First World Problems: Tesla Model 3 Owners Furious Over Lack Of An Alcantara Headliner

The Tesla Model 3 is finally trickling into the hands of consumers but not everyone is happy with what they received.

As Autoblog discovered, a number of owners have taken to Twitter and Tesla forums to complain the $5,000 Premium Upgrade Package didn’t include an Alcantara headliner.

While this obviously seems like a first world problem, the Telsa Model 3 website simply mentions “premium heated seating and cabin materials throughout, including open pore wood décor and two rear USBs.” The site doesn’t specifically mention Alcantara upholstery but the company has previously released interior photos which shown an Alcantara-like material.

Some people have chimed in saying their Model 3 has Alcantara instead of the new material and this has caused some buyers to complain that Tesla is pulling a “bait and switch.”

That doesn’t seem to be the case as Tesla regularly makes changes to their vehicles and a Tesla spokesperson told Electrek “As we continue to increase production of Model 3 and produce more high quality cars for customers, all Model 3 vehicles are being made with the same premium textile headliner found in our flagship Model S and Model X vehicles, which has always been planned at this stage of production.”

That probably won’t appease owners who were expecting an Alcantara headliner but the whole situation probably could have been avoided with better communication and more realistic photos showing customers exactly what they would receive.

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  • Bo Hanan

    Anyone! Help me understand what is the attraction to these cars?!
    They are quick but so is the competition. They have short ranges before needing recharges. They are heavy and have poor handling. They are on a whole other level of ugly when it comes to interior and exterior styling. Is it just fashion?

    • gor134

      I don’t think you’re talking about the Model 3, because all of the reviews have said it has amazing handling. The exterior is much prettier when seen in person. Also, I wouldn’t call 310 miles short for an electric car.

      • LeStori

        Is that 310 miles cruising at 70 mph or dawdling around town. It is definitely short for a petrol powered car and even more so for a diesel powered one.

        • Matt

          Yes short for gas/diesel but vs EVs, its about tradeoffs. Looking a little on tesla forums, in normal driving the real world estimate seems to be around 3miles per kWh vs teslas claimed ~4.1 miles per kWh. Tesla 3’s two ranges are 50kWh and 75kWh. (150-225miles) yes, if one is just looking at it from how many miles before the next fillup/charging station the model 3 is not good vs the competition. However for EVs the range is good. For people that do short commutes or for the price of electricity vs gas/diesel it’s far cheaper, For those who like instant torque, eco conscious, the model 3 has it’s advantages. There also can be many disadvantages depending on what ones looking to get out of a car.

          • Moveon Libtards

            Excuses, spin…repeat…excuses, spin…

      • Bo Hanan

        Better handling compared to the Model D? And 310 miles is less than a 3-Series hybrid. And the BMW looks better and is more fun to drive. Its cheaper too.

        • gor134

          Not according to this. Also the 3 series I-performance starts at 45k. The Model 3 starts at 35k. Also according to the BMW USA website, the 3 series only has 71 mpge.

          • Moveon Libtards

            According to this site?!??!!

            haha…Yup that is “scientific”….lol

        • Banesto Highland

          So 310 miles is short?…what do you drive? My Honda Element averages ~230mi/tank.

          • Moveon Libtards

            At least Hondas make more than, oh, 1 a day like Tesla.

            That Chevy Bolt is destroying Tesla 3 in sales and they actually know how to build them. Go figure.

          • Bo Hanan

            FJ-M5-Z3 Coupe!

      • Moveon Libtards

        “Amazing”? Tesla fanboy alert!

        How about Tesla figure out how to actually make the damn thing before they start tooting their own horn. Oh, forgot, it is a cult thing.

    • Mike Sinyaboot

      Tesla is very similar to Apple. Both companies were the first to bring new/exciting technology to market. They both offered this technology in a package that was unique to the marketplace and consumers flocked to their products. Eventually, this innovative technology becomes the industry standard and their products are no longer unique. At this point, both Apple and Tesla must rely heavily on marketing their unique brand image to the consumers that value this brand image over the products themselves. It has nothing to do with the desire for electric cars. The Chevrolet Bolt proves that Tesla is purely “fanboy” driven. The Bolt has a 238 mile range with a $37k starting price before tax credit. It has been positively reviewed across the board. Despite this, the car is not selling. It is not selling because the consumers that want an electric car want to be able to tell their friends at Starbucks that they own a Tesla.

      In the graph below, you can see the global market share for smartphones. Apple changed the industry landscape when the first iPhone was released and they have seen consistent growth. However, the massive growth and domination by Android is especially relevant for Tesla. Apple kept their technology proprietary, limiting their market share. Google offered their technology to every other phone manufacturer on the planet.

      In my opinion, Telsa should be following in Googles footsteps by offering their EV tech to every auto manufacturer that wants it. The barriers to entry in the automotive industry are simply too large for Tesla to overcome. It does not help that Tesla is a BAD auto manufacturer as evidenced by the questionable build quality of the Model S/Model X and their inability to produce the Model 3 in significant numbers. Tesla posted a $888 million loss in 2016. 2017 was worse with Tesla racking up a $617 million loss in Q3 alone. All of the real auto manufactures will be offering full EVs within the next year or two. These cars will be better in every way imaginable.

