This Is What It’s Like To Live With The New Volvo XC60

If you think that owning a premium SUV with modern safety and connectivity features will make your life easier… well, you’re probably right.

Take, for instance, the XC60, an example of which was handed by Volvoover to Carwow for a few months, so they got to know it extremely well; or, at least, a lot better than most reviewers do with a car they only drive for a few days.

So what’s it like to live with an XC60 rather than just drive it for a short review? The answer is mostly a very positive experience, with only a handful of annoying quirks worth mentioning.

While this Volvo features excellent connectivity, extremely comfortable seats, easy to use buttons and switches (even with gloves) and a useful 360-degree camera system, there are some things that might annoy you, like the panoramic roof switch, or how difficult it can be to use certain features on the touchscreen without taking your eyes off the road.

The touchscreen is a fingerprint magnet, too, and the load cover out back can be a bit annoying to slide in and out of place. Nothing too serious, but still… Anyhow, you can read the whole long-term review by watching the video right after the jump.


  • John

    OnePlus 5 eh…. good choice I suppose.

    • alexxx

      One of the best phones out there….

  • brn

    If someone gave me a $60K car (you know this is a fully loaded model), I’d say good things too.

  • Bash

    The truth is it still doesn’t interests me.

    • TheHake

      The truth is I still can’t afford it…

      • Bash

        Well, we both are very honest people.

  • nauticalone Ed

    I looked in to buying this in T6 Inscription trim a few months ago to replace my 15 XC60 T5 FWD Momentum. That had been my first Volvo and I hadn’t been very pleased with the driving dynamics (especially the torque steer under full throttle – but also normal steering feel under regular driving conditions) and so was pleased the new 18 MY 4WD Inscription drives much better…and is very luxurious.
    However once I did my research I couldn’t find one for less than $62,000. But I did come across a few 17 VW Touareg Wolfsburg Trim AWD which are also very well trimmed with VAG’s very engaging dynamic driving feel with very low miles (often driven by VW Managers). I bought the Touareg Wolfsburg with 1k miles for $42,000.

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