PSA Group Debuts New PHEV Tilting Light Vehicle Concept

If you still think Renault’s wacky Twizy is an interesting little EV, then you’ll likely grow fund of PSA’s latest concept.

Unveiled by the EU-LIVE (Efficient Urban Light Vehicle) consortium and funded by the European Commission, it’s part of the automaker’s ‘Push-to-Pass’ plan to deliver new mobility solutions, slotting “between the two-wheel and four-wheel segments”.

It’s 2.4m (7.87feet) long and 0.85m (2.79feet) wide, features scissor-like doors to maximize its efficiency in tight parking spaces, and has a heated cabin with an airbag and seatbelts, thus making rider gear unnecessary.

Despite its scooter apperance, it can be used on motorways as well, but it does require a driving license.

PSA claims that the concept is as easy to drive as a three-wheel scooter, thanks to its tilting mechanism that offers improved handling, and roll-control technology, which makes use of hydraulic components and a hydropneumatic suspension.

Power comes from a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that combines a 42hp single-cylinder petrol engine and two electric in-wheel motors, developed by Elaphe and Brembo, plus a 48-volt electric battery designed by Samsung SDI. The study has a total driving range of 300km (186miles), including 70km (44miles) in zero-emission mode. As for its top speed, it can hit 130km/h (81mph).


  • Bash

    I actually like it.

    • salamOOn

      i would like it if seats would be side by side….

      • Bash

        That would be like any other two seater car!! Duh

        • salamOOn

          there is no advantage from this setup…..

          • Bash

            I see your point. but isn’t the idea is to keep the width of this thing at minimum, i mean 0.85m is amazing.

          • wait a minute

            yes agreed the tilt concept and weight saving work best 1 +1 bit like the twizy.


  • ediotsavant
  • wait a minute

    weather proof Twizy with a bit more fizz

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