Spofec’s Rolls-Royce Dawn Is An Overdose On Ecstasy

Few cars have the kind of presence on the road as a Rolls-Royce. This tuner thinks it can do better, though, with the release of the Spofec Overdose.

Based on the Dawn convertible, the Overdose is the latest release from Novitec’s Rolls customizer, which takes its name from the British marque’s Spirit of Ecstasy mascot.

Limited to just eight examples, the Spofec Overdose punctuates its presence that much more emphatically with a carbon-fiber widebody kit that gives it an extra five inches of width, bringing the drop-top’s stance to nearly seven feet.

To go with the extra width, Spofec has also dropped the air suspension by as much as 1.6 inches, riding on a new set of 22-inch wheels. While it was at it, the tuner also tuned the 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 up to 686 horsepower – a boost of 115 horses to bring it above the Wraith’s output. And to keep it all in check (while reducing unsprung mass), Spofec fitted bigger brakes.

Of course, a wide array of interior customization options are on offer. This is a custom Rolls-Royce, after all. But no matter which way it’s spec’d, the Overdose will hit 62 in 4.6 seconds with the wind in your hair.

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  • Merc1



  • MarketAndChurch

    I really like this but the lower front intake is really hard to love and unnecessary.

  • “Overdose…which takes its name from the British marque’s Spirit of Ecstasy mascot”?

    • Adam

      I think they mean overdose on ecstasy (the drug)


  • Vassilis

    I must admit I like the wide body. The Wraith should look pretty good with it as well.

  • Adam

    and driven exclusively by douchebags

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