    • Axiom Ethos

      Help me understand your ignorance and enlighten me on all this EV competition! Do you just believe what other clueless people say without doing your own research? 6.5 seconds in a dogshit quality interior Bolt (which I’ve test driven) is not quick – not to mention it squeels the tires constantly because they are so crappy. 5.6s to 60 is quick, and 4.69 is very quick for most people. 220 miles is plenty of range for any city commuter or light road tripper. That’s enough to get me through a whole work week and it’s just the BASE version. Please also tell me what other competition has close to half a million reservations? The 3 is heavy yes, but poor handling it is not. Clearly you haven’t read any reviews on it before opening your mouth.

      • Sébastien

        Well to be fair 6.5s is already quicker that many cars (and not so far from a GTI)

    • tekdemon

      They’re quick cars, not only in terms of 0-60 but in terms of how responsive the powertrain is, you basically get peak power whenever you ask for it and within milliseconds instead of seconds.
      The Model 3 is also not particularly heavy and handles very well, the center of gravity is the lowest in it’s class and it’s weight isn’t particularly heavy for it’s class either, it weighs 3600 pounds which isn’t bad at all considering the power and range and the center of gravity.

    • S3XY

      You clearly have never driven nor stepped foot in a Tesla. I just drove my 60 mile range Smart ED to work and back with plenty of range left. 20 miles there, 20 miles back. with roughly 20 miles remaining. Tesla’s have unlimited range for daily driving. Anything over 100 is more than enough.

      You are an electric noob.

    • Bo Hanan

      Suddenly I’ve offended all the granola-eating girly men. Great!

  • Six_Tymes

    what an ULTRA D BAG, just read his twatter account and look at his stupid profile image he chose to display. He is proud to be a d-bag. The world needs less of jerks like him.

    • Moveon Libtards

      Yes, he is a totally dirtbag. “Tough guy” on the Internet. lol

  • europeon

    Getting tricked by false advertising is classified as a first world problem?

    • Six_Tymes

      i was wondering the same, but thinking more about the jerk complainer named “Steeeeeeeeeeve

      • europeon

        So if our savior would just scrw you of a few hundred dollars, you’d be OK with it?
        How about if it was Ford, or GM, or BMW, or FCA, would you feel the same?

  • GE90man

    I couldn’t understand why anyone would be super mad over this, unless you had some kind of alcantara fetish

    • europeon

      Because he payed for something he didn’t get?


  • salamOOn

    i would be rather more concerned about no sun shades for that crazy glass roof…… especially in california or other hot states.

  • That’s why you never pay to be a guinea pig, Beta product tester…


  • UGH! Another Tesla Story

    • LWOAP

      You’re not related to “TESLA HYPE STRIKES AGAIN” are you?

      • UGH! Another Tesla Story

        Ya…changed my name…this new name goes better will ALL posts about Tesla

    • Been waiting for you mate.


    Ok, so I just checked and the premium upgrade does come with alcantara headliner. It was even confirmed by someone on a forum I checked. So why are you dismissing this as if it’s trivial when Tesla was the one who didn’t give the man what he paid for?

    Now if this was a simple mistake then Tesla will fix it and problem solved, but if this is bait and switch it’s definitely not a good look. I guarantee you if this was another company you’d be riding their ass over this issue.

    • Shobin Drogan

      Tesla would just release another unfinished unconfirmed and untested product to distract us all from the real problems, and the fans would go apeshit and stand in line again so it doesn’t matter.

  • Jerry Hightower

    Bring back the colorful, stylish interiors of the 50’s and 60’s instead of the cheap drab black/charcoal crap we have today.

    • Status

      Every single one of those unreliable heaps of shit were vulgar to look, drive, and be seen in.


  • jsz00

    Do people read the spec sheet anymore? I’m beginning to think most of the orders were impulse buys by fanboys who know nothing about cars.

  • FROM WIKI: 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane.

  • BlackPegasus

    I understand the frustration of not getting what you want. I recently had a frustrating ordeal at Starbucks when my vanilla latte was handed to me without the green stopper which prevents spills. The interior in my Lexus is beige so imagine the horror of spilling coffee in my Lexus if that were to occur. I called corporate headquarters and was assured that the barista would be terminated immediately. I felt satisfied with myself.

    Filed under:
    #1stWorldProblems 🙄

  • kachuks

    Bitches about no alcantera, but ok with the huge panel gaps.

  • Moveon Libtards

    Well, Tesla has f-ed up virtually everything about the Model 3….They can’t even figure out how to build them let alone sell them.

    Keep losing $16 million a day on the back of the American taxpayer, Tesla. You should be so proud.

  • S3XY

    I would want all black alcantara headliner. That comes later this year.

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