Kia Soul EV Gets Larger Battery, Improved Range For New MY

The electric version of the Kia Soul has entered its fourth year in the market, and changes made to it are quite considerable.

Quoting a document posted by EPA, InsideEVs states that the 2018 Kia Soul EV has a new 30kWh battery that replaces the old 27kWh version.

The extra 3kWh allow it to travel up to 111 miles (179km) on a single charge, or 18 miles (29km) longer than before, which bumps its combined MPGe to 108 from 105. Its range may not be as impressive as the Chevrolet Bolt’s 238 miles (383km), but is believed to help Kia sell more examples of the zero-emission Soul.

Previously available from an MSRP of $32,250, the Kia Soul EV has become a tad more expensive for the 2018MY, as it can be had from $33,950, as confirmed by the car marque’s official USA website. Opt for the 2018 Kia Soul EV+, though, with its extensive list of features, including leather trimmed seats, Park Assist, and others, and get ready to pay at least $35,950.


  • Mergio Sarchionne

    why is it that every time i see a KIA i get a nasty feeling of deja vu, like i have seen the design previously

  • ediotsavant

    I’m surprised they still sell it.

  • Ανδρέας Μιχαηλίδης

    I love the Soul(ice and ev). But that’s a suicide, keeping that high price while range is average…. They should raise the range and power or decrease the price!! With Tesla model3 and Chevy bolt at a similar price no-one will buy the soul!!

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