Vanderhall Venice Rolls Into Jay Leno’s Garage On Three Wheels

Jay Leno regularly has all manner of vehicles by his famous garage – some with two wheels, some with four… but this one falls somewhere in between.

It’s the Vanderhall Venice, and it’s America’s latest three-wheeled roadster. It’s built by a startup in Provo, Utah, and comes in cheaper than you (or Jay) might expect.

At around $30k, it’s a heck of a lot less expensive than, say, a Campagna V13R (starting at $54k) or a Morgan 3-Wheeler (from $40k) to put it in the same league as the Polaris Slingshot (from $25k). Only the Vanderhall has a nice classic look to it that (to our eyes) looks classier than the Slingshot and cleaner than Campagna or Morgan.

With a turbo four and automatic transmission sourced from GM driving the front wheels, it also promises solid reliability and fuel economy. But that’s not why you buy a vehicle like this. You buy it for fun, and our favorite car-loving talkshow host seems to enjoy it in this latest segment of Jay Leno’s Garage.