Watch Insane 1,000HP VW Golf Mk1 Sleeper Reach 308km/h In 1/2 Mile

Boba Motoring are back with yet another project – a first-gen Volkswagen Golf with more power than modern supercars.

The super hatch is basically a wolf in sheep’s clothing, because apart from some very modest exterior upgrades, and an added roll cage inside for extra protection in case things go bad, it doesn’t give away its powerful nature.

However, this old Volkswagen Golf had its 2.0-liter 16V four-cylinder engine modified to the extremes, and it now pushes more than 1,000 horses to all four corners. Its performance is simply mind blowing, as the car managed to reach 308.359km/ (191.61mph) in 1/2-mile, in the first run at a German Race 1000 event, and it was detuned to some 940hp for this.

Its second run should have followed with 1,000+hp, but rain started, and once the track was dry again, another participant left a very long oil spill, so the organizers had nothing to do but cancel it.

Still, hitting 300+km/h (186+mpg) in a car that’s 30+ years old is quite an achievement, so we’ll let you check out the sprint in the video that follows.


  • Jim Ragland

    it ran that fast with that unspectacular start??? Can you say on the juice…:-) Let me rephrase that…on the boost.

  • mb4design

    A Tesla race contender?