Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Sells For Just 2% Of Its Original Price

It’s no secret that high-performance sedans and coupes from the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi depreciate unlike anything else on four wheels.

However, until watching the video below from Rob Ferretti, we didn’t realize just how much these cars can plummet in value if they have a few electrical issues and have been involved in two accidents.

What we have here is a one owner 2006 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG which had an MSRP of around $200,000 when it was new. However, its new owner managed to purchase the super sedan for just $3,750, less than two per cent of its original sticker price.

Impressively, the twin-turbo V12 sitting under the hood appears to be running smoothly, despite having 150,000 miles on the clock. Most of the issues seem related to electronics, including faulty electric windows and a broken radio but Ferretti says most of these problems, as well as some visual improvements, could be resolved with just a few thousand dollar, making this S65 one hell of a bargain.


  • BlackPegasus

    That’s incredible! But I’m not really surprised considering the parts for something as simple as rotors can run $1500-$2000. And the faulty electronics can cost thousands more. All the more reason to BUY Japanese luxury cars and LEASE European luxury cars.

    • Day_Trader

      Lease makes zero sense from the financial perspective.

      • BlackPegasus

        🙄 What? You just watched a video which shows how rapidly super expensive luxury cars depreciate as an asset and you believe leasing makes zero sense financially? Why would I want to own a $200,000 car at 100 percent versus paying for (and enjoying) only 1/4 of of that car in a 2yr lease? Unless you are a multimillionaire, buying a $100,000 plus car is insane. I earn six figures, but I’m still a working stiff in the rat race. No way in hell I would finance or pay cash for a luxury or sports car.

        Did that in my youth. Never again.

        • drc

          Agree on leasing big-dollar luxury cars, but not premium sports cars. I lease my BMW’s, and buy my Porsches, because the Porsche value holds up far better. Checked 3- year- old 991 prices lately? OTH the BMW’s depreciate faster than the residual on the leases. I paid $ 105K for my 911S, and 3.5 years later its worth appx $ 83K ( – $ 32K depreciation over 42 mos or – $ 760 a month). The lease on that car would have been appx $ 1,200 a month (x 42 = – $ 52K). Plus, I don’t have to turn it in or re-buy it at end of lease. Do the math on each deal and look at historical resales by model and brand. Side benefit? It’s naturally aspirated and the 991.2’s with the turbos are not being well received, keeping the prices high on 991.1’s……and its a 3-pedal car 🙂

      • Mike Sinyaboot

        That is the stupidest comment I have ever read on here. It makes absolutely no sense. Leasing not only makes sense, it is especially advantageous when looking at luxury cars.

    • bimo movuzzo

      most of 80-90s Mercs seems more reliable and easily to repair

    • KidRed

      What are smoking? A simple google search shows they are $110ea for rotors. hahaha

  • Wait till it really breaks down on the road. Then you will understand why people stay away from those type of cars.


  • Kash

    2 accidents and electrical problems in a German car? Anyone who buys this thing knowing all this is f*cking stupid, or is a serious gambler who needs help. And “a few thousand dollars” really? So you’ll probably spend as much fixing up the car as you did buying it, yeah because that’s a smart thing to do. For $7k you could’ve bought something a fair amount nicer, with less miles and more reliable, but go ahead and throw almost $10k down the toilet when this thing has a complete engine failure or the transmissions goes with 150k miles on it.

    • TheHake

      Nicer than a twin turbo V12???????

      • Kash

        How much emphasis are we putting on sound vs power?

        • TheHake

          How much power can you REALLY use on the street? And how sweet does a V12 sound? And just to HAVE a twin turbo V12 would be FINE!

          • Kash

            I was just thinking about the sound of a NA V8 that’s all, some of them sound better than a V12.

  • TheHake

    Who will ever spend $3750 on a car and then replace faulty items with new OEM stuff costing THOUSANDS? Go the the damn scap yard and look for a S320 and get the electrics from there. Don’t be stupid!


    My proposition – buy it, insure it, try it, crash it, and then get a big bunch of cash

  • Christian Wimmer

    It’s safe to say the V12 engine is pretty bulletproof. There’s a Maybach 57S owner in Europe who put over a million kilometers on what is essentially the same motor.

    Electrical problems can be fixed if its done properly, which means not bringing it to a cheap mechanic who can’t work on these cars and will do more harm than good. Anyone watch the Kent Bergsma videos on YouTube? He will show you how to properly service a W220, and he’s of the opinion that a lot of the issues on these cars come from improper service jobs on the part of the owner/mechanic. The replacement parts that need to be installed should be the IMPROVED versions, which means they will last longer and be more reliable.

  • nastinupe

    Take out the engine, mod it, and build your own super car.