Tesla Model 3 Does 0 To 60 In Just 4.6 Seconds, 1/4-Mile Took 13.3

In case anyone was worried about whether or not the Tesla Model 3 can keep up with various petrol-powered sports saloons, the answer is a resounding yes.

According to a VBox test performed by Brooks from DragTimes, this Model 3 managed to sprint from a standstill to 60 mph (96 km/h) in approximately 4.66 seconds. That makes it quicker than the previous generation E90 BMW M3.

The car in question featured the Premium package and a bigger battery pack, but was otherwise stock, making these results even more impressive.

In fact, this car (with the 70 kWh battery pack) should have done 0 to 60 in 5.1 seconds, according to Tesla. Although seeing it do even better doesn’t exactly come as a shock.

We can only imagine how quick the upcoming dual-motor performance version will be, since it will also feature a Ludicrous mode like its Model S and X siblings.


  • UGH! Another Tesla Story


    Another day, another story about a Tesla’s acceleration. Well, I guess I need something to cleanse my palate before we get another god awful rendering.

    • smartacus

      what i don’t understand is why so slow in the 1/4 mile.
      an old 2007 AUDI S6 does 0-60 in 5.4 yet can still do the 1/4 in 13.8 seconds
      an older 2005 spec Vette does 0-60 in 4.3 and pulls the 1320 in 12.7 seconds.

  • jsz00

    It’s a Tesla… how many fanboy articles do we need in a day?

    • LWOAP


      HOW DARE YOU!!!!!





      (This comment paid for in part by Tesla Inc.)

      • Our Lord Savior Sir Elon Musk didn’t need to concern non futurist, philistine comments like this. He will save humanity and takes us to the moon.

        (it’s sarcasm in case you haven’t figure it out)

  • TheBelltower

    “…Faster than a Toyota Supra”

    Strange title for a video. Since when is an old Supra the benchmark for anything?

    • Since an old Ferrari is benchmark for new hot hatches? It’s interesting to compare to 80s, 90s supercars what currently technology allows for the masses.

  • SteersUright

    If they’re already drag testing this thing, where are all the proper, full reviews?
    Anyhow, very impressive! But, I do wonder how well it also goes around a corner. Is this being billed as a sports sedan anyhow?

  • brn

    I get that Tesla made it’s name on vehicles that have a degree of performance. Nice, but…

    If we’re really shooting for the masses, let’s tone that back a little bit. 7 seconds to 60 is quicker than what 95% of folk need. Not me, but 95% of folk.

    • It’s because you need to have a selling points compared to Nissan Leaf and alike. It’s quicker, it’s more stylish (ask any regular non-car folk), it has auto-updates, it can use the supercharger network and the list goes on. To be quick is definitely one of the strongest selling points.

      • Sébastien

        If it only it was made practical with a hatch/liftback like Model S…

        • It’s got a frunk unlike the Leaf, you cannot get more practical than a separate daily trunk that you can use for quick shopping.

          • Sébastien

            That doesn’t help when I need to carry my big dog 🙂

          • That’s why the Model Y is coming, a lot of people are waiting for that one. I think shortly they will introduce it and once they come over the robotic problems of the production of Model 3, the mass production will be much quicker of the new model. After all it’s the same platform.

          • Sébastien

            Time will tell, my reservation is almost 2 years old… And I still can’t configure a model 3. So model Y in 5 years?

      • brn

        Kurt, I agree. That helps for getting attention. They already have fast cars and they already have the necessary attention. It’s time for something affordable from Tesla.

        The Leaf has a pretty bad reputation. We’ll see how the new one does. The Bolt looks interesting.

  • That wouldn’t really matter if you get faulty car.

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