60 Percent Of Cars In UK Will Need To Be Ultra-Low Emissions To Meet EU Targets

A report by the Committee on Climate Change in the UK says that 60 per cent of all new cars and vans sold in the country will need to be ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) by 2030 to meet EU targets.

According to AutoExpress, the ‘Independent Assessment of the UK’s Clean Growth Strategy’ report indicates three-fifths of new vehicles will need to emit less than 75 g/km of CO2, joining the likes of the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf in being classified as ultra-low emission vehicles.

The British government has an ambition for ULEVs to account for 30 to 70 per cent of new car sale by 2030, but the authors of the report say a figure in the upper echelon of that range will be necessary, Auto Express reports.

That’s not all, however, as the report suggests that it may be necessary to bring forward the ban on petrol and diesel vehicles by a full five years, from 2040 to 2035.

Interestingly, it is also suggested that hydrogen vehicles could become more commonplace than electric vehicles by 2050.


  • 2030

    “60 per cent of all new cars and vans sold in the country will need to be ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) by 2030 to meet EU targets…”

    2030… not sure the EU will be around by then…?? (The EU is more communist than the former Soviet Block)

    • Nick099


    • Joff

      Just more Tory pipe dreams and bullshit

  • Dude

    As citizen of EU – I sincerely hate this communist organization and would move to the US anytime.

  • Nick099

    60% emission redux in the “EU.”

    Meanwhile Russia, China, India, and third world $**tholes pump out massive dirt into the air…more canceling any Euro effort with their teeny cars for the masses.

    As if the dirty air does not circulate around the globe.

    How idiotic.

    • willhaven

      Don’t forget the US leading the charge there with carbon emissions output.

    • Polyester Poontang

      Where do you get the idea that the Divided States of America is a leader against pollution. Trump wants to build cars to run on coal. The only thing that the USA leads the world is in the emitting of copious amounts of non-emission Bull Shit!

  • Christian Wimmer

    Yeah, the EU will single-handedly save the world…

    Meanwhile over in Africa, South America and most of Asia they don’t give a damn about emissions.

  • gary4205

    Everyone pushing the global warming scam belongs in prison for crimes against humanity.

  • neil

    Surely, with Brexit timetabled for 2019, the UK won’t need to meet EU targets in 2030.
    It might be a sensible idea to have a similar target in mind, but there is no legal requirement on the UK to meet it.

    Incidentally, there is no legal requirement on any EU member state to meet the targets – it is up to each vehicle manufacturer to meet the targets, and the target vary slightly from one manufacturer to another depending on the average mass of the cars they sell. The issue for governments is that if the manufacturers are to meet their targets they will have to sell more-efficient or more-electrified vehicles, which will lead to lower fuel-tax receipts and more strain on the electricity supply and distribution system.

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