Lincoln Dealer Says People Are Swapping BMW 7-Series For New Continental

The Lincoln Continental is back after nearly a decade and a half, and according to company officials, it’s showing early signs of long-term growth and success.

Apparently, the new Continental isn’t just selling well, it’s also gaining market share while boosting the image of other Lincoln products.

“It’s become a springboard to selling our other products,” says Chris Poulos, general manager of West Point Lincoln in Houston. “When you look at what it does for people coming into the store, it’s huge. I think it brought us fully back to relevance. Lincoln is growing because of it.”

Through the first 8 months of 2017, Lincoln sales went up by 3.2% with 13,281 Continental models sold in the U.S. and 6,319 units in China, as reported by Autonews.

Poulos also says that his used-car lot is full of BMW 7-Series models traded in for the new Continental.

“It’s been hands down the easiest conversation we’ve had,” he adds, while Lincoln president Kumar Galhotra will gladly point to how the Continental’s month-over-month market share gains have been extremely impressive.

Through August, the Continental has a 14% market share of the large luxury sedan segment, trailing just the Cadillac XTS and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

“It’s been consistently punching above its weight,” concludes Galhotra.


  • Auf Wiedersehen

    “Lincoln Dealer Says People Are Swapping BMW 7-Series For New Continental”

    Well, that’s not news. People are always gonna trade cars for similar cars. Now when every single 7 series owner trades for a Continental in a given year, there are no more 7 series driving around on the roads and all are sitting on Lincoln lots….then THAT’S NEWS! But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that scenario.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      I guess the news part of this is realizing which models are predominantly being swapped for the Continental. Myself, I call bull. The speaker should define “full of 7 series”.

  • I’mCallingYouOut
  • Dennis James

    I think it’s an outright lie promoted for marketing purposes.

    • donald seymour

      I think that they saw one 2004 7 series and I think that they blew it out of proportion.

      • nastinupe

        Probably a 2002 whose engine has blown up twice and they want to “downgrade”.

  • Craig

    Probably just before the BMW warranty runs out. [And I don’t blame them]

    • Vanquish

      agreed! I see all these people trashing the Lincoln and promoting the 7 series…when we all know living with a 7 series and having to pay to fix one and having to take it in to the shop multiple times while under warranty is a complete hassle. The lincoln at least looks good, it has a presence, it looks like it cost WAY more than it does and the interior for its price point isnt bad

  • Craig

    Have any of you seen one on the road? Does it look expensive? From the photos it doesn’t look that big but it’s actually 3″ longer than a Chrysler 300C.

    • I’mCallingYouOut

      I’ve seen a few, it definitely has a presence but I wouldn’t be driving a 7 over there to trade in anytime soon.

      • Vanquish

        its a huge price difference between base versions of both, you could buy a loaded Mustang GT and a Continental for what it cost to buy a 7 series. Not to mention if all you care about is having a large luxury sedan, with a nice interior plenty of space for clients, quiet and ride nice and arent a badge whore the Continental is just fine.

        • Status

          But if there’s a price of a Mustang GT missing in the price of the Continental, then there’s that much absent from the Continental that would make it comparable to a 7-series. You shouldn’t skimp on quality or engineering just to have a big car, as that would seem to be the logical reason the Continental costs what it does in comparison to a 7-series.

          Being a cheapskate is equally as bad as being a badge whore.

          • Vanquish

            Shouldn’t skimp on Quality or Engineering???? Shouldn’t be a cheakskate???? By that Argument you shouldnt by a 7 series, S class, or A8 as theyre all “cheap” to Lease are nowhere near as nice as the cars from Bentley or Rolls Royce (money is no object right???) so youre really just SETTLING for a cheap sedan because its big right?? Such a flawed argument, you act as if a 7 series is a rarity I see them ALL THE TIME theyre common at this point. Not to mention, neither of those 3 cars is in the slightest reliable….so guess who really skimped on quality and reliability…????? The brands your here protesting for because they could have easily built a reliable car hell Toyota can do it. Why not them.

          • Status

            I never once mentioned Rolls or Bentley.

            Also, if you’re putting the 7-Series, the A8, and the S-class on a plinth and saying “they’re all unreliable”, and then you offer up a cheaper American car as alternative, then I’m not sure even you know where you’re going.

            Afterall, if you can point to those 3 ‘unreliable’ German sedans, it isn’t very difficult for me or anyone else to point to an unreliable American sedan, even ones pretending to be a luxury offering. I won’t elaborate on how the reliability of American cars are perceived of in the real world, but you know as well as I do that it isn’t favourable.

            On the plus side, the Americans haven’t built cars as unreliable as the Italians, but that’s another story for another time.

