Bugatti Chiron Sets 0-400-0km/h World Record With Juan Pablo Montoya In The Driver’s Seat

More than a year after it was presented in full, the Bugatti Chiron has finally set out on a record-breaking spree.

With Juan Pablo Montoya in the driver’s seat, the megacar proved that it needs only 41.96 seconds to go from 0 to 400km/h (248,55mph) and then back to 0, in a distance of 3.112km (1.933miles).

The 400km/h (248.55mph) mark was reached 32.6 seconds / 2,621 meters (8,599feet), after which the 41-year old Colombian stepped firmly on the brakes and brought it to a complete stop, helped by the rear wing and special carbon discs, with titanium pistons.

This is “the fastest time ever reached and officially measured for this driving maneuver for a production vehicle throughout the world”, in Bugatti’s own words, and it represents “the first step on the way to a new world speed record for production vehicles”, which takes place in 2018.

The run was supervised and officially certified by SGS-TUV Saar, a world leader in inspection, testing, verification, and certification, as the staggering result is set to be presented officially at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The professional racing driver, who won the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, the Indy 500 two times, and the 24 Hours of Daytona three times, decided not to use the usual suit, helmet, and head and neck support while setting the record.

Montoya said: “Of course, the Chiron is a super sports car that requires your full attention when you are behind the wheel. At the same time, it gave me such a feeling of security and reliability that I was entirely relaxed and really enjoyed myself during my two days with the car.”

Juan Pablo Montoya also had the opportunity to improve on his personal speed record of 407km/h (253mph), set with an IndyCar racer, by achieving 420km/h (261mph) with the Bugatti Chiron. Montoya is now looking forward to next year’s world speed record attempt.

“I hope Bugatti will invite me to their world record run with the Chiron. At any rate, I’m saving the date in my calendar.”


  • PK

    What a monster!!!!

  • steve

    Wow – what an amazing halo car for the VW group!


    i want guiness book of records of this cat


    Koenigsegg Regera > Bugatti Chiron

    • Tippotipo .

      The pressure is on Koenigsegg to back up their claim. No press car Regera available for testing, no actual test for acceleration. Koenigsegg Direct Drive is a fancy name for a eCVT clearly unsuitable for this type of vehicle.

    • BGM

      LOL! No.

  • Six_Tymes

    an amazing run! with an amazing car. Way to go “Big Balls Montoya”!!!

  • esuomenona

    Koenigsegg claimed the One:1 can do it in approx. 30 seconds… Looks like they’ve got some explaining to do.

  • Blade t

    Wow crazy speed, black with the blue looks nice….

  • Kash

    I love the “42” in the grille, it’s a really nice accent.

    • europeon

      Well, it’s the answer to life and everything…

  • john1168

    Geez! I remember when 0 to 100mph to 0 was a big deal….

  • rnc

    VW should be ashamed about this!
    Koenigsegg just showed them who is the boss.

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