Mazda Working On Squeaky Clean Skyactiv-X Supercharged Petrol Engines

Mazda announced its future plans, including a new generation of petrol engines that are cleaner than electric cars from a ‘well-to-wheel’ point of view –which measures emissions over the car’s entire life cycle, including the fuel it uses.

The new range of these super-clean petrol engines is called Skyactiv-X and will be launched in the market in 2019.

The Japanese company says the new engines use compression ignition technology, in which the fuel-air mixture ignites spontaneously when compressed by the piston, just like in the diesel engines.

However they still use spark plugs apparently; Mazda calls the technology Spark Controlled Compression Ignition and what it does it to mix petrol and air together in the cylinder, with the mixture then ignited either via compression at a lower load or via spark at higher loads.

The result is that the Skyactiv-X petrol engine is 20 to 30 percent more fuel efficient over the current Skyactiv-G of the same displacement. Mazda claims that the next-gen petrol engine even matches or surpasses the latest Skyactiv-D diesel engine as well, thanks to the compression ignition’s ability for a super lean burn.

The new Skyactiv-X engines will also come fitted with a supercharger for an increased torque by 10 to 30 percent when compared to today’s Skyactiv-G engines.

Mazda will also introduce electric cars, starting from 2019, “in regions that use a high ratio of clean energy for power generation or restrict certain vehicles to reduce air pollution” and add an autonomous function as standard to all of its models by 2025.


  • Aquaflex

    Ok now we talking! It’s got a supercharger! Hell2dayeah! This might be the best new engine design! Fuel efficient and powerful torque!

    • Bill Nguyen

      Mazda are the best! I regret trading mine in for a Toyota every day 😣😣😣

  • SteersUright

    Exciting and long overdue for Mazda! Cant wait to see more power in their vehicles!

  • getoffme

    Boring. I’ll believe it when it actually comes out. Here knowing Mazda……..

  • Glint_Westwood

    My Ole Bessie could sure use the extra giddy up…

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