            No, there aren’t many 7-series or S-class’ in my neighbourhood. There are a number of Lincolns though, although none of them are Continentals. Nevertheless, I’d expect to see Continentals parking in the same places you usually find Lincolns; in rental lots, bowling alleys, and outside retirement centres.

            A pity those Continentals (and their owners) will never their way to the places where I can reliably find 7-series and S-class’ parked; country clubs, investment firms, the reserved parking spots for transplant surgeons, and in front of homes who’s value is measured in 7 digits and up.

            The cheap, affordable, attainable luxury that the Continental embodies isn’t going to last very long, as Lincoln will either have to immensely step up their efforts and increase their prices accordingly, or simply become a blue-collar retirement reward.

            Harsh? Look at the average transaction price of a Continental to that of a 7-series and tell me what’s sustainable.

          • Vanquish

            I’m going to save you some time…IM NOT READING ANY OF THAT BS. You have way to much time on your hand if you have the time to WRITE AN ESSAY IN RESPONSE TO SOMEONES COMMENT…..GET A LIFE… this pure comedy…first you have flawed logic now youre battling with a tirade that is several lines long…….that in itself is insulting to you…a $699 a month lease cant be argued to say its some top tier car that only the exclusive set can afford…we ALL see enough NEW 7 series to know better…such a shame all this information in 2017 and such flawed logic.

          • Status

            Proof you can’t say literacy was ever a strong suit of the Americans.

            Maybe you should get someone to read it for you next time.

          • I’mCallingYouOut


    • nastinupe

      It looks expensive. It’s a big American car for sure. It’s longer than the short wheelbase Mercedes S Class but shorter than the long wheelbase S Class.

      Mercedes: 198-207″ L x 75″ W x 56-59″ H
      Continental: 201″ L x 75″ W x 59″ H

    • Shane

      I’ve seen quite a few in Houston. Before I had seen one I would always have to check the tail lights to see if it was a MKZ because the do look kind of similar from the front, but after seeing a Continental, I never made that mistake again. The size and presence of it is definitely noticeable.

    • Kash

      I’ve seen 2 (a red and white one). From the front and from a distance it’s very easily mistaken for the MKZ, from the back it’s obviously a Conti but it’s nothing that grabs your attention away from other things on the road or really stands out except for the “holy crap, someone actually bought one” factor.

      I know I’ve passed 2 others because my dash cam has caught a blue and silver one but I didn’t notice them at all.

      edit: it also doesn’t really have that much of a presence in terms of its size.


    • Jay

      I see them and often and think its the MKZ from the front end most of the time.. when I see the high mounted door handles from the side or unique rear end I can tell them apart.

  • Leconte Dave

    Might be more reliable tho lol

    • SteersUright

      Now thats a true statement if I’ve ever seen one.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I guess that’s great but dealers also have a 167-days’ supply of them on their lots. I still haven’t seen one out on the road. Nice seats, though.

  • Steve Cohn

    I sat in one at our city’s auto show and for the life of me I couldn’t adjust properly that crazy multi-power seat. There were so many adjustments on the driver’s seat that it was almost impossible to find a comfortable position. If it just had fewer seat controls I might have found a comfortable seating position.



    for those who don’t want a s class or model s

  • ediotsavant

    It must be all those seniors who are tired of the firm ride and steering. I have already said before, there is a market for these old schools American cars that have a pillowy ride, fingertip power steering, tons of torque at low rpms and an automatic that doesn’t hunt for gears.

    • Shahul Usman

      i agree… its the market of the Lexus LS460… laZboy seats and a waterbed ride… people want that… 500 horsepower, twin turbo’s with torque vectoring, heads up, and autonomous drive and carplay etc…not what everyone wants… just a big easy cushy car

    • Status

      They already have cars like that. The S-class and the LS are better ‘old school American cars’ than what the Americans can build. There’s also the ES and the RLX. None of the above are have a firm ride, and all of them ride softer than the Continental.

    • John


  • CarCzarDesigner

    All the best Lincoln! Ford is a great brand. And, I don’t doubt this story being true. But the interior design is clumsy & gaudy looking. This doesn’t hold a candle to the more expensive; Porsche Panamera.

  • William

    In the Northeast, can confirm there are many new Continentals on the road. Can also confirm all the ones I’ve seen are livery cars.

  • Merc1

    Gotta love lying car dealers. They’re the backbone of the industry.

    I need to see a pic of a the lot that is “full” of 7-Series BMWs. Bullshit at it’s best.


  • Victor Ferreira

    The top model Continental looks nice and is decently equipped, plus is cheaper than the BMW. Yes, I personally would take the 7er but we all know in all probability the Ford is more reliable and easier on the pockets, so, makes sense. If anything I’d expect the Continental to steal sales from money oriented Lexus customers.

