Cadillac Boss Criticizes “Extremely Clunky” Apple CarPlay

In recent years, Apple CarPlay has flooded the market and for many, it is hugely convenient and a serious time saver. However, Cadillac president Johan de Nysschen isn’t a big fan of the system.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance at the Detroit Auto Show, de Nysschen said that Apple CarPlay doesn’t operate as smoothly as he’d like.

“There are a lot of things about this product I like, and other things that drive me absolutely nuts,” said de Nysschen.

“It can bring a lot of functionality in the car, but I will also tell you it is extremely clunky. Apple map data is still at the early stage. It was not originally conceived for a vehicle traveling at 75 miles per hour. Like when it says turn left here — at the off-ramp you have passed. That kind of stuff will need further work,” he added.

Furthermore, the executive complained about the slow transitioning of apps when using Apple CarPlay. For example, he said that if a Cadillac driver is listening to satellite radio and then switches to Apple maps via voice activation, the connected iPhone can begin playing stored music, rather than Apple CarPlay switching back to satellite radio after a voice command has been completed.

“I don’t know if Apple is doing it deliberately or not, but I’m calling them out,” he said.


  • lagunas3ca

    And not their horribly outdated interior?

    • Bash

      And their boring exterior. lol

      • not with you on the exterior. far from boring.

        • Bash

          Oh yes they are. I hate their bland and un inspiring design language.

          • I guess Lexus is here for you… Or maybe you should have lived in the 50’s when they were nothing but boring (to look at).

        • Bo Hanan

          Yesterday I was driving about 50 ft. behind a black Caddy. I wasn’t close enough to read the badge but I honestly couldn’t tell if it was a CT5, CTS or ATS. Now I can tell you what a car is at night by the headlights- but the Caddy’s are literally 1 boring design in S-M-L-XL and XL on stilts.

          • Stigasawuswrecks

            So what are BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes? They alloom the exact same.

          • Bo Hanan

            Yes! But still better to drive.

          • Stigasawuswrecks

            Umm…no. I have a 2016 CTS-V and there’s a reason why it just beat a new and far more expensive E63 in a comparison test and on a track. I owned an E60 M5 and test drive the artificial feeling F10 M5 and RS7 and gladly chose my CTS-V.

          • Bo Hanan

            One nameless video BLOG gives your CTS-V a win and you believe them. LOL! Oh come now- I would take any of the Germans on a race track over the Caddy any day. And I bet 99% of people on this blog would too. Oh, and that includes the Panamera.

      • SteersUright

        Totally right! There isn’t a single good looking Cadillac made today. The all look like generic limo-fleet airport cars.

        • Bash

          Precisely !!

  • john1168

    But Johan is ok with the 1991 minivan instrument cluster in the ATS???

    • TrevP

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Enter Ranting

      Those instruments come from a riding lawnmower. Pathetic.

    • SteersUright

      Every single time I see a Cadillac interior I scratch my head and wonder…what the hell happened here, how can you get it so wrong? Then again, same thing happens when I see the shape of the damn things too. They’re so utterly bland, generic, and forgettable to look at.

  • Ts

    Here’s the real irony – Cadillac’s own, proprietary “touch” interface that replaces traditional buttons and knobs for much of the audio and HVAC controls is, itself, a horrible execution. These controls are also unintuitive to use at rest, let alone at speed.

    Its great to see finger-pointing and calling-out when you haven’t fixed problems in your own backyard. Laughable.

    All this just points to a bigger discussion of all these forsaken “infotainment” interfaces in cars. The hacking potential. The distracted driving potential. The clunky interfaces, speed, response, feezing, blackouts, necessitating restarts or reboots, GUI design, and lack of update potential. No standardization among companies. Unnecessary integration of common controls into these systems (heated seats for example). Customers constantly complaining and never satisfied with their infotainment experiences (talk to mechanics, technicians, service depts. for real life accounts after the “newness” factor wears out and reality of ownership sets in.

    Its always interesting how fast technology progresses. But, after all this time since the first “infotainment” or “GUI screens” appeared in cars, we’re still here with these issues. Also laughable.

    Not saying keep the buttons and knobs forever. But, ultimately, there is no point in “new” unless it is fundamentally “better” and fixes outstanding issues of the “old,” with minimal or no new issues as a result of being new. Otherwise, the undertaking is pointless, and only new for new’s sake.

  • LJ

    Yes, Apple is deliberatly producing crapping software. Dumbass.

    • Enter Ranting

      When Apple isn’t producing crappy software, they’re slowing millions of people’s phones without telling them.

  • I’m with him for Apple Maps, used 3 times, told me crap 3 times, like taking streets that do not exist or are one way, but not the way I’m going. For the rest too bad it’s coming from the CEO of a car maker probably making the worst entertainement system. Touch bars and buttons, right that was a good idea.

  • Liam Paul

    I dont know about apple play but what I hate about android auto is the phone is dead if you use AA on a 8 hour drive and try to talk, text, listen to music and nav, all during the same car trip while using AA, there should be a blue tooth paring for anroid auto, not just a data cord connection. You can not charge a cellphone when using a data cord for data , there is no data cord that will charge and send data at the same time.

    • diesel_vdub

      99% of the standard USB cables used are data and power. Not sure what proprietary cable you’re using, but stop using it. More likely the issue is that the USB port being used is not providing sufficient power to charge the device faster than it’s being drained. Also, Android Auto is now supporting Bluetooth connections. The limitation could be the version of Android on your device or the firmware version in your head unit.

    • brn

      That sounds very frustrating. However, it doesn’t sound like a limitation of an API, like Android Auto (not that I’d ever defend Android Auto or Apple Carplay). It sounds more like a limitation of your auto manufacturer’s implementation.

  • Nihar

    Goes great with the clunky steering wheel.

  • Boss

    Um, instead of dumping on Apple, he is better off to keep busy designing better looking, more reliable, and reasonably priced products. No reason to be replacing SRX engines after 90k miles….

  • Enter Ranting

    Apple Car Play is the least of Cadillac’s problems.

  • roy

    I smell something really fishy. Suddenly according to a few manufacturers the apple carplay is a problem.

    • brn

      It may have been a problem all along. Suddenly, they’re willing to say it.

      • roy

        Ya that’s my point. Why all of a sudden ?

  • TheBelltower

    While de Nysschen probably isn’t in any position to criticize CarPlay, I will agree that Apple’s in-car behavior is infuriating. I’ve totally abandoned iTunes and deleted all music from my phone so that it won’t automatically start playing the same “Pink’s Cardo Workout Remix” song every time I get into the car. Spotify is better. Apple maps is nearly worthless. Apple really should allow users to determine which map program is used. Google is better.

  • mick

    It is laughable that Cadillac is calling out CarPlay with their own GUI being such a mess. Not that I disagree that CarPlay is far more rudimentary that it should be at this point. I think Ford has it right with Sync3 and AppLink which can bring things like Waze onscreen outside of Apple’s fence. This way you can have your cake, CarPlay if you like it, or use Waze.

  • SteersUright

    If he is right and it is indeed clunky, good on him for calling Apple CarPlay out. Apple isn’t infallible.

  • adam berry

    Well, apply sucks soooooo? not surprised.

  • Vassilis

    Yeah most likely the problem lies with Cadillac’s infotainment system. I have absolutely no issues with CarPlay. No clunkyness at all.

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