These Are The Best And Worst Car Colors For Resale Value

Even though people generally choose the color of their cars based on their personal preferences, when it comes to resale value, it seems certain statistics are worth considering.

A Study conducted by car search engine iSeeCars analyzed over 2.1 million used car sales and found that color did indeed impact value when passing on ownership.

For example, cars depreciate 33.1% on average in the first three years, with yellow ones holding onto their value best, registering a depreciation rate of just 27%. On the opposite end of the spectrum are gold cars, which depreciate by a whooping 37.1%.

“Yellow cars are relatively less common, which could drive up demand and help maintain their value,” said Phong Ly, iSeeCars CEO. “Our analysis shows that yellow vehicles have the lowest depreciation of any color for lower-volume cars like convertibles. Interestingly, yellow is also the color with the least depreciation for popular body styles like SUVs and pickup trucks.”

According to the research, orange and green cars are also good at retaining their value, and like yellow ones, they are also less common. Together, yellow, orange and green cars only make up 1.2% of all three-year old cars.

Before you “blame” these numbers on rarity alone, consider the fact that the three worst colors, beige, purple and gold, also make up a very small percentage, rated at 0.7%.

Interestingly, just because certain colors hold their value very well, doesn’t mean those cars are also selling quickly. Yellow cars average 41.5 days on the used car market, with orange ones at 38.1 and green at 36.2, all while the “average car” needs 36.5 days to sell.

  • Six Thousand Times

    What? Yellow, really?

    • T2X

      This was the first what I’m thinking as well! Yellow?! WTF?

      • LeStori

        Where I live Yellow is designated Taxi colour. Yellow looks ok as long as it is a redish yellow. If it is a greenish yellow it looks like a lemon! And probably is…

        Meanwhile my Alfa Romeos are blood red.

    • Shtekeris

      Well, my theory would be – I was looking for colorful car as my next, and there were billion grayscale options, so I was looking for something special for longer time, some cool color, instead of taking something right away, aaand, naturally ready to spend more to finally get exactly what I want. So, more time to buy, more to spend.

      And I got yellow. Haha, it looks great next to all the bland colors.

      • Tinky-Winky

        What car?

    • Benjamin B.

      If you’re in nyc, people might mistake you for a taxi and hop into your car. You’ll make a lot of friends.

      • Althea Later

        Pretty much the only yellow available on cars that can be mistaken for NYC taxi yellow, is the yellow on the Prius C from two years ago.

    • BernardP

      Most yellow cars are Porsches or other sports cars… That would explain why they depreciate less… Not because they are yellow, but because they are sports cars…

  • S3XY

    Majority of the current humanoid population is extremely bland. They like to “blend in”, so they say. They like black, white and grey. Non colors that don’t stand out at all. It’s as if we can only see black and white. Just a bunch of boring non confident people. I have color everywhere I go, because I don’t want blend in with these fellow boring people that surround me and salute to anyone that also has color.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      What about those that don’t merely resemble humans but are part of the race?

    • eye.surgeon

      Or maybe self-confident people don’t need obnoxious colors to distinguish themselves. Either way, clearly you’re special.

      • LWOAP

        My thoughts exactly.

      • Evan McMaster

        I used to only like cars on the gray scale. white silver gray black. I thought blue and red were tacky, but then i started working at a BMW dealership and they are all black and white. Whenever a yellow, or bright green car came in it became a nice change. No need to be such an unnecessary dick he was just saying people are sheep and pick bland cars which is true.

    • 12333444333

      I love people like you who are so far up your own arse

    • David mcCreery

      I’m imagining that everything you own is adorned in rainbows.

    • Tinky-Winky
    • Auf Wiedersehen

      You need a new planet. You are just so unhappy on this one. Maybe try EGO….huh….I just made a connection.

      Or maybe you are just bitter that Tesla still has your $1000 and you have no car.

    • Tumbi Mtika
    • Althea Later

      You should see all the houses in my neighborhood…. one after the other, beige, beige, beige, beige, grey, beige, beige, grey

  • brn

    So colors with the highest value, take the longest to sell? There could be a more direct cause and effect.


  • Shtekeris

    As an owner of Yellow car…. eexxcellent!

    • LeStori

      Banana man to the rescue…

  • mike

    What car?

  • Fabián Montiel

    I think that if i’ve owned a Purple Challenger, it would hold it’s value because it’s a special color for Dodge.

    • no25

      I love that purple so much on the Challenger

  • benT

    “..The Best And Worst Car Colors ..”

    Net Result::

    It does not matter at all.

  • Bash

    Well, I’m happy with my white charger.

  • Craig

    Given how long yellow takes to sell – it just goes to show you that ‘value’ is whatever someone is willing to pay. And a person buying a yellow car probably really wants a yellow car. Where as beige cars are probably mostly sold to people who could care less what colour the car is. Purple puzzles me a bit though. I really like purple cars.

  • Stephen G

    Wouldn’t you think that the best color for resale would also be one of the best selling when new?

  • Infinite1

    I wouldn’t of thought yellow would retain it’s value since it’s a color that stays on the market for a long time

  • Nate

    I feel like Yellow is only at the top because Yellow isn’t available on most cars except for Sporty ones. I can’t buy a Mazda 3 in yellow, but I can buy a BRZ in Yellow.

  • Althea Later

    This article is dumb…. all the numbers are almost the same. It has to do with how desirable your car is and also how rare the color is. A rare purple Beetle may command more money in relation to a common grey Beetle as a black Cadillac may command more in relation to an odd yellow Cadillac. It depends on the audience for the cars….

  • indic8r

    You say “whooping” in the article. Think you mean “whopping?”

  • goodtoberight1

    It says yellow is ”less common”. You think? Cause most everyone won’t own a yellow car! DOH!

  • Michael Cohen

    You mostly see yellow on sport and special edition vehicles, and these vehicles often are driven less daily (thus have less miles and wear and tear). I just sold my yellow 2012 Dodge Charger Super Bee for a good price, probably could have held out for more but was in a hurry to sell.