  • no25

    what a down grade.

    • Shane

      Damn having a car you can depend on!

  • Honda NSX-R

    My local Lincoln dealer doesn’t have a single 7 Series in its used car inventory.

    • brn

      Might just shovel it off to auction.

  • vaybach khan

    Must give praise to handle design solution, as side mirrors too..the rest of it is just plain..

  • Kash

    So looking at West Point Lincoln’s inventory, they have 4 BMW’s: 2015 X5 5.0, 2014 435i, 2014 320i, and a 2013 328i… yeah, so many 7’s


    • brn


      If you want a big, luxurious, car then a Black Label edition Continental makes sense. Top it off with a lower cost and better reliability, Lincoln is an easy choice.

  • Nordschleife

    Even though every car I have ever owned is German, I am always happy when I hear GM, Chrysler and Ford doing well.

  • KidRed

    So these 7 series owners are bypassing Mercedes and Audi to go to Lincoln? hahahaha, yea, right.

    • Karl

      Keep living in the clouds bud! Numbers don’t lie. The Continental is a decent car and will only get better over time. Lincoln had lost its identity and focus but finally seem to be heading in the right direction. With the new Navigator around the corner things will only get better. Congratulations Lincoln Motor Company,the race has only just begun…

      • Status
        • Karl
          • Guest

            Takes one to know one.

          • Karl

            Oh look,another troll!

          • Guest

            It’s one, and only 1 dealer in one American city who made the remark about the Continental vs. the 7-series. The relative sales success of one model in Lincoln’s range doesn’t mean the universal acceptance of the Lincoln brand, nor does it mean that the 7-series has be supplanted.

            You’re taking the word of a dealer as an indication of long-term growth for an entire brand. That isn’t healthy, or logical, as dealers will lie to sell anything. We all know that.

            …and how do I know you’re a troll? You’re going to reply with another useless image instead of a cogent argument.

          • Karl

            Numbers don’t lie buddy! This was never about the 7-series but the Lincoln Continental. Lincoln has been in a rut for over a decade now and is finally putting out credible products with sales numbers to match. Lincoln should be congratulated for surpassing all but two full size sedans in this very competitive segment. The new Navigator looks very competitive and is great to look at,the MKX and MKC are both due for a refresh next year which can add to the brand’s momentum. Lincoln is going in the right direction and some of you bias trolls need to take your pathetic negativity elsewhere. Way to go Lincoln Motor Company!

  • I find this claim questionable…I call this Lincoln, the Platypus Car…

  • Dave

    Writer forgot to mention that Ford announced early last week that it was shutting down the plant making the Continental (I believe that’s flatrock) for 5 weeks due to over supply and little demand. Can you imagine a story perfectly timed to counter that fact? What’s the chance of that?!!

  • gary4205

    Sure they are.

  • Marty

    I’m happy for Chrysler, they needed the success. … wait, is this not a Chrysler brand? Why does it look like a 300 successor then? American car branding is so confusing.

  • S3XY

    Lol @ that small screen.

  • alexxx

    It’s got nothing on bmw7, let’s be honest

    • brn

      Price them similarly and it has a lot on the 7-series.

  • SteersUright

    MMMhmm, sure they have… Lincoln did an ok job, in their typical half-assed manner, and produce a semi-quality, semi-good looking, semi-good driving, overpriced, quickly depreciating heap. Job well done. I would like to drive one, Im sure it’ll be sumptuous and soft. But this is NOT the “affordable Bentley” concept car they originally presented to us, nor the car it should have been to resuscitate true interest, desire, and admiration for this once storied brand.

  • Bash

    Yeah Yeah, maybe the 2002 BMW 7 series.

  • getoffme

    Too early for April 1st.

  • Blade t

    I never see any continentals on the road….

  • ChunklikeButterfinger

    7 Series huh? Any Bentley, RR, Aston Martins as well?

    Because anyone who buys a top tier Autobahn bruiser would rather have a soft, cushy floatboat Lincoln instead.

    I hear all the Ford dealers are chocked full of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and Mclarens! All people who wanted to upgrade to Mustangs and Ford Focus RS’s.

    And don’t talk about the BMW’s and Mercedes that have been flowing in for tradins on Ford Fusions, there’s not enough bandwidth to explain that.

    • ChunklikeButterfinger

      My local Ford dealer has a whole lot full of BMW’s, Audis and Mercedes SUV’s that were all traded in on Ford Escapes.

      The whole 21 recalls thing was just too much to pass up. It’s bragging rights when you can tell your neighbors you upgraded to a vehicle with so much love from the dealer that you needed to see them 21 times to appreciate it.

  • CarbonPhiber

    Wait.. the XTS is still for sale??

  • ChunklikeButterfinger