AMG Boss Confirm New A35, Hints The End Is Near For The S65

Rumors of an entry-level Mercedes-AMG A-Class have been floating around for awhile and spy photographers have even snapped prototypes on multiple occasions.

It was initially believed the car would be called the A40 but AMG CEO Tobias Moers recently told Top Gear it will wear the A35 moniker.

Set to slot beneath the A45, the A35 will be a hot-hatch that is designed to battle the Audi S3 and Volkswagen Golf R. As Moers explained, “It’ll be the A45’s little brother” and it will have a “low” price point.

Moers declined to say what trade offs customers can expect but noted the lower price means they can’t do everything to the A35 that they’ll do to the A45. This undoubtedly means we can expect a less powerful engine and less extreme performance modifications.

The car will reportedly be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and previous reports have suggested it could develop around 340 hp (253 kW). That’s an impressive figure but it still leaves plenty of room for the A45 which is slated to have more than 400 hp (298 kW).

Besides talking about the A35, Moers said the CLS 53 will debut at the North American International Auto Show in January. The executive also hinted at the end of AMG-tuned V12 engines by saying the market has changed and “We still have V12 aficionados but they’re more into Maybach.” Moers added the company doesn’t need luxury cars like that in their lineup so it “could be that this is the last generation of V12 AMG S-Class’.”

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  • gor134

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. The AMG name is going to be mean nothing in a couple years. 35, 43, 45, 53, 63, and 65 is way too many. I’d be fine with a 45, 55, and 63, but this is just too far.

    • Elmediterraneo

      If you need some explanations :
      – AMG 35 4 cylinder 340 hp : entry level for the compact line-up (A CLA GLA)
      – AMG 43 V6 367 hp : current entry level for RWD models (C GLC E GLE)
      – AMG 45 4 cylinder 340 hp : top performance level for the compact line-up (A CLA GLA)
      – AMG 53 Inline 6 cylinder 435 hp : replacing the 43 and will debut in the new CLS
      – AMG 63 V8 from 476 to 612 hp : the main engine of the line-up from the C63 to the S63 and the AMG GT family.
      – AMG 65 V12 630 hp : luxury models who will continue to live as a Maybach 650.

      So that means in the coming years AMG will have only the 35 and 45 for the compact line-up.
      And then for the C-class and above : the 6 cylinder 53 and the V8 63.
      And the future 63 hybrid models will completely destroy everything with more than 800 hp !

  • R55

    Car is going to look pretty ugly if it is using the same design as the CLS. Nomenclature will mean nothing 😆

    • Sufyan Shahid

      It’ll have similar headlights as the CLS. New design language I guess.

  • What’s going on there at MB?

  • Elmediterraneo

    The A35 makes more sense since that most of hot-hatch competition are in that price/power range like the Golf R, Audi S3, Focus RS, Civic Type-R, BMW M135i (F40 FWD based), Renault Megane RS. Unlike the A45 and RS3 which are alone above 400 hp. And the A45 could be in a other level again with a 470 hp EQPower+ hybrid model.

    It seems like the CLS 53 is just the 435 hp inline 6 EQBoost (+22hp electric) of the new S500 fitted into an CLS with an AMG package. While I was expecting from the rumours a much more powerful electric power unit for a +500 hp combined like a true EQPower+ labelled model.

    For the S65 it’s disappointing because the AMG badge added an exclusivity to the S-class V12 that a Maybach can’t reach. The end of the S65 was predictable since that Mercedes didn’t communicate that much about the new facelifted S65, all the attention was for the S63.


      The “A35” would make sense, but it would’nt be special enough in my opinion or different enough to the A45. In fact it would make the A45 look unneeded. Look at the RS3, thats a monster 5 cylinder engine and not a 4 cylinder like the S3.
      Which is why I’d wish the “A35” would become FWD only and carry the same spirit of cars like the CTR and Megane RS.
      That would differentiate it and put it right into the battle of the FWD hot hatchbacks.

      (Did they mention anything to the drivetrain yet, maybe not here on carsccops but somewhere else?)

  • Elmediterraneo

    But the ending of S65 is a smart move by them for some reasons :
    – Making the V12 an exclusive engine to the Maybach brand means they don’t have to improve it anymore because a Maybach customer wants to be chauffered and doesn’t give a crap about the engine or the performance like an AMG customer.
    Rolls-Royce are fine with a 570 hp 6.6 liter V12 and no one complains about it so a 630 hp 6.0 liter V12 will be also fine for a Maybach customer no matter how the engine’s technology is old.
    – The S65’s end opens the way for much more powerful hybrid S63 like the 816 hp that will come in the next 4 door AMG GT.

    And let’s not forget the next generation SL which will be based on a MSA platform developped by AMG and shared with the next AMG GT and that means a lot of things :
    – It could be much more lighter and sportier while clearly defining the roles in the range between the sporty GT and the luxurious SL.
    – It could have only 6 or 8 cylinder engines because there is no need of an big old heavy V12 in that kind of architecture, especially with much powerful hybrid V8 versions.
    – And the 65 AMG’s end matches with rumours that the S-class coupe and convertible are gonna be replaced by the next SL which will come in both coupe and convertible bodystyles.

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