has been the pride and joy of the same owner for the last 22 years.

With 9,600 miles on the odometer, this F1 has been driven more than some others but thanks to McLaren and BMW North America, it has been kept in pristine condition and the original Base Silver paint still shimmers under the sun. The interior, finished in black and grey Connolly leather, also looks untouched.

In the last seven years or so, prices for the F1 have skyrocketed. For example, in 2010 at Pebble Beach, another U.S.-legal F1 sold for just $3.575 million and in 2013, another F1 fetched $8.47 million. Two years ago, a one of two LM-spec McLaren F1 fetched $13.75 million.


  • Dustin

    It cost over $15M and has just 9600 miles… yes, I should damn well hope its paint shimmers.

  • TheHake

    I love the F1. LOVE it. But $15M is just ridiculous.