BMW M760Li Stands Out In Rallye Green

With a twin-turbo V12 good for 601 horsepower, the BMW M760Li is hardly what you’d call “green.” But this particular example would beg to differ.

BMW Abu Dhabi is showcasing an example of the Bavarian automaker’s flagship sedan in a unique shade called Rallye Green, custom-ordered from BMW Individual.

The Kermit 7 also wears a special front apron and a rear spoiler from Alpina, with a white leather interior… all of which further set it apart from other examples of the big performance luxury sedan – as if there were that many of them out there to start with.

The M760i xDrive starts at $156,700 in the United States, making it over 50 percent more expensive than the 750i – and a good $18k more than the Alpina B7, which just about matches the 760’s power and performance. Both models produce around 600 horsepower and reach 60 in a quoted 3.6 seconds. But the unrestricted Alpina tops out at 193 miles per hour, while the M760i is limited to 155. Of course, those figures are largely academic, unless you’re driving on the Autobahn.

For similar money, you could also get a Mercedes-AMG S63, priced from $147k and producing a similar 603 hp for a 3.4-second sprint time. Rivals like the Jaguar XJR and Maserati Quattroporte GTS don’t quite come close, but Audi’s S8 Plus does, offering 605 hp, a 3.7-second sprint, and a relative bargain for $115k. Special paint jobs like this one’s, however, cost extra.

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  • fabri99

    A darker shade would have looked stunning, especially with white interiors. I quite like this bright green too, but I see it better suited for a sports car… The upcoming Z4, for istance.

  • Blade t

    The color doesn’t work on a large car like this….

  • Eagle By Singer

    You forgot to mention ‘For all the wrong reasons’