Toyota Rep Allegedly Confirms New Supra Will Have A Manual Option

In June, it was reported that the new Toyota Supra may only be offered with an automatic transmission. Well, Supra enthusiasts may be in for a reprieve as a new report indicates a manual option is likely to be made available for the new sports car.

To begin with, we’ll tell you that the source of this information has yet to be verified (we’re working on it) so take it with a pinch of salt.

Taking to the iH8Mud forum, a member claims to have had dinner with a respected Toyota representative who divulged a few details about the new Supra. This rep, named Dave, has been involved in the product development of most modern North American Toyota models, including the 200 Series Land Cruiser.

When quizzed about the new sports car, the rep claimed it will be released in 2019 and have a manual transmission as an option. When you consider that Toyota’s other enthusiast-focused car, the 86, is offered with a stick-shift, it would make sense for the automaker to offer a similar gearbox in the Supra, especially if it wants to back up its assertion of no longer building “boring cars.”

Alongside this transmission-related information, the rep said the new Supra may be available with two different engines. The first will apparently be developed between the Japanese marque and BMW but not be the latter’s familiar 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-6. 400 hp could be on the cards. Additionally, a hybrid powertrain will be made available.

Sadly, Toyota itself is remaining tight-lipped about the whole thing. Hopefully it decides to detail its goals for the new Supra soon.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops


  • Six_Tymes

    I hope this looks good, in camo it doesn’t. and please dont be over priced.


      too late

      • Six_Tymes


      • Satoshi Katsura

        Damn millennials!

  • TheBelltower

    Who cares if it has a manual or not? Toyota is stuck in the conversations from the 90’s. That’s their problem.

  • slipfi

    too late

    • Eythan Aldrich

      too late? I think that’s the wrong answer because the concept version will be at the Tokyo Motor Show and NOT the production version

  • benT

    millennials will think they’ve got, like, a THREE PEDAL car………….like, WOW!!
    extra grunt for the grunters!!!
    may lose sense of self-entitlement !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :>O
    what to do with that extra pedal, like??
    some may well, like, burn out the motor coz they won’t, like, know how to change up….OMG, like

    • Eythan Aldrich

      Can you explain what does that mean because I don’t understand much about this…..

      • Bob

        He has preconceived notions about millenials and their apparent lack of know-how around the issue of manual transmissions.

    • ErnieB

      It’s ment for the baby boomers and early gen x folks..

      • benT

        yeah – utterly hilarious

  • fgclolz

    Still doesn’t appeal to me aesthetic-wise. So, meh!

  • Blade t

    This is not a supra….

  • This_Isnt_Toyota

    From someone who works at Toyota, there is a lot of suspect things in the forum post from “Dave”. I would take almost everything he is saying with a grain of salt. If he had this much information about products that cross over such a wide range (Sports car being developed by BMW for Toyota vs. next gen Land Cruiser), plus the experience he is claiming to have, he would either be fired for divulging the information he has (and it wouldn’t be hard to track him down) or he’s a lower level peon that is just telling stories using his Toyota badge to a group of people who are awe-struck by him. I see it happen all the time at car meets that “car industry” people that I know, start running their mouths about things they don’t know about. I’ve seen “higher ups” get fired for accidentally releasing information (like schedule timing), that they are able to determined based off of what information each person has.

  • John

    Can you explain what does that mean because I don’t understand much about this…..

  • ErnieB

    Not even BMW can save them from it from being a boring car..

    • Big Black Duck

      all the german mfgrs are the most boring of all automakers…yes they are refined but boring as hell…

  • fabri99

    Just make it good looking, affordable and fun to drive.

  • roy

    Just make it good looking, affordable and fun to drive.

  • disqus_83g6mJmr6l

    feels like it’s going to be quite ugly..

  • Big Black Duck

    i hoPe they tone down that pig nose…

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