Can You Really Compare The New Lexus LC To The Old LFA?

Under ordinary circumstances, comparing the Lexus LFA with the new LC500 would be like putting a Ferrari 812 Superfast up against a BMW 6 Series (or a BMW M760Li against a Skoda Superb). Hardly a fair fight, in other words. But these aren’t ordinary circumstances.

That’s principally because, as wildly different as they are, both the LFA and the LC coupe occupy the same place at the top of the Lexus lineup… even if one costs only a fraction of what the other did back in its day.

Where the LFA was as exotic as they come (at least from Japan at any rate), the LC is standard production fare. Which isn’t to say that it doesn’t have the capacity to get out hearts racing, or draw customers into Lexus showrooms around the world. But a direct successor to the LFA, the LC is not.

With all that context, then, comparing one to the other may seem only natural. Fortunately the fellas over at got their hands on one of each, and put this nine-minute video comparison together for our viewing pleasure.


  • pureworx

    who the hell writes this shit?

    “like putting a Ferrari 812 Superfast up against a BMW 6 Series (or a BMW M760Li against a Skoda Superb).”

    a better way of putting it would like “comparing an SLS with an e63 coupe”

    • Bash

      You are right, you cant compare the two. but that will not stop me from saying that None of your examples make any sense, Take some time to absorb that.

      • Bo Hanan

        He only had one example and it was correct. You even said so in your troll,
        I mean your comment. And the not making sense you refer to is from the article, which is what he was calling out to begin with. Take even more time to absorb that.

        • Bash

          The example he made doesn’t make sense, so no you are wrong. never the less your point is taken.Thanks for your troll.
          btw, did somebody poop in your breakfast?
          please don’t answer that. i know the answer.
          Have a good day mate.
          bye bye

        • Bash

          Oh, here you are mate. haven’t seen you for a while. Have a great day. cheers

  • Christian Wimmer

    The LC looks so much better than the LFA, which to me always looked dull and uninspired (no offense to Lexus fans). The LC is classy, sporty and elegant – the LFA (in my opinion) has none of those attributes. Performance wise I am sure the LFA has the LC beat.

  • nastinupe

    The LC looks amazing and the interior is bananas. When you look at the specs, price performance and size of the car, it’s clear that they were aiming for the Porsche 911… and actually beat it in every way. I can’t say that i would purchase a base 911 over this car, and this is coming from a Porschephile. Of course once we get into GT3’s and Turbos then that’s a different story, but the Base 911 or 911 S, the LC 500 has it beat. The 911 GTS is where I would start to lean back to Porsche, but even then you’re spending about $50,000 more for the Porsche and getting about an equal product.

    • SteersUright

      I cant disagree more. The 911 is about 3200lb’s to this cars near 4000lbs. This Lexus is large and very much a capable comfy GT, where the 911 leans far more towards the pure, light, sports car experience. The 911 is the far sharper handler and serves a different purpose and the 911S is far faster all around. For everyday driving or perhaps your only vehicle, the Lexus makes much more sense perhaps even just because it probably wont be in for repairs anywhere near as often as any Porsche. But I can’t say either has the other beat, they are very different propositions, and both very compelling. For me personally, I’d like both 🙂

      • nastinupe

        And what did we learn from The Nissan GT-R about being over assuming about weight. That car is 3,900 lbs and outperformed every other car in its category, and the 911 was in it.

        I’ve already seen and ridden in the LC and it’s smaller than the 6 Series and S Class Coupe. It’s closer the 911 proportions but it has a longer nose. It’s also sharper than say a Mercedes SL in the handling department. Don’t mistake this car for an SC replacement.

      • eb110americana

        I would probably choose the 911S just because I love light cars. But in addition to reliability, the Lexus has the 911 licked one very specific area of everyday usability: trunk space. I am always taken aback by how minuscule the 911’s frunk is.

  • SteersUright

    I’d take one of each!

  • Hi I am Zako

    Gosh that LFA exhaust note, eargasm.

  • Craig

    Why do some people become so incredibly upset whenever two things are compared that THEY don’t think should be compared? Like….. take a deep breath and RELAX!

  • Ary Wisesa

    I like them both. They are amazing machines.

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