Ford To Speed Up Vehicle Development With Microsoft HoloLens Technology

Ford is aiming to speed up the development of future models by expanding the use of Microsoft HoloLens technology.

The company has been using the mixed reality wireless headset at its design studio in Dearborn, Michigan for the past year and the results have been extremely positive. As the company explains, the headset allows designers to see “proposed virtual design elements as if these pieces were part of physical vehicles.”

This enables the design team to quickly and easily evaluate multiple designs and their impact on drivers. In particular, Ford says evaluating a vehicle’s side mirror aesthetics and how it would affect a driver’s view previously took days or weeks. Now the process can be done in minutes.

Of course, the benefits extend far beyond door mirror as designers can use HoloLens to explore a variety of different grille designs in just a few hours. The headset can also be used to show a proposed vehicle instead of waiting months for a clay model to be constructed.

According to Ford vice president of vehicle component and systems engineering Jim Holland, “It’s amazing we can combine the old and the new – clay models and holograms – in a way that both saves time and allows designers to experiment and iterate quickly to dream up even more stylish, clever vehicles.”

Ford will begin rolling out HoloLens technology to its other design studios and the company is investigating other areas HoloLens technology could be beneficial.


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  • John

    i want this over VR for daily life.

  • Rocc E. Normyss

    How about forgetting the star wars crap for now and focus on developing a car that won’t need to be recalled 3 times within the first 5 years after it’s sold. I get so tired of reading about all the technology these car companies THINK they need to jam in their cars. It’s not wanted or neccessary for 98% of us.

    • Status

      You’re powerless to stop them.

    • CarCzarDesigner

      We live in a free society. The Government doesn’t force anyone to buy a new car, with precise handling, good fuel economy, air conditioning, a panoramic glass roof, a leather interior, GPS Navigation, a push button start system, cars that travel at high speeds with improved safety systems and an App on your mobile phone to remotely control some aspects of the vehicle! There are plenty of old cars available without these new technologies. So, what are you complaining about? …Minor inconveniences due to what is mostly human error?

  • Spyderdrifter

    Seems like another way to mess shit up than make it more efficient. Gives them a reason to increase the prices even more for consumers because of the tech used to develop the crappy vehicle.