Nissan Follows Tesla Into Solar Panels And Battery Storage

Nissan has just announced the launch of Nissan Energy Solar, a company that will provide solar panels and energy storage systems to UK homeowners.

Seemingly taking a leaf out of Tesla’s playbook, Nissan Energy Solar will offer customers a solar setup with six panels and optional ‘xStorageHome’ batteries that can store surplus electricity for later use. For example, the energy in the batteries could be during the night or on overcast days.

Customers wanting just the six solar panels will have to hand over 3881 pounds ($5393), while the xStorageHome battery pack brings the total price to 7635 pounds ($10611).

Like Tesla’s solution, Nissan Energy Solar will allow owners of its electric vehicles, like the Leaf, to produce their own electricity and not rely of public charging stations.

“Traditionally, solar energy has been used to power home appliances during the day, but now with Nissan Energy Solar householders can collect and store the excess energy from their solar panels and use it during the night — even to charge their Nissan LEAF and e-NV200 — and on cloudy days,” Nissan said in its press release.

“Solar panels have become the world’s fastest-growing source of new energy, and we’re thrilled to launch Nissan Energy Solar in the UK,” added managing director of Nissan Energy at Nissan Europe, Francisco Carranza. “Over 880,000 UK homes already have solar panels installed, and they see the benefits every day, from decreasing electricity bills to increasing property values.”

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  • Bash

    Having a hard time relating this to any car news.

  • Yet again Nissan fails to understand the importance of aesthetics.

    • Enter Ranting

      The interesting thing about the Tesla solar panels is that they look like roof shingles, not giant ugly panels from the 1980s.

  • As the largest car company in the world, I can only imagine one of two things:

    The first being that this takes off. Alliances not only with Renault but various other manufacturers could see this expand far beyond the motoring industry. If European brands are pushing for greater infrastructure, there’s a possibility that governments will tap in on it too. Greater resources for cheaper prices have a social, environmental and economical impact on society. Governments can be selfish with pushing their own agendas but also allowing for auto manufacturers to push and persuade people to invest – there’s a greater chance of discounting them during the transaction of a car than through planning permission. And because everyone would be interlinked with everyone else, the availability, in addition to cheaper manufacturing / costs, would make this scheme applicable to the most difficult of households i.e. low income families.

    The second (which I think will be most likely) will simply push more companies to do the same. Yes Tesla may’ve been the first to do it but Nissan-Renault are still the biggest players in EVs (along with GM but they no longer operate in Europe. Though also remember that Mitsubishi is part of their alliance too, so the broader reach for their plug-in hybrid Outlander could continue to accelerate their leading sales for the hybrid SUV. That can flourish into more than one direction). And if it’ll be anyone to do it, it’ll be them. Though I’m basing that on the fact they could drown 1/3 of this globe in their post-profits.

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