Audi Sport Names New CEO As Company Plans To Add Five New Models By 2020

Audi has announced Michael-Julius Renz will become the new CEO of Audi Sport.

Renz will take over from Stephan Winkelmann who is departing his position to become the President of Bugatti. Winkelmann has been in charge of Audi Sport since 2016 and was previously the head of Lamborghini.

While Renz might not be a household name, the 60-year-old has held managerial roles at Audi for over 20 years including a stint as the president of Audi sales in China. Renz will take over control on March 1st and Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler said he will “further drive the growth of Audi Sport worldwide” and “firmly establish the brand as a global player in the market.”

Besides announcing the new CEO, Audi reiterated plans to launch five new Audi Sport models by 2020. The company declined to elaborate but noted its lineup will grow from 11 vehicles to 16.

While the company remains tight-lipped on specifics, Winkelmann previously stated an RS crossover is more of a priority than developing a hardcore R8. He also suggested more performance crossovers are needed to help increase the brand’s appeal to customers in the United States and China.

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  • Alexandro Pietro

    If they want more sports models use Lamborghini or Bugatti badge instead of do SUVs and Sedans by these sports marks,VW-Audi marketing are equivokate!!!!

  • Elmediterraneo

    The line-up that Audi Sport needs :
    SQ1 (breaking news from Germany : the Q1 is Audi’s version of the Volkswagen T-Cross)
    RS3 Sedan
    RS3 Sportback
    TT RS Coupe
    TT RS Roadster
    RS Q3
    RS Q4
    RS4 Avant
    RS5 Sportback
    RS5 Coupe
    RS5 Cabriolet
    RS Q5
    RS Q6 (breaking news from Germany : the Q6 is Audi’s competitor for the BMW X4 and Mercedes GLC coupe)
    RS6 Avant
    RS7 Sportback
    RS Q7
    RS Q8
    SQ9 (breaking news from Germany : the Q9 is Audi’s competitor for the BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS)

  • rover10

    Is Audi and the other German manufactures developing too many models? There are reports, that quality issues are driving down the renown German reputation for exquisite trouble free products? Too many models calls on a huge R&D force to deliver on all fronts, which can place enormous stresses on the very best of teams. One other possible downside, could be the loss of the German ‘Premium’ mantra to, which so many people aspire. Once lost, it can be very difficult to regain. There is an old cooks adage, ‘Don’t over egg the pudding.’

    • Maria Elena Contreras Beltran


      • rover10

        May be yes?

    • Matt

      Well a reason we’re seeing so many new models (not just german) is shared platforms that can accommodate many models. I’m guessing there isn’t quite the spike in r&d as one would imagine with the expansion of more models.

      The rapid expansion of new tech going into cars would be my guess of a main issue with cars having problems but at the same time new/advanced tech in the area of quality control has also taken off. I havnt seen the reliability of German cars have been as of late but know reliability for the industry as a whole has gotten much better. Then again it seems like there are many companies moving towards making models with components that are made to be like buying cell phones over buying a car for 10 years.

      There’s so many moving parts on the company/business side as well as how/what consumers are buying now. Plus the regulatory aspects as car brands continue to spread & make models for countries they previously were not.

      I believe the premium mantra is here to stay for at least the near future even with the big 3 making a model for every little demographic.

      • rover10

        All I know is every interior and exterior design demands huge amount of manpower. One exterior /interior, possibly five or so product planners and marketing personnel, eight / ten people from styling (numerous computer or manual renditions) between six to eight clay modellers, two or three 3D milling operators, ten or so fabricators for hard model sign off (including fabric trimming) and up to a hundred or more engineers both inhouse and vendors, plus proof testing in labs and on the roads. That is a very rough estimate of the number required (possibly way under?) to execute just one product line variant, and that did not include plant engineers. The needs are huge everytime a new product is initiated and even facelifts or sport derivatives, can act like a sponge on resource. Yes, new hightech systems are helping enormously in virtually every field of creativity, but they still need human intervention.

  • It seems VAG keep changing the director.. So what happened to Durheimer? He still taking care of Bentley? I personally like Durheimer but it seems the board doesn’t like him.

  • But Renz sounds like someone who’s never had experience with a sports brand or the market which sports cars are in. Sounds like the peefrct man for the Audi Sport position.

  • Vassilis

    Sad to read this. I hope he brings the brand where it needs to be. RSs need to be and can be better.

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