New Renault Megane RS Delivers 5.8-Sec 0-62 Time From €37,600

Renault lifted the veil off its new Megane RS at the Frankfurt Motor Show a few months ago, and now it’s followed up with full specifications – including pricing and availability.

€37,600 will be enough to put European hot-hatch enthusiasts behind the wheel, with their hand on the manual gear shifter. Opt for the dual-clutch version and you’ll be looking at €39,400.

Those base prices are for the Sport chassis. Add the Cup Pack with the stiffer suspension, limited slip differential, and red Brembo brake calipers and you’re looking at another €1,500.

That’s just the start of the options list, though: other essentials include 19-inch alloys (€1,000), Alcantara trim (€1,500), and special yellow or orange paint (€1,600). An array of electronic goodies include Bose audio (€600), RS Monitor (€250) or RS Monitor Expert system (€450), head-up display (€400).

However you spec it, the new Megane RS packs a 1.8-liter turbo four rated at 280 horsepower and four-wheel steering (a segment first) in a five-door package, delivering a 0-62 time of 5.8 seconds – and a potentially devastating Nürburgring lap time that could put the FWD record back in the French automaker’s hands.

Renault will begin deliveries in February for the DCT version and in the spring for the manual.

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  • Burnermovement

    5.8 seconds? That’s not very quick. Especially for that much money.

    • For FWD is quick, but yeah it’s incredibly expensive,

    • Vassilis

      Ahm, what? 5.8 sec 0-62 is very quick indeed. You really don’t need much more in an everyday car.

      • Burnermovement

        A 2018 Accord does the same 0-60. Heck, my overweight Patrol isn’t much slower.

        For a so-called “hot-hatch” his Renault is an overpriced dog.

        • Asklepios

          This isn’t a drag car. This car is made for winding road, not the Patrol.

        • Matt

          ‘Overpriced dog’… Do you even know cars?

        • Mr_Fanta_Pants

          Spoken like someone who’s never driven one.

        • Shobin Drogan

          If all you care about is 0-60 times then you clearly have no idea what a hot hatch is.
          This car would decimate most cars in the corners, id be amazed if an accord is less than 5 seconds slower on a short track compared to this.

        • Vassilis

          The 2018 Accord does the same with a 10-speed gearbox which has much shorter ratios. Also, it’s obvious you don’t understand FWD hot hatches. They don’t exist for absolute straight-line acceleration numbers. They exist for handling and cornering. Putting too much power on the front wheels will affect that.

  • 40k Euro Megane RS, damn hot hatch is an expensive business these days.

  • R55

    Or get a 225 or R26 for less than £3500. Why do people feel the need to buy new?

    • Vassilis

      Better equipment, better handling, better fuel economy are just some of the reasons.

      • salamOOn

        and mainly better overall technical condition because its not USED…

        • R55

          All the new cars getting recalls due to faulty workmanship, and Focus RS’s engines blowing up? Better off getting used then it has had the problems fixed haha!

          • salamOOn

            sure…. CHEAP hot hatch FOR SALE!, 100% condition, all problems fixed, low mileage used by old calm lady….. haha!

      • R55

        Better equipment, or creature comforts? All I need is an aftermarket radio with bluetooth for my music, nothing else

        Better handling, my 2009 Cooper S handled worse out the box than my 2001 Puma, or 1990 MX5

        Better fuel economy, the new Hyundai N30 gets 25/30mpg!

        • Vassilis

          Better equipment and creature comforts aren’t that different. Of course it depends on someone’s needs and use of the car. You can find electronically adjustable suspension in relatively affordable cars, various modes, LED lights, it’s so many things.

          Mechanically, if you compare model for model you can find an improved chassis, engine, suspension etc.

          In terms of handling, your 2009 Cooper S maybe felt less pure but it wasn’t worse. Drive both cars on their respective limit around the same corner and the Mini will be much, much quicker.

          In terms of fuel economy, the i30 N is a 2.0 litre, 270hp and 1400 kgr car that gets the number you mentioned. A 10 year-old car with the same specs would have gotten quite less than that.

      • Scherpereel Clement

        Yeah right, people are buying the megan RS for the equipment OR the fuel economy !
        a Megan GT is good enough for those.
        If you want to make laps, the last RS (the coupé) is way way way nicer, better looking, the engine is easier to upgrade and the chassi is near perfection.

