BMW’s New And Not-That-Weird-Anymore 6-Series GT In 60 Shots

BMW dropped a fresh gallery of the new 6-Series Gran Turismo, a more practical sibling of the 5-Series sedan with a five-door hatchback body.

Replacing the old and frankly weird 5-Series GT, the new 6-Series GT offers a much more easily digested shape as the new model comes with more natural proportions, thanks to the increased length, a lower coupe-like roofline and a reshaped rear end.

The new BMW 6-Series GT indeed looks better but we still have some hard time figuring out why would someone buy one of these instead of a 5-Series Touring or an X5 but apparently this sort of bodystyle has proven to be popular in the ever-important Asian market.

Compared to its predecessor, the new 6-Series GT is also 150kg lighter on average, thanks to the adoption of the CLAR platform while the new shape of the car is also considerably more aerodynamic that before. Combined with the new and more efficient range of engines, BMW claims that the new 6-Series GT is not only quicker off the line but also up to 15 percent more fuel efficient.

Open the frameless doors and the dashboard looks almost the same with the 5-Series, featuring the latest iDrive infotainment system with a 10.25-inch touchscreen display, gesture control and more. The difference is that the 6-Series GT comes with a higher driving position and three full-size seats in the rear, with electrically-operated ones that also recline an option.

The range of available turbo engines includes a 258hp 2.0-liter inline four (630i), a 340hp 3.0-liter straight-six (640i) which can also be had with xDrive all-wheel drive and a 265hp 3.0-liter diesel straight-six (630d), also available with xDrive as well. Finally there’s the 320hp 3.0-liter diesel in the 640d which is only available with all-wheel drive as standard.

The new BMW 6-Series GT also adopts the latest range of driver assistance systems, including the semi-autonomous Active Cruise Control with Stop and Go, steering and lane control assistant, side collision warning and more.



  • Honda NSX-R

    It’s still weird.

    • PK

      ik right. i don’t even know why bmw make cars like this. what’s the purpose?

      • Honda NSX-R

        I don’t even know…

      • Belthronding Tinuviel

        i have no idea what was BMW thinking of making this weird car, but i am pretty sure that there may have been some problems while designing is such a eye bleeding product,especially rear end looks horrific.

      • Ary Wisesa

        Take a look at this video, it explained the concept of BMW 5 GT. I think the idea is quiet brilliant and I like it. The only drawback in my opinion is the execution of the tail which looked bloated and too fat.

    • Jim Ragland

      Thank you…I don’t care how you dress it.

    • Fariq Halim

      agreed, weird!

  • Belthronding Tinuviel

    FUGLY as hell.

  • Bo Hanan

    This car diminishes the historical significance the 6-Series once had. It should have stayed a 5-Series GT.
    How does any future 6-Series return as a sports coupe now? And why wasn’t the new Z4-Supra, tripled with a 6-Series replacement. There is plenty of ($$$) room between the 4 & 8-Series cars.

  • John

    um…. less-bucky-5-series-GT ???
    what the hell is wrong with BMW and their GT series…

  • eb110americana

    It looks a lot better than before, but the proportions are still off. I was trying to put my finger on it, and then I realized that the rear bumper is way too low, which makes the rest of the rear, including the roof, look even taller than it already is. They should have put a cutline through it to get the low liftover height, and raised the upper edge by at least 6″. That would have helped a lot.

  • roy

    Apparently this and the 3 series gt is very popular over here in India

  • Sébastien

    It’s basically a lowrider X6

    • Belthronding Tinuviel

      i even could not find out which is uglier, x6 or 6 gt.

  • StrangerGP

    60 shades of ugly

  • Cupboi

    Looking at this thing is like staring into the abyss and having the overwhelming sensation of emptiness, as soon as you come to the realization that mankind has lost the ability to create anything soulful, capable of evoking any emotion or able to inspire passion and add beauty to this meaningless world of ours.

    IDK, that kinda sums it up.

  • Not liking this trend of fish butts being applied to regular cars.

  • Vs

    The most ugliest car ever, in and out!!

  • Ioakou Logic

    Ι never understand why they call it GT? ..and why we need a GT??..

  • vaybach khan

    i love it

  • very very ugly !!!!

  • Blade t

    Not a fan of this design….

  • Dennis James

    A useless contraption.

  • Sybill Julian

    this is somewhere between a hatchback and a gran coupe. ugly

  • Benjamin B.

    I am American and I actually like hatchbacks, global automakers. Hint, hint.

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