VW Recalls Over 280,000 Passats and CCs

Volkswagen will recall 280,915 Passat and CC models in the United States over a potential fuel pump issue.

In a recall notice issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the German automaker reveals that Chinese authorities discovered a fault relating to the fuel pump control module on four-cylinder petrol-powered models.

This initially led to a recall in China that has now been extended to the U.S. as local Passat and CC models feature the same fuel pump control module.

Those vehicles involved in the recall are the 2009-2016 CC and 2006-2010 Passat Wagon and Passat Sedan.

Volkswagen says that certain electrical components in the control module could fail due to mechanical stress, resulting in an interruption of power supply to the fuel pump.

To resolve the issue, the company will install a new fuel pump from a different supplier.


  • Infinite1

    Another problem, VW? Jeez

  • Michelin

    Classic German reliability !!!! …….. Buy VAG “Das Auto” :-))

  • Kevin Cagle

    Thank for the post.This was faster than they could notify me!