San Marino Blue BMW M760Li Looks Almost Perfect

It’s hard to deny that both the Mercedes-Benz S63 and S65 AMG are two cars that perfectly combine performance with luxury. However, for those that want similar characteristics but in a more understated package, the M760Li xDrive is the way to go.

Installed with a twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter V12 engine pumping out 610 hp, the car can hit 100 km/h in the low 3 second range, all the straight-line performance you’d expect from an M-car but without any compromises over the silky smooth 7-Series.

A couple of weeks ago, we stumbled upon images of an M760Li xDrive painted Estoril Blue and were blown away. This one takes things to an even classier level.

Painted in San Marino Blue, this M760Li xDrive is immediately more eye-catching than any other 7-Series we’ve seen and looks all the more impressive thanks to 21-inch M Performance wheels, an Alpina trunk spoiler and a 3D Design front bumper.

As for the interior, well, it’s opinion-splitting to say the least. Bathed in almost nothing but red leather, it looks quite nice when viewed from the outside, contrasting the blue paint. But on closer inspection, it’s hard not to think about how it cheapens the interior of BMW’s most luxurious vehicle.


  • Dennis James

    When a car needs some skinny stretched tires and huge two-tone wheels, unusable on real roads, to look half-decent, you know something’s wrong with its design.

    • europeon

      Plenty of tire on those wheels and they’re pretty usable on real roads. My daily drive has the same size tires (a bit wider on the back tho) and it’s really fine, but I agree with the rest.

    • Mike Sinyaboot

      I understand that automotive design opinions are like taints and everyone has their own. However, it is not 1999 last time I checked and dudes aren’t rapping about “dubs” and how to be “baller, shot caller, twenty inch blades on the Impala….” to show they have money. Large diameter wheels are prevalent throughout the model ranges of every automotive manufacturer. Not only do these larger wheels make cars look much better, they are necessary for the larger brakes used on many performance models.

      As @european said, there is plenty of tire on those wheels. Modern suspension setups, especially in the big German luxury barges, have negated the harsh ride typically associated with low profile tires. Hell, even the new Ferrari 812 Superfast along with the 488 Spider come standard with 20″ wheels.

      I suppose it is possible that you live in rural Africa and your roads are truly bad. If that is true, I apologize and your comment makes sense. If not, I really wonder if you have ever driven a car with wheels larger than 15″. I live and drive on some of the worst roads in the US (Michigan). My S3 has 19s and I have not had a single issue. I even run a 19″ winter setup with no problems. My last 3 cars have all been on 19s or 20s and been driven on Michigans terrible roads. I can not even remember the last time I got a flat and I have never bent/broken a wheel.

      • europeon

        True, but the 812 is not really a good example. Even if the rims are 20″, those wheels have more tire than a lot of cars with 15-17″ wheels.

      • I’mCallingYouOut

        You put a startling amount of effort into this comment lol I wish I could say it was refreshing..


    • alexxx

      Can you be positive…just once…

  • Jay

    Like that color!

  • smartacus

    WHOAH is that car tiny compared to the 2024 370i

  • BlackPegasus

    I thought it was a 5 series.

  • Garlic

    Nice but fake exhausts… -_-

  • Hockeyman

    Interior is ugly..

  • Should have been all red or no red.

    And truth been told, that blue is not that easy on the eyes, either.

  • Akira

    Bright blue exterior , orange-red interior, carbon bits and luxury limousine all mixed together is quite far from perfection.