2018 F1 Liveries Could Make The Halo Look Almost Acceptable

Next year, halos will be introduced to Formula One. No one is happy about it. In fact, many are infuriated by it. However, the FIA is standing by its decision and won’t budge.

Consequently, teams will be forced to adapt the design of their 2018 cars to accommodate the halo. This alone should make them look a little better considering we’ve only ever seen them tacked on to current F1 cars.

Additionally, teams will be able to somewhat hide the halo by painting them in line with the rest of the vehicle’s livery. With this in mind, Sean Bull has created a number of renderings of 2018 F1 cars with the halo and they look rather nice.

For starters, next year’s competitors will ditch the controversial shark fins and T-wings, instantly resulting in a cleaner look at the rear. As for the halo, it certainly looks a little better when painted compared to the bare carbon examples we’ve become accustomed to seeing.

Do they look good? Hell no. But after seeing these images, we have a slither of hope that teams will be able to make them look reasonable inoffensive.