        • Vassilis

          People are buying a hot hatch because it offers them everything. Some respectable fuel economy is part of that everything. All else being equal, when having to choose between cars, people will go for the one that uses less fuel to achieve the same performance.

          The previous RS is a great car but the new one will be better and quicker around the track. The engine will probably be better, the chassis will definitely be better, it’ll be more agile etc.

          • Scherpereel Clement

            In theories you’re right but unfortunately people are not that simple. Because in that case, just one hothatch would sell well.
            Car taste is very very complex.
            For example I rather have a Fiesta ST for everyday drive rather then a FOcus RS.
            Also I rather have the Clio 3 RS rather then the Clio 4 RS because the 3 has stick-shift and I found it nicer looking (even if it’s not the most practical Clio), the same goes for the Megane 3 RS . Car taste for performance car (even small ones) go beyond fuel economy, the styling is important, the practicality also.
            The fuel economy is not special important in that category because every single hot hatch has more or less the same fuel economy by law (emission, CO2, etc).


          • Vassilis

            Yeah but we’re not comparing a modern hot hatch to another modern hot hatch. We’re comparing a new car with a 10 year-old one. It’s true all modern hot hatches are very similar in many things so what’s left to differentiate them is looks and price.

            If I may comment on your choices, I think the Focus is more practical than the Fiesta due to its size but the Fiesta may be more comfortable in a daily commute. I fully agree with you on the Clio 3 choice but I don’t agree on the Megane 3. It’s great to drive, it looks very good but so does the new one and I’m confident it’ll be a better car in every single way.

          • Scherpereel Clement

            Agree totaly exect that the new Megane RS isn’t as sporty and agressive like the old one IMO

          • Vassilis

            Well, the reviews should take long. Let’s see. I trust Renault Sport and I’m confident they’ve made a better car in every single way.

          • Scherpereel Clement

            NO Vassilis, no in every single way. One way in particular : the new one isn’t a coupé and not as sharp in the styling like the previous one. But you’re right otherwise, the RS will probably smash the previous one in performance terme.
            But hey good new, who care if we’re not pro pilot ? I personaly would not really be able to use any of those car to the max so …

          • Vassilis

            Well, I can see the design argument but I do find the new one to be beautiful as well. I think the chassis will also be improved in the new one. Rigidity, grip, everything. I like the engine because it comes from the A110. That makes it quite special. Since it’s new it’ll probably take a while before some tuning solutions come out but I’m sure it’ll happen. You know what though? The Megane RS is a cornering car. I think tuning the engine will negatively affect the car’s character and balance.

          • Scherpereel Clement

            I just check the spec sheet and they are crazy similar.
            280HP for the M4RS and 275 for the M3RS, same 0 to 60 time, the new one is 50 kg heavier but has a bit more torque.
            The biggest improvment in the new one and the detail that is going to let her blast the oponent (IMO) is the 4 control, this help a lot in the corners.
            But I’m concerne about the engine, 1.8 turbo against 2l turbo that is known for being customisable and reliable (for a renault)

            Should be an amasing machine thought.

      • TheHake

        It has to REALLY light on fuel to make up for the €32000 in price difference…

  • Vassilis

    This should be so good. Expensive but all RSs are.

  • StrangerGP

    I’d rather pay a little bit more and get a Focus RS.

  • PlonPlon

    Really in love with the design. Good job Renault!

  • Thomy

    Shark antena? for 40k€ it should be there…

  • fabri99

    The asking price is just outrageous. I get it, it’s probably going to be the best hot hatchback around with loads of performance, but it’s still a hatchback. By Renault.
    Not even a special edition, hardcore version or whatever, just the entry level Meganè RS. The previous gen. was ten grand cheaper, aligned with the Golf GTi (and much better). At €40k this enters Focus RS/Golf R territory, and that’s some tough competition.

    • Well we better be cautious, last Clio RS is a massive disappointment, the Trophy helps but it doesn’t make them the best.

      And yeah wonder what’s with the price hikes.

      • fabri99

        True that, the Clio sort of lost the magic. Hopefully that doesn’t happen with the Megane.

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