There’s A Renault Clio V6 For Sale In Miami, Priced At $69k

Remember the Renault Clio V6? It’s one of those proper mad French moments, where things like logic flew out of the window when the Renault executives decided to build a mid-engined, rear-driven, wide-bodied version of their compact city car, the Clio.

It’s also one of those cars that never officially crossed the Atlantic, with the specific one being a 2003 Phase 1 model claimed to be “imported legally around 2010 and then registered in LA Habra, Ca in 2011”, per the seller. The car is accompanied with a clean Florida title and Carfax.

These Phase 1 Clio V6s were built by TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing) in the UK, with the later Phase 2 models assembled at Renault’s own Dieppe facility. Power comes from a 3.0-liter V6 with 230hp but straight-line performance was only a tad quicker off the line from the sportiest of the regular Clios -the RS 172-, because the bespoke chassis turned out to be significantly heavier than the Clio RS 172.

Despite the weight penalty, the Clio V6 offers a very memorable driving experience, thanks to the mid-engine, rear-drive layout and its short wheelbase, with press at the time comparing it to early Porsche 911s thanks to its tendency to snap oversteer.

Real Muscle Classics in Miami is asking $69,000 for this one, which might probably be the only one of its kind currently in the US. Whether the asking price is worth the exclusivity or not is up to you to decide, as long as everything is as legal as described.


  • Mill0048

    Mmm… the want is high, but the wallet is thin…

  • Tumbi Mtika

    They’re pissed, right?
    I love this car but… really?

  • Randy Terpstra

    This is curious. How did this thing get around the US ’25 year’ rule? It’s not even Canada legal (we have ’15 year rule’) until nest year.

    • Infinite1

      They didn’t use the 25 year rule for this because it’s not 25 years old. If what they’re claiming is true, it has to meet the following:

      Compliance with U.S. safety and environment standards. Importing must be performed only by registered importers. A very complicated and costly process that requires professionals in all stages of purchasing, exporting, importing, local compliance and DOT registration. And still without guarantee. Not all vehicles can be complied since it requires costly technical testing that cannot be positively conducted on all models made in the country of origin. All in all, compliance by registered importers is long and very costly process that often ends in more fees and time than
      you were prepared for.

      • Victor Ferreira

        Doubt they went through that. Especially in FL. In Florida, if the car gets to the port, they’ll state title it and say it’s legal when it’s not.

      • Randy Terpstra

        Thanks for the info Infinite1. I’ve seen other examples of your explanation in the US. Here in Canada, we simply cannot get around it. BTW, this Clio was bought at auction, in the US, with the seller being registered as a small Arizona based air services company…. The whole thing does seem a bit risky, especially for the price being asked for it 😛 .

  • Blade t

    Cool little car….

  • Bash

    Cool little one.

  • DM

    Ever since I was little I have always loved this car. I had it as a toy car. I’ve only seen 3 of them in person, 2 silver and 1 blue; the blue one in France and the rest in Mexico City. Dream car!

  • DMJ

    Dont tell nobody, but the Clio II RS 2.0 liter aspirated with 172hp is much cheaper and it has a much better handling. Plus 2 seats at the back.