Facelifted 2019 BMW 7-Series To Adopt More Dynamic Design And New Tech

BMW has started working on the mid-life facelift of the 7-Series, or as the Bavarians call it the 7-Series LCI.

With Mercedes having just released the facelifted S-Class and Audi launching the all-new A8, BMW can’t risk falling behind in the big league so sending the 7-Series to the plastic surgeon was the right thing to do.

The update will include more comprehensive changes that those seen in other recent LCI model facelifts, including new, more handsome headlights and taillights with a thinner profile for a more dynamic look. A different kidney grille and redesigned bumpers are also on the to-do list.

Inside, the BMW flagship will feature upgraded tech features as well as an updated list of safety features that will represent the absolute best the Bavarian firm has to offer. This will include a similarly capable self-driving feature with the Audi A8, which is the only one currently to offer Level 3 autonomy.

The range of engines will also be updated for more power and less emissions, with plug-in hybrid versions probably adding a bit more electric juice into the mix. Stay tuned for more info on the facelifted BMW 7-Series as we have them.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops


  • BlackPegasus

    Wait what? This car was just introduced.

    • Kaisuke971

      The G1x 7 Series came out in mid 2015 and this will probably be unveiled at the end of next year, so around the middle of the car’s life since BMWs run for about 7 seven years. Makes sense

  • Kaisuke971

    The car lowkey looks like a BMW knockoff here

  • Dennis James

    Honesty, the 7-series is so boring that it was a no-brainer for any mediocre manager to realize this before the mistake was made. They should fire all the management people that voted “yes” for this boring design. But wait, they can’t fire themselves…:)

    The 5-series is roughly the same story. They want to copy Mercedes and appeal to older, richer people that like boringness. But the old rich people have good taste and can distinguish boring from classy.

    • KSegg

      If you look up “M5” in the dictionary, the definition is “Not Boring.”

      • europeon


      • Mynameis Taylor

        the M5 is boring looking.

  • nastinupe

    Glad that they are updating the technology and electronics of the BMW 7 Series because the current model is lacking in that department… said no one ever.

    • John

      if you look at the new carmy and accord…. they better update that 7 series to keep up with the non-luxury brands.

      • nastinupe

        The current BMW 7 Series has gesture control, remote parking, GPS controlled transmission, traffic jam assistant, A removable 7″ Touch Command tablet and adaptive driving mode… not to mention everything else it has. People don’t even use half of this shit. Why add more?

        • John

          I point being luxury brands are adding more and more “gimmick” rather than real value nowadays as non-luxury brand start to include most of the safety features as standard that luxury brand buyer still pay extra $1.5~ $3k for as an option.

          maybe that’s why luxury brands are pushing autonomous driving… running out of things to add.


  • smartacus

    is this car supposed to appeal to people
    not old enough to remember when
    the polo logo on shirts used to be small

  • TheBelltower

    The exterior design could certainly use some work. It’s too invisible for a flagship.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    BMW’s design signature needs new script type. They’re really stagnant in the design department.

  • Enter Ranting

    Oh, good. More useless electronic marketing gimmicks nobody will use. Add a feature that automatically drives this car to the crusher as soon as the warranty ends.

  • Doug

    take a close look at the pic where the 7 is turning there is a 7 in front with no camo on the sedan.. you can clearly see what the car is going to look like.