Mazda Planning Skyactiv-3 Engines With EV Levels Of Efficiency

Mazda is developing a new petrol engine technology that could end up being as clean as an EV unit.

The automaker’s powertrain chief broke the news during a technical conference, while also revealing the Skyactiv-3 nomenclature, reports Autonews.

According to Mazda’s powertrain boss, Mitsuo Hitomi, the main goal is to boost thermal efficiency, thus reducing the amount of combustion energy lost to heat, while increasing the amount that’s harnessed.

Hitomi stated that if the automaker can increase thermal efficiency in its engines by 27% (hitting 56%), it will then achieve emissions on par with those of an electrified vehicle. Furthermore, if carbon dioxide emissions can be cut by 25%, Mazda’s gasoline engines will be able to go wheel-to-wheel with EVs when it comes to fuel economy.

Based on Mazda’s own calculations, once all activity is measured, some EVs are actually dirtier than some of the world’s most fuel-efficient petrol-powered cars.

While Hitomi would not offer a timeline for the arrival of these new-generation Skyactiv-3 engines, he did mention that such technology would give internal combustion engines more of a fighting chance to endure in the long run.

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  • GE90man

    So… the cup holders are built into the engine cover?

    • salamOOn

      mechanic needs to drink too…..

    • Craig

      Yes! But they’re only heated apparently. [Not cooled like you can get inside the car!]

  • Craig

    I always wondered if a series of turbochargers [through the entire exhaust] could feed any and all emissions back into the engine somehow leaving not much of anything going out into the atmosphere.

    • Ilya

      No. You need pressure to oparate a turbocharger, if more than one turbo or any turbo is fitted, the exust pressure is increased, to get the same efficency from the engine the max pressure must be increced, the engine is limited in the max pressure. You can’t overcome the first rule of thermodynamics
      The thermal efficency in si engine is :
      1-(tempexit-tempin)/(tempcomb.- tempcomp)

    • Dennis James

      Actually the turbocharges do not feed anything from the exhaust back into the engine, the exhaust gases are only used to spin one of the turbine’s propellers.

      The only way turbines help emissions is by allowing manufacturers to build smaller and smaller engines while with the same power and torque as the bigger engines.

      • Craig

        Thanks. I didn’t know that. [obviously!] Do superchargers feed exhaust back into the engine? Or am I getting all of this from a dream I once had?

        • mxpie6

          superchargers fundamentally do the same thing as turbochargers, they’re just driven by a belt like an alternator instead of pressurized exhaust gasses. The primary advantage of a supercharger is absence of turbo lag. Superchargers have more on demand boost since they do not have to wait for exhaust pressure to build as the engine is increasing RPM like a turbocharger.

        • Dennis James

          Actually the system from your dream is employed in most modern diesel engines and is called EGR (exhaust gas recirculation). It feeds cylinders with a part of exhaust gases and it does reduce emissions by a lot.

  • SteersUright

    Neat, wish them luck!

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