Is The 2018 Alpine A110 Good Enough To Worry Porsche’s 718 Cayman?

Finally, Alpine has let the first journalists to test their new A110, and the first reviews are more than positive, as it marks the rebirth of the historic brand in the best way possible, according to Autocar’s driving impressions.

Based on an all-new aluminum platform, the lightweight mid-engine coupe is powered by a turbocharged 1.8-liter engine with 247hp and 236lb-ft that’s paired to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which is the only gearbox available. Weight is an impressively low 1,080kg (2,380lbs), which gives the A110 a power-to-weight ratio of 231hp per tonne that’s good enough for a 0-62mph (0-100 km/h) in 4.5 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 155mph (250km/h).

The suspension uses double wishbones front and rear, while the floor is completely flat and employs a rear diffuser, giving the new Alpine the combination of low drag with true downforce.

Is the new Alpine A110 as good as it sounds and can it challenge the likes of Porsche’s 718 Cayman and Alfa Romeo’s 4C? Find out by watching the video right after the jump.


  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Perhaps not for me but I’m sure glad that a mainstream manufacturer still believes there is a market for this type of car and wants to make it.

  • jfalckt

    Good to see a real review of this car. Just makes me want one even more

  • cooper

    No because this Alpine will be junk in 3 years and not a lot people will be trained or willing to work on it. Porsche on the other hand will drive like new 10 years later.

    • Matt

      Laughable comment. Three years? There are RS Meganes older than that that get ragged on track every weekend that don’t have any problems.

      And are most mechanics willing to work on a Porsche? Um no, that’s why there are specialist Porsche workshops.

      • cooper

        The longevity of a Porsche will destroy this car. In ten the Alpine will be a throw away car and the Porsche will still be serving graciously.

        • LWOAP

          I wouldn’t count on it.

        • The Alpine is servicable by basicly any machanic who knows a bit about Renault cars. Cost of repairs, maintenance will surely more than for a regular Renault, but far less than for a Porsche. How many enthousiast on the 2nd hand market will be glad to be able to buy one and then own it… ? More than for Porsches. I would love to buy a Cayman 2nd hand… but the older it gets… it gets really expensive to use.

    • Vassilis

      It’s not a racing car that needs special engineering skills or special training you know… Any Renault mechanic can work on it.


    more enjoyable than 4c but cayman and mx5 is still the best sports car

  • eb110americana

    I wish there were more light cars like this on the market. I wish the same of mid-engine affordable cars (although this one is priced higher than I would have hoped). In a world where everyday another crossover is unveiled, we should be thankful that cars like this even exist.

    • paulgdeaton

      It seems more like a French Lotus – and Lotus, along with the 4C, are the niche competition that may suffer the most. With Porsche more of a mass-market car now, I wouldn’t expect the Renault to put a dent in its sales, but the others may feel the pain.

  • jaykit

    Seems like that engine note is 80% artificial from the inside. Reminds me of the speaker-driven engine sound of a new turbo 4 Mustang or a BMW 428/430i.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Yes it is but it’s probably 5000-10,000 (in whatever you’re spending – except yen) too expensive compared to that 718. It’s a great car but you do lose a little bit of build quality and material grades.

    • not that much at my big surprise, check your self when possible. But I was very surprised in a good way.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Sorry, I didn’t quite understand what you’re saying.

  • SteersUright

    A very cool MR2 competitor that looks inside and out like a $35k car yet costs almost double that. Not in any way a competitor to the Cayman which trumps it every single measurable way.

    • Matt

      Toyota still make the MR2? And not in ‘any way’ a Cayman competitor? Yes it absolutely is. Even if you don’t like it, it’s still a competitor. There will be countless comparisons between the two by journalists and buyers as well.

      • cooper

        This Alpine is slightly better than a Subaru BRZ. But the BRZ will be worth more in 5 years.

        • Matt

          Yeah I’m really not sure if you’re trolling.

          • cooper

            I thought the same about you, especially when you mentioned the RS Meganes in the same sentence with a 718. The RS Meganes is basically a French version of a VW GTI. And Yes, the Alpine is just boutique auto, not much of a vehicle and will be junk in 5 years.

          • Matt

            I never compared the Megane RS to a Porsche. You’re a troll.

          • LWOAP

            Naaah. I think he’s just an idiot. He also upvoted his own comment too.

          • cooper

            You on the other hand is defining the word troll.

          • LWOAP

            You clearly don’t know what a troll is.

          • cooper

            Look up the definition before using it. Someone that doesn’t have your same opinion is not a troll. You acting out like a child because of someone’s difference of opinion proves my point on comments. Check the for sale adds in 3-5 years for the Alpine. I’m done.

        • LWOAP

          Lol. Are you for real?

      • SteersUright

        Comparisons will be made because of mid-engine, 4cyl, and price. That doesn’t make them true competitors. A base A4 and a loaded Accord can lease about the same, both run turbo 4’s to the front wheels and are nose heavy generic sedans. Yet I wouldn’t call them true competitors. Also, I have yet to see a single comparison where the Alpine comes out ahead and Im relatively certain I never will.

        • Matt

          You haven’t seen ANY direct comparisons between the 718 and Alpine because the only driving anyone has done inside the new car is at the media launch. Did Alpine bring Caymans along to the A110’s launch? Um no.

          Not sure why you’re going out of your way to try and discredit the Alpine, does it threaten you? One reviewer on YouTube said it felt more special than the Cayman S (that he owns). Sounds good to me.

  • jb

    It’s a very nice looking car, But, I will keep my 2017 Cayman S , it’s a great car and my 3rd one .

    • It is, I give you that, Never liked the cayman until I drove it (R) on track, had the chance to drive a lot of cars on track, mostly faster and more expensive, but a Cayman is so fun. And I’m not a racing driver so with twice the power I scare myself more than I go faster.. But This one I love it without having driven it, just sat in it.

  • nauticalone

    I’m happy to see this come to market….I personally prefer the Porsche though.

  • Ary Wisesa

    It does look good. Now let’s wait if it can proof its reliability to be on par with Porsche. Until then, people would stick with Porsche.

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